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#MorningMonarchy: June 22, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 22, 2018Shocking practices, meritless efforts and digitizing Edison + this day in history w/the Hand of God goal and our song of the day by Trevor Moore on your Morning Monarchy for June 22, 2018.


Did a Study Find That Almost All Politicians Are ‘Actual Psychopaths’?

Actor Peter Fonda (@iamfonda) has since deleted his tweets calling for: • The kidnapping & rape of the president's 11 year-old son • Sarah Sanders children to be kidnapped • DHS Sec Nielsen to be caged naked & raped in public while being filmed

Peter Fonda’s Disturbing and Unforgiving History of Defending Child Rape: It’s Not Like The Rapist of 13-yr-old “Killed Anyone”

Former Aiden frontman and emo singer William Control accused of running a violently abusive ‘sex cult’

Nerdist Removes Chris Hardwick References From Site Amid Chloe Dykstra's Abuse Claim (Audio)

This is a good reminder about not selling your life’s work to multinational corporations: Roseanne Barr reacts to ABC's new spinoff, 'The Conners'

Pete Docter, Jennifer Lee to Lead Pixar, Disney Animation // #JohnLasseter’s Duties at @Disney & @DisneyPixar Split Between #PeteDocter and #JenniferLee (Audio)

Netflix now worth nearly $20B more than Disney, as $NFLX shares top $400 for the first time since the last split

Disney hikes bid for Fox assets to $71.3 billion, tops Comcast (Audio)

ABC News Apologizes After Banner Falsely Claims Paul Manafort Killed Five People

NATIONAL ENQUIRER Publisher Subpoena In Cohen Probe...

Big Pharma Vaccine Billionaire Just Bought the LA Times

Hundreds Of WaPo Employees Revolt Over "Shocking Pay Practices", Ask Bezos To "Share The Wealth"

Apple reaches a multi-year deal with Oprah Winfrey to create original programs for its streaming service

#MediaMemes: @RobReiner, director of the infamous "We're At War" propaganda piece with accused sex abuser #MorganFreeman, shreds #RobertDeNiro for his "Fuck Trump" outburst, "You’re Helping Trump"

With Crashed Pence Bio, Macmillan Turns Its Eye to a 'Shadow President'

.@DCComics Announces Line-Wide Vertigo [@Vertigo_Comics] Relaunch & Rebranding With Seven New Series From Zoë Quinn [@UnburntWitch], @BryanEdwardHill, @RamonVillalobos & More

Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate

Jennifer Lawrence to star as Elizabeth Holmes in new movie about Theranos scandal

'Stargate SG-1' credits thank "U.S. Space Command"

The popular Turkish rapper Ezhel was acquitted, after spending three weeks in jail, of charges of inciting cannabis use through social media postings and song lyrics

"My Acid Trip With Groucho Marx" by Paul Krassner

Tidal Responds to Prince's Heirs' 'Meritless' Efforts to Get Out of Streaming Deal

Leon White, known as pro wrestler Vader, dies at age of 63

RIP longtime Cramps drummer Nick Knox. He was such a great drummer and just the coolest of the cool.

6.18.2018: Two rappers shot dead today. XXXTentacion, 20, in Miami. Jimmy Wopo, 21, in Pittsburgh.

US Rapper XXXTentacion Killed in Drive-By Shooting

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Suspect arrested in rapper XXXTentacion's shooting death

Man Arrested In Fla. Murder Of XXXTentacion // Arrest Made in Shooting Death of Rapper #XXXTentacion in Florida (Audio)

Meditation and Music May be the Ideal Combo to Fend off Depression

NOFX's Fat Mike asks, “When did punk rock become so safe?”

Kurt Cobain Rarities Destroyed in Museum Fire in Washington

Digitizing Thomas Edison's record label

Happy 60th Birthday Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)

The Last Poets released first LP in 20 years (listen), playing free NYC show

#NewMusicFriday: @ORBinfo's 15th LP and the surprise return of MC Paul Barman (@MCPB) + @YukonBlonde's 4th, a @Garbage reissue - and did you know that Detroit proto-punks Death became a Christian hard rock band called 4th Movement?? 🎼🎶

#ThisDayInHistory: #June22 w/The controversial #HandOfGod goal by Diego #Maradona in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA #WorldCup match between Argentina and England is scored, #ARG goes on to win the whole World Cup (Audio)

+ Operation #Barbarossa, #PledgeOfAllegiance adopted, FDR signs the #GIBill, "Wipe Out"/"Classical Gas" released, #MarkDavidChapman pleads guilty, #GeorgeCarlin/#SaintCarlin dies, another @WMATA crash

Flashback: KSM, CIA, NYT & The Torture of 9/11: Inside a 9/11 Mastermind’s Interrogation // After the Waterboarding // New York Times Outs CIA Operative (Jun. 22, 2008)

Flashback: Nat'l guard troops to leave border patrol on july 15 (Jun. 22, 2008)

Flashback: Government sued over seizure of liberty dollars (Jun. 22, 2008)

Flashback: Is everything seemingly spinning out of control? (Jun. 22, 2008)

+ #JulianHuxley, @DianneFeinstein, #KrisKristofferson, @BritHume, #MerylStreep, @SenWarren, @AuthorDanBrown birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#MediaMemes: Trevor Moore - "Founding Fathers" (Audio)

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