#MorningMonarchy: March 11, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: March 11, 2019A brief debate, carrying missiles and insider sabotage + this day in history w/Madrid 3/11 and our Treefort song of the day by Built To Spill on your Morning Monarchy for March 11, 2019.


Nickelback debate breaks out on House floor // A Republican Congressman Defended #Nickelback During a House Debate (Audio)

Congress silent as Trump extends national emergency – because it’s to sanction Russia

Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

The Propaganda Multiplier: How Global News Agencies and Western Media Report on Geopolitics

The Royal Wedding Received Triple the Media Coverage of Yemen in 2018

Kentucky Sheriff Struggles to Provide Law and Order as County Struggles With Money

Deputies File Legal Claims for Being Terrorized by Gang

Oh god, I hope #FakeMelania is ok! // “Oh My God, Right At The President!”: SUV Almost Hits Trump’s Motorcade

Really, this is all a positive thing…

#Trump cancels reporting deaths by US assassination drones

AOC Chief-Of-Staff Funneled $1 Million Of Campaign Cash Into His Own Companies

Target Liberty: Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’

NYC Dangerously Close To Bankruptcy, Experts Warn

In a twist, Wells Fargo gets $240M payout in latest phony-accounts settlement

But without Government, who would grossly mismanage the TaxPayer Thefts? // New Jersey city agrees to pay $27M to lease property it sold for $1

Philadelphia Just Banned Most Cashless Stores, a First for a U.S. City

US firm returns $400m fund to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi murder

Federal Reserve scraps ‘qualitative’ test for U.S. banks in 2019 stress tests

Finland basic income trial left people ‘happier but jobless’

Gov. Lujan Grisham signs background check bill into law

Defiant U.S. sheriffs push gun sanctuaries, imitating liberals

Idaho State Police confirm crashed truck that closed down I-90 was carrying missiles

Semi-truck involved in #Idaho I-90 crash was loaded with missiles. @KXLY4News’ Hawk Hammer has more details (Audio)

#Pentagon awards @LockheedMartin nearly $1 billion for #Saudi missile system deal

ISIS is “gone,” so here comes Al-CIA-da again. And wouldn’t you know it, Manza Bin Laden has a place in Iran where he lives with his wife, daughter of Mohammed Atta.

Satellite Images Suggest India Fabricated “Successful” Attack On Terror Camp

False Flags Over Kashmir: Prelude to WWIII?

Netanyahu is a monster who cares not at all about human life. His chances of evading corruption charges are falling and his opponents are teaming up against him, so it’s time for war.

Netanyahu campaign draws accusations of incitement

Intelligence Contractors Make New Attempt To Provoke Tensions With North Korea

Britain puts new roof on Skripal House of Horrors

S*** got real! Cops pelted with FECAL BOMBS during Yellow Vest protests in Marseille

French City Firebombed In 4th Night Of Protests After Cops Blamed For Teenage Deaths

Guaido returns to Venezuela… is not immediately shot, much to the chagrin of the neo-cons… and then calls for violence… and the neo-cons cheer!

Rubio Demands US Initiate “Widespread Unrest” In Venezuela

Prank with Elliot Abrams: invasion of Venezuela and freezing Maduros accounts (Audio)

‘Cyberattacks & insider sabotage’: Venezuela’s power grid still under attack – Maduro

#VenezuelaBlackout: ‘Electricity war’ waged by US or just poor state of domestic infrastructure? (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March11 w/Simultaneous explosions on rush hour trains in Madrid, Spain, kill nearly 200 in 2004 (Audio)

#Spain’s Supreme Court Acquits 4 Over // “It is revealed that the man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the March 2004 #Madrid train bombings was an informant who had the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad.”

+ #Elagabalus killed, #BureauOfIndianAffairs, #Rigoletto, Great #Sheffield Flood, FDE’s #LendLeaseAct, #RudolfHess caught, #Hanafi Siege, #JanetReno butcher of #Waco confirmed, #Winnenden, #Fukushima

Flashback: oregon oddities: bankbombs, embezzlement & chemwars // video: federal charges considered in oregon bank bombing // flashback: 2 oregon cops killed after bringing bomb inside bank // oregon soldier stole $700k cash from iraqi relief fund // oregon veteran disabled by iraq’s ‘agent orange’ // US troops in beaverton, oregon? (Mar. 11, 2009)

