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#MorningMonarchy: March 1, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: March 1, 2019Tell-all documentaries, one-of-a-kind composers and timeless traditions + this day in history w/the great radio controversy and our song of the day by Trevor Moore on your Morning Monarchy for March 1, 2019.


Jenna Elfman’s career finds new life in the zombie apocalypse

Ikea Israel sued after leaving women & girls out of catalog for ultra-Orthodox Jews

LA news anchor died from meth overdose during sexual encounter at hotel, autopsy reveals

Michael Jackson accuser says singer once filmed a sexual encounter

Michael Jackson estate suing HBO for $100m over tell-all documentary

DC cancels hit comic book series 'Border Town' after abuse claims

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged as a 'john' in human trafficking/prostitution investigation

Cop suspended after playing Barry White, letting couple make-out in patrol car

Believing conspiracy theories might make you a criminal

The coolest thing about the #Oscars that you probably missed? The @CIA's live #tweets

‘Is this for real?’: Twitter perplexed by sudden CIA fixation on Black Panther movie

Celebrities show up to the Oscars wearing: $100,000+ gowns // $50,000+ jewelry // $5,000+ shoes & Are worth millions // Only to lecture America on income inequality and claim they're oppressed?

Disney in talks with AT&#T to buy WarnerMedia's 10% Hulu stake

Fox Rocked by $179M 'Bones' Ruling: Lying, Cheating and "Reprehensible" Studio Fraud

Millions of taxpayer dollars are going to the film industry, but is it paying off?

How streaming music could be harming the planet

Drop the needle, vinyl record pressing returns to Vancouver

Roxy Music Released “Manifesto” 40 Years Ago Today

The Darts to release new album on Alternative Tentacles

@somafm has launched a new channel that is Groove Salad, but only the stuff from the early 2ks so you can relive that experience of staying up late cramming for college classes

One of the biggest stories this school year, the #MHCC Board of Education made the decision to bring #KMHD back to the college with hopes of a new two-year contract with #OPB.

The So-Called 'Local Radio Freedom Act' Is Actually an Anti-Creator, Anti-Property-Rights Bill

Clark James Gable, Former ‘Cheaters’ Host, Dies at 30; Actor and TV personality was grandson of Hollywood star Clark Gable

Lisa Sheridan, 'Halt and Catch Fire' star, dead at 44: reports

Comedian Brody Stevens Dies at 48

#BrodyStevens - McDonald's (Stand Up Comedy) (Audio)

'The Munsters' star Beverley Owen dies at 81

André Previn, the jazz pianist who scored dozens of films and wrote musicals, chamber pieces, and two operas, has died. He was 89.

"One of a kind" composer and pianist #AndrePrevin dies at 89 (Audio)

Slowly, baseball rolls out pitch clock in spring training

A #pitchclock for Major League Baseball? (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March1 w/Electrical engineer #NikolaTesla gives the first public demonstration of radio in St. Louis, Missouri in 1893. (Audio)

+ #Yellowstone est., #LindberghBaby kidnapped, 1st FM station, #Stalin's stroke, #PeaceCorps est., #JimMorrison arrest, #BlackSeptember attack, #Watergate indictments, @SJGames raided by the feds

Flashback: Corbett Report: Episode076 – Meet the Real Economists (Mar. 1, 2009)

Flashback: CFR Professor Reveals Plot for Military Coup In 2012 (Mar. 1, 2009)

+ #Chopin, #GlennMiller, #DavidNiven, #HarryCaray, #RalphEllison, #WilliamGaines, #HarryBelafonte, #RogerDaltrey75, #RonHoward, #ZackSnyder, #JavierBardem, #ZackMorris, #Bieber25 birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: @MiraCalix' return to @WarpRecords and @DelicateSteve's 5th LP on @AntiRecords are both instrumental beauties + @Hand_Habits - longtime lead guitar w/@KevinMorby - drops 2nd & a complete @FlaminGroovies studio comp 🎼🎶

#PumpUpThaVolume/#MediaMemes: Trevor Moore - "I'm Not Good At This Adult Shit" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 1, 2019