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#MorningMonarchy: July 3, 3018

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#MorningMonarchy: July 3, 3018Triggering signal, eye in the sky and the Akon AKoin + this day in history w/disastrous presidencies and our song of the day by Remy on your Morning Monarchy for July 3, 2018.


#DeProgrammingNote: We're gonna do our #Geopolitiks Monday and #CyberSpaceWar Tuesday broadcasts, then take the rest of the week off-the-air for the #July4 holiday (and hopefully do some work under the MM hood) + the return of #GoodNewsNextWeek! 🎇🎆🎇

"Alexa who's the President of the United States" (Audio)

i made a breakthrough. it turns out juggalo makeup defeats facial recognition successfully. if you want to avoid surveillance, become a juggalo i guess

Oh good, the whole Annapolis thing is an infomercial for facial recognition software

Facebook patent imagines triggering your phone’s mic when a hidden signal plays on TV

Report: Federal Facebook probe now includes FBI, SEC


After five years as a privately held company, Dell is once again going public

Ben Garrison Cartoon: "Wow This IS Fast!" 5G & the Deep State Vacuum

NSA deleting more than 685 million call records

China’s social credit system ‘could interfere in other nations’ sovereignty’

A Look at Israel's New Draft Cybersecurity Law

Cash machines disappearing at rate of 300 per month, research finds

Japanese government to give flying cars a jump-start

Drones being taught to spot violence in crowds with #EyeInTheSky AI

Startling Drone Footage Of Tesla's Model 3 "Tent" Reveals "The Stone Age Of Auto Manufacturing"

Tesla's Biggest Bear Finds 6 Unexpected Problems In Today's Numbers

#SpaceX launched a flying robot head named CIMON that will befriend lonely astronauts on the space station — and later spy on them

NASA inviting social media users to go behind-the-scenes on one of our research vessels 🚢 before we embark on an expedition to study the ocean’s #TwilightZone.

Goldman Sachs former Vice President steps into the Crypto world

Rapper Akon is building a new futuristic city in Senegal, which will trade exclusively in his own cryptocurrency called AKoin (Audio)

Chinese company claims its 'laser AK-47' can set you on fire from half a mile away

How Your Smart Fridge Might Be Mining Bitcoin For Criminals

Toledo councilman suggests using microchips on criminals (Audio)

#Amazon swooped in to buy PillPack for around $1 billion after Walmart dragged its feet

Amazon Analyst Calls #PillPack 'Tip of the Iceberg' in Health Care (Audio)

An Hour Of Ellison on this week's Relic Radio Science Fiction

#ThisDayInHistory: #July3 w/Bush Tours America to Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency In 2008 (Audio)

+ #PickettsCharge, 1st #DowJones, #JackieRobinson in baseball HoF, #BrianJones & #JimMorrison die, #JimmyCarter (@CarterLibrary) starts funding anti-Soviet terrorists in Kabul, US shoots down #IranAir

Beijing Deploys Missiles Around Olympic Stadium // US Congress Approves 10YR/$30B Israel Aid Increase // Mexicans Urged to Reclaim a Piece of Texas // Australia's Top Secret ‘Plan Mercator' (Jul. 3, 2008)

Crankin’ Up the Osama Propaganda // Deal Lets US Drones Strike Bin Laden // Is Osama Bin Laden Dying... Again? // US Blocks Bin Laden Murder Plan (Jul. 3, 2008)

Colorado to Oregon Chemical Weapons Transport Plan Draws Fire (Jul. 3, 2008)

Judge Orders YouTube Give User Histories to Viacom (Jul. 3, 2008)

Forced DWI Blood Samples Challenged In Texas (Jul. 3, 2008)

Fifth Anniversary of ‘Bring ’Em On’

+ #FranzKafka, #DorothyKilgallen, #KenRussell, #PeteFountain, #TommyTedesco, #TomStoppard, @TahitiSmith, @RayAdverb, @LauraBranigan, #PolyStyrene, #VinceClarke, #TomCruise, #JulianAssange birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#CyberSpaceWar: Remy - "Violent Video Games" 👾🔫 (Audio)

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