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#MorningMonarchy: August 2, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: August 2, 2018Direct confrontation, pedo propaganda and faith-based TV + this day in history w/the arrest of Rick James and our song of the day by Spiritualized on your Morning Monarchy for August 2, 2018.


Fact Check: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez overplays defense budget increase

Will August 4th, be the beginning of the civil rebellion in Portland Oregon?

Antifa Groups Call for ‘Direct Confrontation’ During Free Speech Rally Next Weekend, Members Discuss Bringing Guns

Ketamine used on arrestees in Minneapolis was part of a healthcare study conducted without arrestees' consent

Jeff Sessions announces his creation the "Religious Liberty Task Force", originally named "Seal Team 666".

#JeffSessions Announces New 'Religious Liberty Task Force' (Audio)

The remains of 50 US soldiers killed during Korean War returning home (Audio)

Jay Austin, Tiny House Innovator, Killed in Attack Claimed by ISIS

JUST IN: Police: Arrest warrant issued for Joseph James Pappas in bicycle stalking murder of Houston cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht; possible motive involves death of suspect's mother while in surgery that was performed by the doctor 20+ years ago.

HPD: Doctor's killing was 'grudge' murder by former patient's son, #JosephJamesPappas (Audio)

New Haven Man Possibly Involved In 7 Murders

Swedish crown jewels stolen by pair of thieves who flee scene by motorboat

'Marijuana is a gift from God.' A battle over pot pits the Mormon Church against an unlikely group: other Mormons

Freemasons rule trans women can stay members if they joined as men

The Large Hadron Collider Just Successfully Accelerated Its First Atoms

Teen injured in viral hot water challenge

The Rise and Popularization of the Millennial Internet Witch

Ladies of London's #AnnabelleNeilson Was Laid to Rest at Her Funeral

Lovato's 'SOBER' reenters BILLBOARD chart...

UK Parliament Publishes Full 2002 UN Report On Sex For Aid In West Africa

Guam archdiocese guts a former seminary to raise money for clergy sex abuse settlements


SPLC Co-Founder Accused of Trying to Molest Step-Daughter With Sex Toy

NXIVM's Bronfman accused of hacking now-deceased father's email

"Guardians of the Galaxy" cast rally in support of fired director James Gunn

Ottawa animator #TomWysom sent to prison on child porn charges

Netflix focused on building faith and family-based shows, exec says , the Family-Friendly ‘Christian Netflix’, Offering Free, One Month Trial (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August2 w/#RickJames & #TanyaHijazi were arrested in Los Angeles in 1991 and charged with the sex torture of a 24-year-old woman (Audio)

+ 1st US census, #CalvinCoolidge becomes #AmericasNextTopPresident after #WarrenGHarding dies, Hitler becomes führer, #MarihuanaTaxAct, @Delta Flight191 crash at @DFWAirport, Iraq invades Kuwait

Flashback: You’re Myopic, Unable to Focus and Can’t Read the Writing on the Wall — How Long Have You Been a Democrat? (Aug. 2, 2008)

Flashback: The Beijing Olympics - Are They a Trap? (Aug. 2, 2008)

Flashback: Bush Centralizes Control of Intelligence Agencies as Police State Agenda Marches Onward (Aug. 2, 2008) aka Bush Unveils Spy Guidelines, Angering House Overseers

Flashback: Texas Governor’s Mansion Fire Probe Stalled // Firebombing Leads to Finger-Pointing, But Not At a Suspect // (Aug. 2, 2008)

Flashback: Philly Social Workers Starve 14Yr-Old Child to Death (Aug. 2, 2008)

+ #MyrnaLoy, #JamesBaldwin, #PeterOToole, #GarthHudson, #WesCraven, #SteveHillage, #ButchVig, #VictoriaJackson, #JohnnyKemp, #DavidYow, #PeteDeFreitas, #MaryLousieParker, @ThatKevinSmith birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Spiritualized (@OfficialSPZD) - "Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go"

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#MorningMonarchy: August 2, 2018