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#MorningMonarchy: July 23, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: July 23, 2018Black sites, paper trails and foreign recruits + this day in history w/the 'Twilight Zone' accident and our song of the day by Weaves on your Morning Monarchy for July 23, 2018.


No evidence that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page blamed the Chinese for DNC hack

Guardian Angels to descend on Albuquerque

Volunteer safety patrol organization eyeing Albuquerque chapter

The detention center says it's hoping to fill dozens of positions, including: Corrections officers 👮‍♀️ Corrections technicians🗃️ Food services employees 🍽️

CIA-Linked Military Contractor Used Arizona “Black Site” to Secretly Jail Dozens of Migrant Children

Migrants in U.S. custody describe life in 'ice boxes' and 'dog pounds' (Audio)

David Davis brands use of child spies ‘morally repugnant’; Theresa May’s spokeswoman defends practice revealed by House of Lords committee

Justice Department charged a Russian national with trying to infiltrate the NRA

Russia's foreign minister, in a call with the top US diplomat, has complained about the arrest of a Russian woman on allegations of being a covert agent

#MariaButina, Russian national accused of being a spy, will remain jailed (Audio)

US releases $200mn in military aid to Ukraine

Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made Of Pure Narrative

Putin: Jews might have been behind U.S. election interference

Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal

Israel Declares Itself Apartheid State

#Israel passes controversial 'Jewish nation state’ law (Audio)

Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help

The Blue Pill Presidency (Be Careful What You Wish For)

Tony Podesta offered immunity to testify against Paul Manafort

Kavanaugh’s lengthy paper trail becomes flashpoint

As Trump Abandons Globalism, Governors Take to World Stage

Dallas motorcycle officer struck, killed in funeral escort by suspected drunk driver, police say

Dallas Cop Killed While Escorting Hillary (Feb. 23, 2008) (Audio)

Dr. Mark Hausknecht was riding his bicycle when another man on a bicycle shot him dead and rode away

Wife of Houston doctor shot while biking to work speaks out for gun control

Manhunt Underway After Houston Cardiologist #MarkHausknecht Killed While Riding Bike (Audio)

Identical twin sisters are running for office in the same state - but for opposing parties (Audio)

Historic photos show secretive Bohemian Grove club's early days in Monte Rio

#FreeRossPetition: We Seek @POTUS’s Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website. @RealDonaldTrump @Free_Ross - Sign the Petition!

Lobbyists rejoice as US sells more arms in 6 months than in whole of 2017

The US Must Build Saudi Arabia’s First Nuclear Reactors

G-20 Communique Removes Pledge To Refrain From Competitive Devaluation

Ecuador's president to hand Assange over to UK during London visit

‘Foreign recruits’ mulled by German military raise ‘mercenary army’ debate

Rothschild Bank Broke Money-Laundering Rules in 1MDB Case

#Nicaragua’s #Ortega blames US conspiracy for deadly unrest, as he marks anniversary of Sandinista #revolution

Turkey's Erdogan Will Run Country Singlehandedly, "Dissenters Will Be Fired": Top Advisor

Turkey set to end state of emergency, replace it with harsh new 'anti-terrorism' legislation

Inside China’s surveillance state

Nixon and Johnson Pushed the CIA to Spy on U.S. Citizens, Declassified Documents Show

Former Obama Officials Help Silicon Valley Pitch the Pentagon for Lucrative Defense Contracts

Big Brother Surveillance Begins: Cuomo Unveils Facial Scanning At New York Toll Plazas

#ThisDayInHistory: #July23 w/Actor #VicMorrow and two children are killed when a helicopter crashes onto them while #JohnLandis was shooting a scene from ‘#TwilightZone: The Movie’ in 1982 (Audio)

+ #UlyssesSGrant dies of throat cancer, #Treblinka opened, #Sandinista founded in #Nicaragua, #Telstar transmission, #DetroitRiots, #GlenvilleShootout, #Landsat1 launch, #CometHaleBopp discovered

Flashback: Police saw military personnel stealing debris from Pentagon crash site // @BarackObama's political prisoner #LarrySinclair freed // Utility workers hired as Stasi informants in CO, CA & AZ (Jul. 23, 2008)

+ #RaymondChandler, #HaileSelassie, #AnthonyKennedy, #AuntPeg, #RonnyCox, #DonImus, #AndyMackay, #MartinGore, #WoodyHarrelson, #Slash, #PhilipSeymourHoffman, @AlisonKrauss, @FranHealy birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Weaves - "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" (Arcade Fire Cover // Live On @SiriusXMCanada) (Audio)

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