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#MorningMonarchy: June 8, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 8, 2018Insider's account, exploitation tv and shocking speech + this day in history w/the election of Kurt Waldheim and our song of the day by Weezer on your Morning Monarchy for June 8, 2018.


Did Paul Krugman Say the Internet’s Effect on the World Economy Would Be ‘No Greater Than the Fax Machine’s’?

Let the conspiracy theories begin: Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61 had joked about poisoning President Trump

Celebrity Chef, 'Parts Unknown' Host #AnthonyBourdain Dead At 61 (Audio)

One of the books Harvey Weinstein was carrying during his surrender was a biography of director Elia Kazan, a famous informant of Hollywood Blacklist era.

New Weinstein RICO Suit Adds Political Intrigue

An insider's account of the NYPD investigation of Harvey #Weinstein

Louis Vuitton hired a shaman to stop the rain for fashion show

Drones replace models at Saudi Arabian fashion show

Jay Leno Drives a Tank in Los Angeles

Erika Christensen Opens Up About Being a Scientologist, Why Going Clear Has 'No Relevance'

Rose McGowan visits the cult compound she lived in as a child (Audio)


The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera’s “Fall in Line”

Courtney Love hired group to kill Frances Bean Cobain's ex-husband over Nirvana guitar, lawsuit claims

Michael Jackson’s estate sues Disney over ‘Last Days’ documentary

The boxer who just got a posthumous presidential pardon was a central figure in one of the first battles over movie censorship

Days after the presidential pardon of Jack Johnson, Sylvester Stallone announces plans for a biopic on the first African-American heavyweight champion.

After watching the trailer for 'West Virginia Wilder' I felt compelled to speak out. I believe @Viacom & @MTV can make a compelling show about the people of #WV that does not play into vicious stereotypes & I stand ready to help them do just that.


The strange life and death of Matthew Mellon

#StephanieAdams/@StephanieAdams is founder/CEO of &

Rest in Peace to our incredibly talented and supportive friend Scotty Sixo Trimble. We have made all of his albums pay what you want on our bandcamp. We hope you are able to enjoy his music.

Bluesman Eddy Clearwater Dies of Heart Failure at Age 83

Last surviving 'Wizard of Oz,' munchkin Jerry Maren dies

#PeakPortland: Ciara & Russell Wilson Invest in Initiative to Bring MLB Team to Portland

Canon ends film camera business after more than 80 years

Ticketfly Says 27 Million Accounts Compromised During 'Malicious' Attack

Benedict Cumberbatch saves delivery man from assailants

Tommy Robinson treatment is ‘shocking’- Morrissey decries jail term as a blow to UK free speech

Youngsters feel more positively toward members of an ethnic minority if they have learned songs from their culture

#WeezerCoverAfrica Proves Memes ARE Powerful - Weezer covers Toto's "Africa" after social media push

#WeezerCoverAfrica: Ohio girl convinces Weezer to cover "Africa" by Toto (Audio)

2018 Ivor Novello awards: Dave track attacking Theresa May wins best song

Premiere Of A Flock Of Seagulls’ “Space Age Love Song” Video

Underworld (@underworldlive) and Iggy Pop (@IggyPop) have teamed up for a new song, "Bells & Circles."

#NewMusicFriday: @TheGetUpKids' 1st record in 7yrs, @LilyAllen has 'No Shame' and SFA's @GruffingtonPost goes to 'Babelsberg' + Indie sounds from @SnailMailBand, Laura Jean and Hilary Woods; while #TheFall and Dennis Coffey get reissued 🎼🎶

#ThisDayInHistory: #June8 w/After a campaign marked by allegations he participated in Nazi atrocities during World War II, former United Nations Secretary-General #KurtWaldheim is elected president of Austria in 1986 (Audio)

+ #Muhammad dies, #HermanHollerith patents punch cards, @FBI Commie Report, '#NineteenEightyFour' published, Israel attacks the #USSLiberty, #VenusTransit, #AndrewBlaze shooting spree

Flashback: Gas Hits National Average of $4 for First Time (Jun. 8, 2008)

+ #JoanRivers, #NancySinatra, #BozScaggs, #GregGinn, @ScottAdamsSays, #MickHucknall, #NickRhodes, #RobPilatus, #KanyeWest, @ricarohopvol, #DerekTrucks, #SaraWatkins birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Weezer - "Africa"

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