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#MorningMonarchy: December 21, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: December 21, 2018Media amulets, transporter press conferences and tide-turning bombshells + this day in history w/Tom Clancy's EndWar and our song of the year by The Vaccines on your Morning Monarchy for December 21, 2018.


Friday’s winter solstice 2018 features a full moon and meteor shower

@Jack Dorsey sent #AzaleaBanks his beard shavings so she could make him an amulet that would protect him from evildoers

Former Model #ChristinaEngelhardt, "I Secretly Dated #WoodyAllen When I Was 16"

Woody Allen's Secret Teen Lover Speaks: Sex, Power and a Conflicted Muse Who Inspired 'Manhattan'

Model says she had an affair with Woody Allen when she was 16 — but has 'no regrets'

Woody Allen's Secret Teen Lover Steps Forward (Audio)

Movie maker Harvey Weinstein loses bid to dismiss criminal case

CBS fires CEO Leslie Moonves and denies $120 million severance

Actor #StoneyWestmoreland has been dropped from his recurring role on the @DisneyChannel show ⁦@AndiMackTV⁩ after being arrested by police in Salt Lake City

Sacha Baron Cohen: We Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During 'Who Is America' Taping, Notified FBI

#JoaoTeixeiraDeFaria, celebrity faith healer, hands himself in after sexual abuse complaints

Guilty! Swedish Music Festival Discriminates!: No Men Allowed Except for "Non-Binary & Transgender"

Avicii's $25 Million Fortune to Be Inherited By His Parents

All the bands who split up in 2018, but mostly just RUSH

Liverpool opens first vinyl pressing plant in 30 years

New Mexico's Chevel Shepherd wins The Voice

Will the Music Industry Get a Copyrights Register Bill for the Holidays?

Crazy About Copyright: Why the Debate Over the Register of Copyrights Doesn't Make Much Sense

How Gerard Butler Wound Up Hosting a Press Conference at the Pentagon

#GerardButler Gave a Press Conference at the Pentagon // Gerard Butler Pentagon INCREDIBLE Press Conference Amid Missing Journalist and Saudi Trip Cancel (Audio)

HGTV's '#AVeryBradyRenovation' revealed - Sneak peek at former '#BradyBunch' stars working on iconic sitcom home

Penny Marshall, who played feisty Laverne in 'Laverne & Shirley' before directing movies, dies at 75

Bill Hicks Is Finally Getting the Biopic Treatment

1947 best-picture Oscar sells for nearly $500,000 at auction

Triple-amputee veteran’s GoFundMe to pay for Trump’s border wall has raised over $5 million in 3 days // Now it's over $12 Million?!?

Donald Trump is Finished | @SuperDeluxe Super Cuts (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #December21 w/'Tom Clancy’s EndWar' - World War 3 Coming Soon? 2008 Video Game Predicts Renewed #Russia Paranoia, the EU and more (Audio)

+ #WinterSolstice, 1st crossword puzzle, #EmmaGoldman deported, #BloodyChristmas in Cyprus, #Apollo8 launched, "#CatsInTheCradle" hits #1, @SHAQ's "I Know I Got Skillz" goes gold, 2012 phenomenon

+ #BenjaminDisraeli, #KurtWaldheim, #JoePaterno, #Donahue, #JaneFonda, #FrankZappa, #CarlWilson, #SamuelLJackson, #RayRamano, #AndyDick, #JulieDelpy, #Macron, #StevenYuen birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: OC's @ReelBigFish say 'Life Sucks... Let's Dance!' on 9th LP ... aaaaaand that's pretty much it for notable new releases

#BestOf2018: The Vaccines - "Put It On a T-Shirt" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: December 21, 2018