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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2018Low ratings, record sales and comedy quicksand + this day in history w/the Great New England Hurricane and our song of the day by St. Paul & The Broken Bones on your Morning Monarchy for September 21, 2018.


Asia Argento threatens Rose McGowan with lawsuit

#AsiaArgento Threatens Legal Action Against #RoseMcGowan (Audio)

Taylor Swift takes out restraining order against stalker who threatened to kill her

The #lawsuit against @poppy and her creator has been dismissed; The defendants are expected to settle with musician @marsargo

Beyonce's former drummer accuses the singer of 'WITCHCRAFT', 'tapping her phone' - and even claims she murdered her KITTEN

Fears grow that missing movie star Fan Bingbing may have been arrested in China

#FanBingbing: Missing Chinese film star given 0% "social responsibility" rating, sparking arrest fears

We need to talk about @Drake #texting 14-year-old #MillieBobbyBrown

Woody Allen: "It's possible Ronan Farrow isn't my son"

White House reviews incident involving Epoch Times photographer handing a folder to Trump

A French court has upheld a ruling that two directors of a French magazine should be fined a maximum $52,500 for breaching the privacy of Kate Middleton, when publishing topless photos of Middleton sunbathing back in 2012.

NYT: Billionaires Seem Like Media Saviors -- But Come With Risks...


2018 #Emmys TV Ratings Fall to All-Time Low (Audio)

Political Extremists Are Using YouTube to Monetize Their Toxic Ideas

.@MeredithCorp. To Sell '@TIME ' Magazine To @salesforce Founder For $190 Million

Exposé of Shady Music Biz of Decades Past Has Today's Record Labels Abuzz

If you've never tried MIND MGMT -- your time is coming!

Comic Con in Johannesburg welcomes Captain South Africa, other continental superheroes energized by "Black Panther" success

'X-Files' actor Peter Donat dead at 90

David Yallop, Writer Who Saw a Deadly Vatican Conspiracy, Dies at 81

Rocking the House: New Congressional Candidates Reveal Their Theme Songs, From Tom Petty to Dr. Dre

Vinyl Is Bigger Than We Thought. Much Bigger.

Music Modernization Act Passes Senate, But Confusion Persists on SiriusXM's Pre-1972 Settlement

Compromise Music Modernization Act Will Bring Old Sound Recordings into The Public Domain, Tiptoe Towards Orphan Works Solution

Americana Conference Highlights Its Place In A Divided Musical Era

Paul McCartney Earns First No. 1 Album in Over 36 Years on Billboard 200 Chart With '#EgyptStation'

#NineInchNails Play "#ThePerfectDrug" Live for the First Time Ever at Red Rocks with JAMC Opening

@BeastieBoys Comment on #Eminem '#Kamikaze' Album Cover; Ad-Rock and Mike D say that Em did not ask them about mimicking '#LicenseToIll' for his cover artwork

Singer @NekoCase has some harsh thoughts about #BradleyCooper in '#AStarIsBorn'

Chevy Chase is 74, sober and ready to work. But non one wants to work with him.

.@ChevyChaseToGo interview: "I'm proud to be who I am" (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September21 w/The #GreatHurricaneOf1938 - aka the Long Island Express - destroys New England and Long Island (Audio)

+ '#TheHobbit' published, #Philippines under martial law, #OrlandoLetelier assassinated in broad daylight in DC, #SandraDayOConnor gets #SCOTUS seat, #InUtero25, @HANK_III debuts at #GrandOleOpry

Flashback: Huge Truck Bomb Strikes Marriot Hotel In Islamabad // The Questionable Timing Of The Pakistan Blast // But Before The Bombing, All Of This Was Going On…Washington Is Risking War With Pakistan // Unknown Powder Sent To US Diplomats In Pakistan // Bhutto Widower Elected Pakistan President (Sep. 21, 2008)

+ #HGWells, #ChuckJones, #LeonardCohen, #DonFelder, #BillMurray, #ShinzoAbe, #EthanCoen, #MarkLevin, #FaithHill, @SamanthaJPower the warmonger, @LiamGallagher, @LindseyStirling birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: 2nd @CapitalCities LP, 2nd solo outing from #ZZTop's @BillyFGibbons & the 14th LP from Canada's legendary #Voivod + @MullHistorical, @SUMACband & much more 🎼🎶💿

#SongOfTheDay: St. Paul & The Broken Bones - "GotItBad" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2018