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#MorningMonarchy: June 29, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: June 29, 2018Real world, new venture and a treasure trove + this day in history w/the death of Jayne Mansfield and our song of the day by Kanye on your Morning Monarchy for June 29, 2018.


Is this real world or exercise? "#Annapolis Active Assailant Drill To Close Streets Friday" - #June22

Video: #Annapolis Police and Fire Active Shooter Drill (#June22, 2018) (Audio)

Capital Gazette Shooting

Looks like the Dems have found their 2020 candidate. Vote #PresidentCamacho // I asked @TerryCrews why he didn’t use his considerable strength to fight back when he was sexually assaulted. His answer is a powerful reminder of how victims are too often forced into silence to avoid damaging their careers or reputations. We need to hear the truth. (Audio)

She says he sexually assaulted her after A Perfect Circle show in 2000. He says it's “destructive clickbait”

Former Pixar employee details how the company’s rampant sexism went far beyond John Lasseter

Abigail Disney Backs New Hollywood Misconduct Database Rotten Apples

Walt Disney has won the US government’s blessing for its $71bn acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s movie studio and cable channels

Goldman Sachs tops $100m in fees from Fox-Disney deal

FIFA World Cup: Not all game but human trafficking, sex tourism and drug abuse

Chicago gets sneak preview screening of a new film that they'll think is a documentary: '#TheFirstPurge'

'Wonder Years' star @TheFredSavage fights claims of gender violence and emotional distress made by a female crew member on @TheGrinderFOX saying she "falsely painted" him as "some sort of violent attacker"

Jonathan Friedland Fired at Netflix After Using N-Word in Meeting

JAY-Z Partners With Early Netflix Investor for New Venture Fund

Beats by Dre ordered to pay $25m over unpaid royalties

Little House on the Orwellian Prairie: PC brigade throws Laura Ingalls Wilder under the bus

Late Night Hosts Team Up to Take Down Trump...

Ferrell will write and star in the new film, based on the annual Eurovision Song Contest

The mysterious British street artist Banksy appears to have taken aim at the French government's crackdown on migrants in a series of new murals in Paris

Which obstacles are you excited to see on the new #DoubleDare? Tune in for new episodes starting Monday at 8p/7c! 💪

A new art exhibit in London depicts #MichaelJackson as a savior, a saint, an entertainer, an icon, a mask and a mystery. (Audio)

Maybe "Free" was a message to her entertainment industry handlers... Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo After Becoming a "New Person With a New Life."

XXXTentacion attends his own funeral in posthumous ‘SAD!’ video

"You ain’t poppin’ unless you got haters": An aspiring rapper turns an L.A. commute into a nightmare

California movie producer gets 8 years in prison in fraud

#JohnnyDepp’s $650M Film Fortune “Almost All Gone”, New #RollingStone Exposé Says

@LeoDiCaprio, 43, shares FIRST LOOK at #QuentinTarantino's '#OnceUponATimeInHollywood' movie - set during the #CharlesManson murders - as he poses with #BradPitt, 54

So the Incredibles II movie is about Mind control and the dependence on born leaders with an unimpeachable moral compass to whom all right-thinking people should swear allegiance

Harlan Ellison, the prolific sci-fi writer who penned one of the most famous episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, has died at 84.

Harlan Ellison, 84 (May 27, 1934 - June 28, 2018) The award-winning writer worked on numerous tv & film productions including “The Oscar,” “The Outer Limits,” “The Man From U.N.C.L.E,” “Star Trek,” “The Starlost,” & the ‘80s “The Twilight Zone” to name a few.

Joe Jackson: Patriarch of Jackson family dies aged 89

The Adolescents co-founder Steve Soto has died

Vinnie Paul, Legendary Drummer for Pantera And Damageplan, Dies at 54

Sweden's Bråvalla Festival Officially Calls It Quits

#Sasquatch! Music Festival is calling it quits

@TheGrammys Expand Major Category Nominations From Five to Eight

Grandad leaves behind treasure trove of 80,000 #vinyl records, believed to be #Australia's biggest collection

Nick Cave statue coming to Australia

The Kinks frontman Sir Ray Davies reveals they are getting back together

Bandsintown Expands Into Japan and France

#NewMusicFriday: @Gorillaz quick 6th LP, another @JimJames solo and @Flo_tweet's 4th; Indie sounds by @TheLegOfGrandma, @ElleBelleMusic, @TheBlankTapes; That massive @GunsNRoses 'Appetite' box, #JohnColtrane, @YesOfficial reissues 🎼🎶

#ThisDayinHistory: #June29 w/Actress #JayneMansfield dies in car crash (Audio)

+ The Globe Theatre burns down, #JimiHendrix Experience final show, #IsabelPerón sworn in, #Baryshnikov defects, @stevewoz tests Apple I, #Atlantis docks with Mir (<-Russian collusion!), 1st iPhone out

Flashback: Weird Weather - “Heat Burst’ Blasts Nebraska (Jun. 29, 2008)

Flashback: Hersh - US Escalating Covert Ops Against Iran (Jun. 29, 2008)

Flashback: 1000s in Southwestern China Riot Over Alleged Coverup (Jun. 29, 2008)

Flashback: Mugabe Once Again Sworn In As President // Bush Seeks New Zimbabwe Penalties // African Union Urged To Reject Sham Zimbabwe Election // Mugabe Henchmen Backed By Barclays Bank (Jun. 29, 2008)

Flashback: Ron Paul Warns Congress On “Virtual War Resolution” (Jun. 29, 2008)

+ #NelsonEddy, #BernardHerrmann, #RuthWarrick, #RobertEvans, #StokelyCarmichael, #LittleEva, #GaryBusey, @TheRichardLewis, @DonDokken, @ColinHay, #RobertForster, #MatthewGood, #BretMcKenzie birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: #Kanye West - "Ghost Town" (w/@PartyNextDoor, @KidCudi & @070Shake) (Audio)

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