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#MorningMonarchy: September 4, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: September 4, 2018Historical revisionism, rigged results and 'First Man' + this day in history w/the Golden Dragon massacre and our song of the day by Twenty One Pilots on your Morning Monarchy for September 4, 2018.


In fit of anti-Trump pique, American liberals shamelessly embrace ‘deep-state’ criminals

McCain’s funeral was a disgusting exercise in historical revisionism

Libya Chaos: Rockets Rain Down On Tripoli, Mass Prison Break Of 400, Week Of Street Battles

British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal

How The Department Of Homeland Security Created A Deceptive Tale Of Russia Hacking US Voter Sites

Trump calls out Google for ‘rigged’ search results, ‘illegal’ censorship, vows to take action

What to Expect Next in Trump's War on Social Media (Audio)

Texan says he's selling 3D-printed gun plans after ruling

Five Years On, Death of Journalist Michael Hastings Remains a Mystery

🇲🇲 Reuters reporters jailed for seven years in Myanmar 'state secrets' case

🇲🇲 World reacts to sentencing of #Reuters journalists in #Myanmar

#UAE Paid #Israel Firm #NSO to Conduct Illegal Spying

Data breach complaints up 160% since GDPR came into force

Canada considers 'right to disconnect' outside work

Demonetisation drive that cost India 1.5m jobs fails to uncover 'black money'

Saudi Oil Income Could Reach $161B This Year

Russia tests 'Robocop' armour that gives soldiers SUPERPOWERS

'Sonic weapon' attacks on US diplomats in Cuba are radiation

Microwave weapons were behind US diplomats’ ailments, says leading scientist

Canadian ‘First Man’ actor defends omitting American flag planting on moon: Achievement ‘transcended countries and borders’

Neil Armstrong Biopic ‘#FirstMan’ Sparks Outcry for Omitting American Flag

#ThisDayInHistory: #September4 w/The #GoldenDragonMassacre takes place in San Francisco in 1977 (Audio)

+ #Geronimo surrenders, #Kodak trademarked, the #Peekskill riots, US #OperationSwift in Vietnam, #Allende elected in Chile, '#ThePriceIsRight' debuts, #Google founded

Selection ’08: McCain/Palin, Gustav & the RNC Police State // National Emergency Environment Sets the Stage for the McCain/Palin Election Campaign // RNC Opens With Appeal for Gustav Aid // Zogby Poll Puts McCain/Palin in Lead // Palin Appearances Cancelled Except for Meeting w/ AIPAC // Gustav Evacuees Get Barcode Bracelets // Amy Goodman & Producers Arrested at RBNC // Gustav Is Gone, But the Police State Remains // Video: McCain Tells RNC: ‘Change is Coming’ (Sep. 4, 2008)

Selection ’08: Obama/Biden Herd the Sheep // Dems Endorse ‘Global War on Terror'; Obama ‘Goes After' Osama // ‘The Nation' & the Obama Campaign // Both Parties Want Dictatorship // Video: Obama Strategists Mark West Virginia As ‘Battleground' State // Video: Biden Would Prosecute Bush Officials If Evidence Exists // Biden Denies: ‘No One's Talking About Pursuing Bush Criminally' // Biden: Israel Free to Attack Iran // Murdoch Brokered Secret Truce Between Obama & Ailes // 5 Deferments Kept Biden Out of Vietnam (Sep. 4, 2008)

Clip From Oliver Stone’s Bush Film Released (Sep. 4, 2008)

Anthrax Updates: Ivins, Labs & Hatfill’s Predictive Programming // Frederick News Post Column Proclaims Ivins' Innocence // Flashback: September 4, 2001: NYTimes ‘Exposes' Secret US Project to Create Deadly Anthrax Strain in Possible Violation of Int'l Treaty // Flashback: 1998: Future Anthrax Attacks Suspect Hatfill Writes Unpublished Novel Envisioning False Flag Biological Attack on US (Sep. 4, 2008)

9/11 Updates: Canadian Truth & NYC Memorial // Canadians Searching for '9/11 Truth' 9/11 Memorial Construction Begins in NYC // Update: 9/11 Claims Another Victim // Update: Key 9/11 Eye Witness ‘Commits Suicide' (Sep. 4, 2008)

+ #MitziGaynor, #DannyGatton, #BlackieLawless, #KimThayil, #SamiYaffa, #JohnDiMaggio, @MikePiazza31, @SashaOfficial, #IgorCavalera, #IoneSkye, @MarkRonson, #Beyonce, @JamesBayMusic birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Twenty One Pilots - "Levitate" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: September 4, 2018