#MorningMonarchy: March 13, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: March 13, 2019Bedside manners, cooler recalls and Lincoln the goat mayor + this day in history w/Operation Northwoods again and our Treefort song of the day by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers on your Morning Monarchy for March 13, 2019.


Pennsylvania AMI Smart Meter Survey Reports Horror Stories

FOX43 Finds Out: Smart meter controversy

“Smart-home companies like Zego, Stratis and Vivint boast more than 250,000 upgraded units, and their privacy policies give permission to use a tenant’s data for advertising and marketing” // When landlords upgrade apartments + turn them into ‘smart homes’

Teen says mom got anti-vax ideas on Facebook

MLB exploring using tech to help call balls and strikes

Helping Police Divert Mental Health Patients From ERs

Man told he’s going to die by doctor on video-link robot

#Kaiser Apologizes for Telling Patient He Was Dying Via Tele-Robot Doctor Visit (Audio)

“Internet of Garbage” – Never mind the landfills and incinerators – A Startup Wants to Turn Your City’s Trash Into a Heap of Big Data

‘Clever trade move’: Residents in US city fear pollution spike after China bans waste imports

“Pollution Panic” Strikes US Cities As Officials Face Consequences of China’s Waste Blockade

Igloo recalls coolers after 5-year-old gets trapped inside one

.@iglooproducts recalls coolers after child gets trapped (Audio)

British photographer captures stunning image of alpha male silverback gorilla

Rare 10-mile-long lake forms in Death Valley after heavy rains and flooding

Secret pending sale clouds historic Alpenrose Dairy future: Home to ball fields, bike- and car-racing, Portland complex’s fate rides on game of legal chess

Government waste alert: The Pentagon spent $4.6 million lobster tail and crab in one month last year

College Dean Resigns Over School’s Opposition To Chick-Fil-A “Corporate Values”

Dollar Tree to close up to 390 Family Dollar stores

Whole Foods Slashes Worker Hours Four Months After $15 Minimum Wage Increase

AP–CLEANUP IN AISLE THREE: Cincinnati-based Kroger’s stock plunged 14 % after the grocery store operator reported weak earnings and a drop in 4Q revenue short of Wall Street forecasts

Kroger I Would Like to Introduce You to Aeryus

Chemical Industry Secrets Kept in Oregon Barn for Decades — Until Now

Sanofi suffered a major setback in its bid to market a controversial dengue vaccine in the U.S., as a FDA advisory committee recommended against approval for adults.

Judge in Roundup cancer trial rules on Monsanto motion to end trial, saying “Monsanto cannot prevail on a motion for summary judgment by simply ignoring large swaths of evidence.” He says evidence shows Monsanto doesn’t care if its product causes cancer.

US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

Bill passes giving Victoria police power to take #DNA without court order

Transgender Prof: Excluding Men From Women’s Sports Is Like Excluding Black Women

#weaponsweep, these tools can harm as well if ends up in wrong hands.

Youngstown’s lone medical marijuana growing facility harvests first crop; Riviera Creek Holdings’ brands of medical marijuana reflect its #Youngstown, #Ohio roots

Bill sb440 Morden day reefer madness propaganda

Yeast produce low-cost, high-quality cannabinoids

Cannabis may pose a “long-term risk” to the alcohol industry

My new favorite beer is #woke. I’d like to share ones with my friends: Illuminati Ale

This town in Vermont just elected a goat named Lincoln as its honorary mayor

Lincoln the Goat Was Just Elected Mayor of a #Vermont Town (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March13 w/#LymanLemnitzer delivers a proposal called #OperationNorthwoods in 1962, performing #FalseFlag terrorist attacks upon #Cuba; The proposal is scrapped and #JFK removes Lemnitzer from his position. (Audio)

+ #Uranus discovered, #Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, #AlexanderII assassinated, #Cuba coup fail, #Apollo9 return, #SeikanTunnel open, @MTVEurope launches…in Israel, #Dunblane massacre, #PhoenixLights

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode115 w/Clyde Lewis (Mar. 13, 2009)

Flashback: the coming cyberwar & spacewar is in-your-face more // exposing US govt policy on extraterrestrial life &/or could ‘truth commission’ expose 9/11 & ufo secrets? // will there be ‘wild card’ events worldwide in 2012 or beyond // ufo’s & obama memo on scientific integrity // phoenix mars lander found liquid water, some scientists think // spacecraft searches for other earths as boeing & US army collaborate on space & missile defense research // obama says cloning dangerous & wrong // conservatives call obama stem cell decision a waste of money // obama declares ip treaty a ‘national security’ secret // white house urged to stop cyber attacks // bbc hacks into thousands of computers // russian astronauts complete space walk // iss space junk incident was not life threatening // space junk threat worried space station, space debris threatened iss // astronauts temporarily evacuated, space station junk threat passes // discovery’s 3/11 launch postponed until 3/15 if valve gets fixed as obama says nasa suffering ‘a sense of drift’ // fox admits to greenwashing popular tv shows // ‘sunshade’ global-cooling plan would ruin solar power // new report lays waste to army ‘future’ // the awesomely bad ‘future combat’ miniseries // ‘future combat systems’ completes ‘integrated mission test-1’ // air force signs on to darpa’s all-seeing blimp // army builds electronic-warfare teams // researchers use brain scans to read memories // the coming evangelical collapse (Mar. 13, 2009)

Flashback: mass murder memes, psyop sprees & the copycat effect // germany may ban violent video games // april 20, 2009: be alert! // germany school shooting: 16 dead // alabama shootings: 12 dead // workplace copycats // 10yrs of church shootings // fiery calamity coming? // illinois church shooting: ‘death day’ // ‘american syndrome’ hits europe? // germany/alabama shootings underscore violent side effects of psychiatric medications // psychiatric drug use of german shooter confirmed: kretschmer withdrawing from depression treatment // teenage killer tim kretschmer had stopped treatment for depression // after attacks, europe hurries to tighten gun laws // the aftermath in samson, alabama // 10 dead in alabama shooting // attack of the medicated monkey // elephants run amok in india due to abuse & pollution // dog attack injures 2, kills smaller dog // when primates attack: monkey kills abusive owner with coconut // update: man dressed as ‘the joker’ shot dead by police (Mar. 13, 2009)

+ #Sammykaye, #LRonHubbard, #RoyHaynes, #MikeStoller, #NeilSedaka, #WilliamHMacy, #GlenneHeadley, #AdamClayton, #TerenceBlanchard, soda salesman @Common, accused rapist @DannyMasterson birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#Treefort2019: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – “Fuck Up” (Audio)