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#MorningMonarchy: November 7, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: November 7, 2018Crisis zones, Rad Cat killers and eating slugs + this day in history w/reinventing Axl Rose and our song of the day by Donna Dunne on your Morning Monarchy for November 7, 2018.


CDC Wants to Use Blockchain to Get People to Crisis Zones Faster

CDC Wants to Use Blockchain to Get People to Crisis Zones Faster

The Next Generation Of Warfare: Genetically-Engineered Viruses

Pesticides? Genetics? France launches probe after more birth defects cases revealed

Trump's EPA Sides With Monsanto, Extends Dicamba​ 2 More Years

Google and Harvard develop AI to find restaurants that could make you sick

Bojangles’ Sells Out For $593M, Will Be Taken Private

ConvergeOne to be bought out by CVC in a deal valued at $1.8 billion

US medical school Johns Hopkins bars foreign scientists over IP risk

#BookSmarts: 'The #HPV Vaccine On Trial - Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed' // "A Groundbreaking Exposé to the HPV Vaccine and the Science, Safety, and Business Behind It" 💉💰

As Overdose Deaths Soar To Record Highs, FDA Approves New Painkiller Dsuvia That's 1,000X More Powerful Than Morphine

FDA Approves Super-Potent New Opioid (Audio)

Supply shortages plague Canada's new cannabis marketplace

Shoppers hit with pot shortage on Day 2 of legal weed (Audio)

Canada’s largest pot producers deny mafia ties after investigative report

Utah now joins the majority of states allowing for medical cannabis

D.C. Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License to Let Children Play Together

Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier

NatureHub is the first all-in-one app for people who want to live, eat, use and buy consciously, sustainably, and locally.

The Rad Cat FDA Experience // Rad Cat didn’t die…it was murdered

Police recover stolen inflatable colon

UK Fracking Paused After Micro Seismic Event

West Point apologizes for injuries to Air Force mascot bird

Bill Gates uses jar of poop to draw attention to world’s toilet problem

Yellowstone geyser Ear Spring spews up decades-old garbage in rare eruption

Man dies eight years after eating garden slug

Australian Man #SamBallard Who Dared To Swallow A Slug Has Died After A Rare 8-Year Illness (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November7 w/#IzzyStradlin announced had left egomaniac @AxlRose and @GunsNRoses in 1991 (Audio)

+ Fake left @NewRepublic debuts, @MuseumModernArt opens, #RichardSorge hanged, Congress actually stops a war, '#SidAndNancy', @WillieNelson on '#MiamiVice', #FrankZappa's cancer, @MagicJohnson's AIDS

Flashback: selection ’08: aftermath updates // obama advisers discuss preparations for war on iran // dear barack: please stop civilian casualties in afghanistan. love, hamid // obama urged to shape new economic order // bamalot: obama drafts star-studded short (shit)list for cabinet // obama’s 1st appointee is son of zionist terrorist // rahm emanuel: israel's bagman in the white house // update: rahmbo accepts chief of staff job // ‘impeach obama' groups hit facebook // obama: all hope gone for truth & justice // my rejected 'i, anonymous' for the portland mercury // the men behind the man: the obama campaign’s intelligence advisors // obama’s treasury candidates: old guard of the corporate elite // barack obama, neocon // congratulations to cynthia mckinney for getting 144,286 votes // ron paul: the republican party has ‘lost their way’ // ron paul warns of great shift toward global govt under obama // oregon win takes dems to 57 in senate // marijuana makes moves in massachusetts & michigan (Nov. 7, 2008)

+ #LeonTrotsky, #AlbertCamus, #BillyGraham, #AlHirt, #GEdwardGriffin, #JoniMitchell, @Lawrence "STOP THE HAMMERING!" O'Donnell, #DavidPetraeus, #KingKongBundy, @otepofficial, @lorde birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Craic 'n' Roll (Donna Dunne + Phil Doyle) - "Devil In Disguise" (Elvis Cover) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: November 7, 2018