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#MorningMonarchy: July 25, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: July 25, 2018Farmster bailout, poultry stockpiles and cow vigilantes + this day in history w/Roseanne's National Anthem and our song of the day by Hilary Williams on your Morning Monarchy for July 25, 2018.


Did Elizabeth Holtzman Send DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen a Strongly-Worded Resignation?

"This is an election ploy. And we as farmers are playing the dupes again in this whole process." Some farmers are skeptical of President Donald Trump's offer to give them cash to help make up for losses amid trade disputes.

#FarmBailout: Trump authorizes $12B emergency aid package to bail out farmers (Audio)

Oregon wheat farmers try to stop fire that's consuming crops

#Oregon wheat farmers try to stop fire that's consuming crops (Audio)

Cannabis may boost the immune system and fight cancer, scientists claim

Is camel milk the new super food or food safety roulette?

"It is simply not prudent to dump stocks that have worked, such as Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Facebook to buy cannabis stocks."

Air pollution in national parks as bad as large cities

Health Canada ordered to release confidential drug company data on HPV vaccines

Top #Chinese rabies #vaccine maker ordered to stop production over forged data

Outrage in #China over thousands of faulty #vaccines for #children

Faulty #vaccines in #China spark outrage (Audio)

Bangladesh's genetically modified eggplants

Lab-grown meat could be in restaurants in 3 years

'Frankenfish' sighting in Pennsylvania could spell disaster for local ecology

Meat and poultry stockpiles nearing record due to growing production and slowing exports

Ritz cracker products recalled because of Salmonella risk

Burning question: are almond and soy “milks” milk?

#Gender debate sparks bitter divide among #trans and #feminist groups

Newly released video shows man believed to be last of tribe

Violent Lynching By "Cow Vigilantes" Forces India To Crack Down On "Mobocracy"

'#CowVigilantes' brutally thrash two men in Rajasthan (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #July25 w/#RoseanneBarr sang the National Anthem in San Diego before a @Padres baseball game in 1990 (Audio)

+ #MataHari death sentence, TASS est., '#KidGalahad' opens, #Dylan goes electric, "#YouCantHurryLove" released, '#BackInBlack', KISS debuts Eric Carr, '#KillEmAll' released, @Wikileaks' #AfghanWarDiary

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode085 (Jul. 25, 2008)

+ #ArthurBalfour, #MaxfieldParrish, #FrankChurch, #AnnieRoss, #RitaMarley, #AndyGoldsworthy, #ThurstonMoore, @IlleanaRama, #MattLeBlanc, #BradRenfro birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Hilary Williams - "My Lucky Scars" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: July 25, 2018