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#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2019Protected checkmarks, shocking unwokeness and the 'Fight Back!' hijack + this day in history w/the assassination of Richard Nixon and our song of the day by Barny Fletcher on your Morning Monarchy for February 22, 2019.


Second day in a row in Twitter jail…

Offended journalist makes Twitter suspend user over ‘learn to code’ career advice

The Death Of Local News Is Making Us Dumber And More Divided

Jussie Smollett's 'Empire' role cut from season's final episodes, creators say

Great fucking file photo, NME! 💊 This is a pretty illuminating tell, goddamn lulz // #allthehashtags // @Merck @GileadSciences #JussieSmollett

Giant List Of MSM-Fueled Hate-Crime Hoaxes Meant To Frame Trump Supporters

Infowars' Alex Jones ordered to undergo sworn deposition in Sandy Hook defamation case

“I believe in white supremacy”: racist John Wayne interview from 1971 causes outrage as it resurfaces online

Vandals back at Marx Memorial, Highgate Cemetery. Red paint this time, plus the marble tablet smashed up. Senseless. Stupid. Ignorant. Whatever you think about Marx's legacy, this is not the way to make the point.

It took more than 60 years for an African-American to be nominated for Best Director (John Singleton in 1991), and none have ever won the Oscar. Could Spike Lee be about to change that? // Oscar contender Spike Lee: “It’s not my job to be the culture police”

NYPD commander being investigated for threatening rapper 50 Cent's life — police sources

Is Beck divorcing Scientology along with his wife?

‘Cosmos’ Season 2 to Miss March Premiere Date as Neil deGrasse Tyson Investigation Continues

#NewMusicFriday Update: 'Better Oblivion Community Center' LP out, too! // On their collab debut, strange magic grows from @phoebe_bridgers and @conoroberst. // Bridgers Issues New Statement on #RyanAdams Abuse Allegations

Lydia Loveless Accuses Bloodshot Records Co-Owner's Partner of Sexual Harassment

R. Kelly may be facing indictment on child pornography charges. Again.

Grand jury seated in wake of new R. Kelly allegations, sources say

Report: Grand jury seated following new R. Kelly allegations (Audio)

Companies including Nestle, Epic and reportedly Disney suspend YouTube ads over child exploitation concerns

Hollywood honors Taiwanese computer genius

China sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth" blasts off at the box office

Pharrell Williams, Michael B. Jordan, John Mulaney & More Added to Oscar Presenters

‘Nothing to do with aid or democracy’: Roger Waters slams ‘humanitarian’ concert for Venezuela

Roger Waters slams ‘humanitarian’ concert for Venezuela (Audio)

'My stance was ultimately of no use': #Morrissey breaks boycott to announce first Canadian tour in 15 years

INXS manager's plans to build band museum in Ballina

#AlbumAnalysis: Apathy - 'The Widow's Son'

Sailor in iconic V-J Day Times Square kiss photo dies at 95

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, star of 'Downfall,' dies at 77

Indie comics maker gets swatted // UPDATE: @AlternaComics SWATting incident on the night of #February12 2019

'Fight Back!' consumer reporter David Horowitz dies

Intruder with a gun puts KNBC off Air - KNBC TV (Channel 4 Los Angeles) 08/20/1987 (Audio)

#NewMusicFriday: Great new LP's from PUTV favs @JuliaJacklin, @AdiaVictoria, @LilAndMad & #Spellling + #GoodFuck, @DreamTheaterNet & an opera compilation with 'Bewitched' on the cover for some reason? 🎼🎶

#ThisDayInHistory: #February22 w/In 1974, #SamuelByck attempts to hijack an aircraft at BWI with the intention of crashing it into the White House to assassinate Richard #Nixon, but is killed by police. (Audio)

+ #FDR dumps MacArthur, #WhiteRose executions, "#HeartbreakHotel" charts, "#HotelCalifornia" single, Sid & Nancy arrest, #MiracleOnIce, MTV plays 22hrs of #TheMonkees TV, #MilliVanilli win #Grammys

Flashback: Investigation shows Army charity hoards millions (Feb. 22, 2009)

Flashback: police state int’l: skype, shop, cyber katrina & operation arcadia // EU agency supports wiretapping Skype conversations // big brother likes to watch you shop // Chicago mayor vows surveillance cameras on every street corner // Vampire cops to draw blood at DUI checkpoints in Florida // Fearing ‘Cyber Katrina,' Obama candidate for cyber czar urges a ‘FEMA for the Internet' // FAA breach heightens cybersecurity concerns // Iowa national guard rolls back Arcadia invasion // States rediscover 10th amendment to combat stimulus strings // Firestorm brewing between the states & the feds // video: glenn beck again predicting doomsday & revolution (Feb. 22, 2009)

Flashback: Media Monarchy on the Corbett Report: The New Media (Feb. 22, 2009)

+#GeorgeWashington, #LuisBuñuel, #RobertYoung, #DonPardo, #GuyMitchell, #TedKennedy, #ChristineKeeler, #JonathanDemme, #BillFrist, #DavidAxelrod, #KyleMacLachlan, #BradleyNowell, #JeriRyan birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Barny Fletcher - "Christ Flow" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2019