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#MorningMonarchy: July 20, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: July 20, 2018Punk prayers, bankster DJ's and a blockbuster night + this day in history w/the 'Dark Knight' of Aurora and our song of the day by Twenty One Pilots on your Morning Monarchy for July 20, 2018.


A new documentary, "McQueen," examines the turbulent life and brilliant career of designer Alexander McQueen.

'#McQueen' Trailer - In Cinemas #June8 (Audio)

Bourdain: "Piece Of Sh*t" Bill Clinton Is "Entitled, Rapey, Gropey, Grabby, Disgusting"

'Deadliest Catch' star Edgar Hansen Admits Sexually Abusing 16-Year-Old Girl

Bond Girl Sexted With Russian Spy

The Russian government is responding to @PussyRrriot's World Cup demonstration

Pussy Riot is a Western Intelligence PSYOP designed to cause chaos for Putin. Pussy Riot gets funding from the USA and has direct connections to George Soros...

Produced by MC George Soros? Two new @pussyrrriot songs are on their way this week, described as a "creepy and nightmarish tale" of incarceration

Russia Ordered to Pay Pussy Riot $58,000 Over 'Punk Prayer' Arrest Conditions

Saudi woman could face two years in jail for running on stage and hugging male singer

Book by rising Democratic star Kamala Harris coming in 2019

'Fame: The Hijacking of Reality' by Justine Bateman

Bill Maher Is Stand-up Comedy’s Past. Hannah Gadsby Represents Its Future. (Both are establishment shills anyways)

"Get The F*** Out:" Gun Store Owner Confronts Sacha Baron Cohen After He Enters In Disguise (Audio)

'#WhoIsAmerica? review round-up - Is controversial new #SachaBaronCohen comedy series any good?

#GoldmanSachs replaces Lloyd Blankfein as CEO with a 56-year-old #banker David Solomon who moonlights as a DJ at clubs all over the world

Live Nation Adds Cleveland's Masonic Auditorium to Midwest Portfolio

Comcast Ends Pursuit of Fox, Bidding War With Disney

In a World of Too Many Cons, San Diego Is Still King

Director crushes hopes for #BackToTheFuture4

Themes & Memes: 'Ready Player One' movie review

You can own 'The Brady Bunch' house for a cool $2 million

Jodie Whittaker and #DoctorWho showrunner reveal what to expect from "more inclusive" new season

#DoctorWho: Series 11 Trailer (Audio)

Netflix announces its first TV shows and movies from Millarworld

Lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay, 'Burning Secret', is found 60 years on


Johnny Depp settles lawsuits involving former managers

Nancy Sinatra Sr., first wife of Frank Sinatra, dies at 101

@Blockbuster Video closing last #Alaska stores 📼

This is America's last @Blockbuster store 📼 (Audio)

A New Public Image Ltd Boxed Set Is Both From The Heart And Rotten

.@The_Prodigy return

#NewMusicFriday: #TySegall + #WhiteFence brings the 'Joy' while it's 'All Ashore' w/the @PunchBrothers; @Intanetz, @ThePramFam, @WinterKendl, @DJ_Seinfeld & @FormaSounds + Our buddy @djSTICKYBUDS drops debut LP 🎼🎶💿

#ThisDayInHistory: #July20 w/#JamesHolmes opened fire at a movie theater showing the premiere of ‘#TheDarkKnightRises’ in #Aurora, Colorado in 2012

+ #OperationValkyrie, DOJ sues movies industry, #KingAbdullahI assassinated, "#LikeARollingStone" released, #FootballWar ceasefire, @CIA admits to #MKUltra, #HydePark bombing

Flashback: Offline generators caused power outage at CDC germ lab (Jul. 20, 2008)

Flashback: Jewish terrorist document found // Israel cooks up terror plot against Bush // US to Iran: you have 2 weeks // Pakistan’s stock-market meltdown // Mexico finds tons of cocaine in submarine (Jul. 20, 2008)

Flashback: Brzezinski’s envoy on ‘campaign-season tour of war zones’ // Obama arrives in Afghanistan // Goldman Sachs frontman meets with Unocal executive // McCain leaked details of Obama’s Iraq trip (Jul. 20, 2008)

+ #DianaRigg, #NatalieWood, #KimCarnes, #CarlosSantana, #PaulCook, #ChrisCornell, #StoneGossard, #CourtneyTaylor, #KoolGRap, #TobiVail, #SandraOh, #JudyGreer birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Twenty One Pilots - "Jumpsuit" (Audio)

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