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#MorningMonarchy: March 15, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: March 15, 2019Making the grade, feeling good and crowded + this day in history w/the Ides Of March and our Treefort song of the day by Nappy Roots on your Morning Monarchy for March 15, 2019.


Hours after New Zealand terrorist attack, gruesome video continues to surface on social media

Three other suspects? Shut up, conspiracy theorist! // The man who appears to be the 28-year-old New Zealand mosque shooter wrote that he is a white nationalist who hates immigrants. Police have not verified the identity.

At 9:19am EST there are 4 suspects. That's 2:19am in New Zealand. At 10:10 EST there is one suspect. That's 3:10am in New Zealand. No one who is even mistakenly arrested for something like this is going to be released before morning. Sorry, that's beyond devil's advocate.

The story of Trapped In A Culture - Upcoming Documentary

Sex-Trafficking Suit Against Harvey Weinstein Advanced

After cocaine arrest, Sega halts sales of new PS4 game

Feds Arrest Dozens, Including Actresses and Ex-Pimco CEO, In "Largest College Admissions Scam Ever Prosecuted"

College admissions cheating scandal: Growing number of apologies, resignations (Audio)

I see a reboot of the #JuddNelson classic coming soon to a streaming device near you :: Making The Grade (1984) (Audio)

Making the Grade (1984) FULL MOVIE

College admissions scandal: Fake athletes, alleged bribes and Aunt Becky

“We always sometimes show up with guns drawn,” states FBI spokesthug. “You never know when you’ll get to shoot a dog.”

CNN hit with $275 million defamation suit by Kentucky student

Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning To Sue Oil Companies To Force Climate Policies

Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint to EU Against Apple

New York Media lays off 32 people, including 5% of full-time staff

Tom DeLonge will try to prove the existence of aliens on new History show

Popular music festival chooses Albuquerque Balloon Museum as new venue

OK, so my friend Lizz is maybe about to win Mexican Idol // Lizz King vs. Verónica Rodriguez - 'Feeling Good' | Battles | La Voz US (Audio)

#VIDEO: Art experts say there is a "likelihood" that Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci participated in the creation of drawing titled the 'Nude Mona Lisa' (Audio)

Japanese artist behind ghastly creature in viral 'Momo Challenge' baffled by disturbing hoax

A poster I designed about IBM's direct role in the Holocaust has gone up across New York, inc opposite the headquarters of IBM North America. #IBM

David Bowie demo of 'Starman' is up for auction after it was abandoned in a loft for FIFTY years

‘Hidden Treasure’: Rare Beatles Record Sells for More Than $12,000 on eBay

I wrote about the great Hal Blaine, easily one of the most crucial figures in the last half-century of American popular music, & a dude who lived well, besides:

Jan-Michael Vincent, the '80s heartthrob best known for playing Stringfellow Hawke in “Airwolf,” died on February 10 at the age of 74, according to TMZ.

'Star Trek'/Dr. Seuss Mashup Deemed Copyright Fair Use by Judge

#BookSmarts: Crowded - Cryptoanarchy, Crowdfunded Assassinations and Comics 📚📲🔫💰

#BookSmarts: What is Crypto-Anarchy? Crypto-anarchism spawned out of the #cypherpunk and #hacktivist movements, with groups like the Cult of the Dead Cow (and later, Telecomix).

#BookSmarts: Former Intel engineer and Cypherpunk Mailing List founder Tim May argued that uncrackable secret messages and untraceable digital currency would lead to assassination markets

#BookSmarts: Sinister New Site ‘Assassination Market’ Enables Users to Contribute Bitcoins for Murder of US Officials

#BookSmarts: Crypto-Anarchist #JohnGalton Who Fled America Killed In #Acapulco

#BookSmarts: Crowded, Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback) Release #March20 // Rebel Wilson to Produce and Star in Comic Adaptation ‘Crowded’ (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March15 w/Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, is stabbed to death by Roman senators on the Ides of March in 44 BC. (Audio)

+ #Hungary revolution, #RollsRoyce est., #TsarNicholasII abdicates, #TalaatPasha assassinated, #Iran's oil industry nationalized, '#Destroyer' out, Hotel New World collapses, #Syria civil war begins

+ #AndrewJackson, #EduardStrauss, #LightninHopkins, #HarryJames, #LawrenceTierney, #AlanBean, #RBG, #JuddHirsch, #JimmySwaggart, #PhilLesh, #MikeLove, #DavidCronenberg, #SlyStone birthdays

+ @The_IronSheik, #RyCooder, #TerenceTrentDarby, #JimmyBaio, @BretMichaels, #Rockwell, #NaokoTakeuchi, #MarkMcGrath, #MarkHoppus, #EvaLongoria, @IAmWill birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: First new music in 12 years from #CinematicOrchestra/@TCO_Official while #StephenMalkmus/@DroneComa's computer just became self-aware + instrumental goodness from Chicago's @OozingWound & London's @CometComing 🎼🎶

#PumpUpThaVolume/#MediaMemes/#Treefort2019: Nappy Roots - "Awnaw" (w/Jazze Pha) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 15, 2019