3/11 newspurge // 9/11 updates // video: america’s next top model is a crazy conspiracy theorist // councillor fujita publishes a book on 9/11 // detainees say they planned 9/11 // video: gitmo inmates admit planning 9/11 // guantanamo detainees admit to 9/11 plot

obamessiah // webster tarpley: obamavilles in america // web-savvy obama ‘rarely’ reads blogs, says they’re misleading // wired, wikipedia, wnd & fox: whitewashing obama’s past // obama engages in eugenics // obama takes on the black budget // obama’s top economic adviser: more money for the banksters // fight back against the banker onslaught with ‘the obama deception’ // ‘the obama deception’: alternate trailer // sneak peeks from ‘the obama deception’ // video: slain US nazi hated obama, had parts for ‘dirty bomb’ // obama hater had materials for ‘dirty bomb’ // obama’s nyt interview: military aggression, attacks on democratic rights to continue // ron paul: obama foreign policy identical to bush // ex-nyc health commissioner hamburg tapped for fda

police state int’l // planned disaster drills in arizona will not affect hospitals’ activities // thoughts of storm troopers filling spy case // uk police databank on thousands of protesters // scotus upholds president’s powers to detain you // mock terrorism response exercise starts mar9 // leahy’s sham commission // military readies reservists for threats to ‘domestic front’ // canadian military units to undertake ‘domestic security’ // chuck norris claims 1000s of right wing cell groups exist & will rebel against US government // hospital deploys rfid bracelets for children // identification by body odor: does it pass the smell test? // police confiscate more than $1m from phish fans // western military forces turning inward in anticipation of domestic unrest // man says he was informant for fbi in orange county // taser launches headcam for cops // new airport security rules to require more personal information // army to start liaison program with washington state police // the cia: beyond redemption & should be terminated // nfl & other nwo org’s exempt from terrorism lawsuits // feds & arizona state officials to conduct ‘major disaster drill’ on asu campus mar9-13 // hersh: ‘executive assassination ring’ reported directly to cheney

envirohealth // california raw almonds must be treated, judge rules // bilderberger plot to control US food supply // food safety modernization act of 2009: the end to farmers’ markets & organic farms? // stop federal takeover of food regulation in hr875 // researchers suggest insufficient evidence of efficacy of gardasil // video: poison on the platter

assassinations // judge delays trial over authentic jfk ‘sniper’s perch’ for three weeks // demand the release of the jfk files!

media/memes // films to combat cinema’s depression // lisa pease: who wants to watch the watchmen? // video: ‘watchmen’ as popcorn propaganda for the nwo (THAT WAS WHEN DC/WARNER WAS DOING THE PROGRAMMING…)

history/mystery // video: clinton, quigley & the new world order // letter reveals john lennon complained about lax security at dakota (nypost has apparently memory holed the original article) // $30m & 10yrs later, nazi war docs still secret // edwin black: american corporate complicity & the nazis // the legend behind lincoln’s watch comes true

geopolitiks // video: security guards stood down as gunmen killed northern ireland soldiers // pakistan militants claim drone shootdown // US missile attacks on pakistan to ‘dramatically increase’ // US military chief backs counter-insurgency for mexico // video: north korea puts troops on alert // shoe hurled at ahmadinejad in iran // israeli ex-prez: a serial sex offender? // chinese ships ‘harass’ US vessel // video: china accuses US navy of breaking the law // china says US provoked naval confrontation

econocrash // video: 50k rally against tax hikes in new york // ‘green jobs’ won’t do much to end recession // demint’s small riots // 4 plead not guilty after probe of anti-tax group // bomb damages citibank branch in athens // bernie madoff: circus sideshow attraction // bernie madoff: the single bullethead theory (Mar. 11, 2009)

nsa, dhs, aipac & the web: a cyber tug-of-war // …and now, a few twisted tales of the coming cyberwar… nsa chief continues bid to take over cybersecurity // outgoing dhs cyber chief expands on why he resigned // nsa dominance of cybersecurity would lead to ‘grave peril’ // chas freeman pulls his appointment // freeman slams ‘israel lobby’ // exiting, chas freeman attacks ‘israel lobby’ // update: aipac lobbied reporters on ‘background’ over intel nominee (Mar. 11, 2009)

Flashback: Graves go missing as West Virginia coal companies expand (Mar. 11, 2009)

+ #Nabokov, #ShempHoward, #LawrenceWelk, #RupertMurdoch, #AntoninScalia, #DouglasAdams, #NinaHartley, #DavidLaChapelle, #PeterBerg, #VinniePaul, #IllyaHarrell, #BizNasty, #AntonYelchin birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#Treefort2019: Built To Spill – “Stop The Show” (Audio)