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#MorningMonarchy: October 4, 2018

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Gender gunfires, exploding eyeballs and 'Mean Girls' go to Russia + this day in history w/the bloody Battle of Cable Street and our song of the day by Thom Yorke on your Morning Monarchy for October 4, 2018.


#Transgender @riteaid employee who #killed three people before #shooting herself twice in the head in #Maryland had been diagnosed with mental #illness in 2016 and legally bought her #gun six months ago

Sheriff's Office Says Rite-Aid Shooter Had Acute Schizophrenia (Audio)

Teen in deadly library shooting set to plead guilty

He was an engineer at @Bechtel's Pueblo Chemical Weapons Elimination Plant. #Pueblo #engineer found #dead, police investigating as #homicide.

Tourist fatally shot in Santa Fe

The plan was for Thursday, but after talking with the U.S. District Attorney's Office, District Attorney Donald Gallegos will not present the child abuse cases dropped last month to a grand jury until federal charges have been resolved.

#Sex #offender arrested for driving around with #dead woman in trunk

#FBI agent dodges killer #hottub but is #shot by booby-trapped #wheelchair

Here's the most haunted place in every state

Organisers "offer support" as Ryder Cup fan blinded by tee shot

#BrooksKoepka addresses drive which hit a female fan in the face (Audio)

So many #narcissists have #died of ‘#selficides’ that even #scientists are getting worried 📱📸

Opioids only partly explain America’s ‘deaths of despair’

'Bionic penis' man FIVE DAYS unconscious after sex for first time

Four members of alleged hate group charged for role in 2017 Charlottesville rally

Report Finds Suicide Rate Surging Among Afghanistan, Iraq War Veterans

Student says Ouija board claimed Pennsylvania school shooting would occur

A public official who stole more than £60,000 (67,600 euros, $78,000) intended for the survivors of London's deadly Grenfell tower disaster has been jailed for five and a half years

Former Peoples Temple members describe horrors of Jonestown massacre, the day 918 Americans died

Twilight Language and The Devil's Triangle

One of Christine Ford Blasey's research articles in 2008 included a study in which participants were TAUGHT SELF-HYPNOSIS & noted hypnosis is used to retrieve important memories "AND CREATE ARTIFICIAL SITUATIONS."

Who believes in conspiracies? New research offers a theory

These are the Air Force swords that look like they belong in a video game

NM Priest blamed #sex #abuse on #cancer he didn't have

NCAA football coach suspended over alleged rape cover-ups

Wasilla police (@WasillaPD) investigated "pedophile" teacher in 2012 but never told the school (@MSBSD)

Jehovah's Witnesses To Pay $34 Million To Victims In Sex Abuse Scandal

Child abuse could leave molecular scars

#Man #arrested for allegedly offering $200K to buy 8-year-old from #mother at #Florida @Walmart

He's accused of child sex abuse. Why is former Cardinal McCarrick living next to a school? 🏫

Report on #SexAbuse Allegations by High-Ranking Pennsylvania State #University #Administrator Remains Off Limits 🏫

BREAKING: Pope Francis has defrocked the Chilean priest at the center of the global sex abuse scandal rocking his papacy, invoking his "supreme" authority to stiffen a sentence originally handed down by a Vatican court in 2011.

Pope Francis quips "I am the devil" next to John Paul

'Aggressive Christianity' cult leader gets 72 years in prison

Hillsong: the evangelical megachurch that helped save Justin Bieber’s soul — and image

'His personality changed': Michael Hutchence's sister on his traumatic brain injury

Lindsay Lohan livestreams a bizarre confrontation with a homeless family in Russia

Woman strikes Lindsay Lohan live on Instagram during "attempted kidnapping" (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Digital Strip Searches Coming to an Airport Near You

#ThisDayInHistory: #October4 w/The British Union of #Fascists and various anti-fascist organizations violently clash in the Battle of #CableStreet in 1936 (Audio)

+ #Sayreville NJ explosion, #Sputnik1 launch, #HurricaneFlora hits Haiti, #PopePaulVI hits NYC, #JanisJoplin dead, @Squeezeofficial break up, #JimBakker indicted, #Charlotte heist, #WikiLeaks founded

Mukasey/Mueller Powergrab: Informants, Spies & Lies // WaPo: Guidelines Expand FBI's Surveillance Powers; Techniques May Be Used in U.S. Without Any Fact Linking Subject to Terrorism (Oct. 4, 2008)

Flashback: Poppy Bush Rocks His Bohemian Grove Ball Cap For The Today Show (Oct. 4, 2008)

+ #BusterKeaton, #JanMurray, #AlvinToffler, #JackieCollins, #HRapBroan, #ChuckHagel, @SusanSarandon, #LindaMcMahon, #JodyStephens, #RussellSimmons, #ChrisLowe, #LievSchreiber, @AliciaSilv birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Thom Yorke - "Suspirium" (Audio)