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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2018Dad rock, joystick jazz and the Queen of Soul + this day in history w/the Québec Conference and our song of the day by Trevor Moore on your Morning Monarchy for August 17, 2018.


Officials say a camper trailer found at a Taos compound was stolen

Netflix Won’t Offer Louis Farrakhan Documentary

Speaking of satire being dead... Univision Hit With $2 Million Lawsuit Over Purchase of The Onion

Bobby Brown Domestic Violence Allegations Cloud His Plans to Build Shelter Near Atlanta

BREAKING: West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to remove President Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, says the mayor. It will now make a formal recommendation for its removal to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce... Serial pedophile Kevin Spacey, serial rapist Bill Cosby, were not brought up for discussion

Weinstein now accused of sex trafficking...

A 13-year-old girl was named one of Hollywood's "sexiest" actresses in one magazine, and featured in a series of suggestive poses in another.

SHOWTIME Series Kills Off Actress Who Complained About Pay Parity

'Designing Women' TV Revival in the Works

Pearl Jam shares poster depicting Trump's corpse and a burning White House

TDS, Pearl Jam style. Looks like one of Jeremy's drawings.

Video Captures Moment Punk Band Lead Singer Attacks Trump-Supporting Fan During Live Show (Audio)

The fan claims that he got a concussion, two black eyes, and a busted lip

How Cult Leaders Use Music For Mind Control

Tom Cruise’s son Connor makes big Scientology move

A picture of Mumford and Sons with the right wing academic Jordan Peterson has caused a Twitter backlash

Sacha Baron Cohen and @HudMo's song full of screams and stabbings was a hit at the club (Audio)

An animated Kanye West gets gunned down in @DJ_Muggs’ new video

“The one thing you did that was great, you didn’t do…” 🔥🔥🔥 “You Haven’t Done Enough To Be The Way You Are.” Robert Glasper Speaks On Lauryn Hill’s Mistreatment of Artists

A fourth suspect allegedly connected to XXXTentacion's murder turns himself in

Spike Lee Scores Biggest Opening in 10 Years with 'KLANSMAN'

Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct Influence And Supervision Of The Pentagon

In 1987, McD’s launched its famous Monopoly game, in which customers collected game pieces that could be redeemed for prizes up to $1M. But in 2001, it was revealed that almost EVERY major prize since 1999 had been stolen by an insider who rigged the game

VIDEO: Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog meet bass guitar, keyboard, percussion and saxophone on stage for a videogame-inspired jazz concert in Santiago. Welcome to Jazzstick... like a joystick but with jazz music (Audio)

A new song has been added to THE WEATHERMAN sound track

Tsundoku: The art of buying books and never reading them

Slovakian woman arrested for playing same opera song for 16 years

Aerosmith confirm Las Vegas residency to celebrate 50th anniversary

'American Pickers' discover Aerosmith's van from 1970s in Massachusetts woods

Burberry burns $50M worth of stock to combat counterfeiting

Judge rejects plea deals in deadly Oakland warehouse fire

Sharon Tate Memorabilia Hitting Auction Block

Johnny Depp’s Notorious B.I.G. Movie Pulled From Release Schedule

Lady Gaga apologises after reporting Rick 'Zombie Boy' Genest's death as suicide

'Superman' actress Margot Kidder's death ruled a suicide

Punk musician Randy Rampage has died

BREAKING: Charlotte Rae, who played Mrs. Garrett on both 'The Facts of Life' and 'Diff'rent Strokes,' has died at 92

Aretha Franklin, who defined an era as the Queen of Soul, dies at 76

#Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Dies at 76 (Audio)

Listen to Ethan Hawke Sing Conor Oberst’s New Song “LAX,” Plus Hear Oberst’s Original Demo

Check out this new collaboration between Cat Power and Lana Del Rey

Actor Thomas Lennon announces ambitious middle-grade book series

‘#BackToTheFuture’ Cast Reunion Photo Is A Perfect Blast From The Past

#ElliottSmith woulda been 49 today

The May Company, LA/OC trio premiere "pointedly psychedelic instructional video" - w/a #MediaMonarchy cameo! 📺👁️

Huge thanks to @TheSecretSister-s for their great benefit show at @KTAOS - which was also on my #August11 birthday!!

This was like some kind of 2AM fever dream back at the #taosvortex with @lizzy_jeff // 🌵💚

"Hey, nice shirt!" 👊 Got to fist bump @MatthewDear after his late night set at @MeowWolf/@AmpConcerts' #TaosVortex last night (while rocking my @Ghostly shirt 👻) Good times!

/#NewMusicFriday: @KateNash's 4th puts on heart-shaped glasses, @The_Myrrors head for the 'Borderlands' on 5th and @DCfC say 'Thank You...' w/9th LP; legendary #RoyMontgomery keeps growing and so does @DavidPajo + #NickiMinajQueen syncs 🎼🎶💿

#ThisDayInHistory: #August17 w/the First #Québec Conference of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King begins in 1943 (Audio)

+ Roman Catholic Church overthrown, Pike Place Market opens, 'Fantasmagorie' debuts, #PeterFechter killed, rap riots at #RUNDMC show, #Strathfield massacre, @BillClinton admits he "misled people"

Flashback: Are You Enjoying The Fake Olympics? // China's Choreographed Detentions (Aug. 17, 2008)

Flashback: Pentagon’s Alarming Project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine // Blumenthal Opposes Upgrading Plum Island Biolab Facility // Defense Spooks: Let's Control Enemy Minds (Aug. 17, 2008)

Flashback: San Francisco Holds Chemical Terror Drill (Aug. 17, 2008)

+ #DavyCrockett, #MarcusGarvey, #MaeWest, #MarkFelt, #FrancisGaryPowers, CIA cutout #RobertDeNiro, @BelindaOfficial, @SeanPenn, @GilbyClarke, #RodneyMullen, @PlugWonDeLaSoul, #JihadiJohn birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#MediaMemes: Trevor Moore - "Help Me" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: August 17, 2018