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#MorningMonarchy: June 28, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: June 28, 2019Auction action, violent videos and leading lawsuits + this day in history w/God hates the saxophone and our song of the day by Liam Gallagher on your Morning Monarchy for June 28, 2019.


David Gilmour’s Guitars Sell for Millions at Charity Auction

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour puts his guitars for auction for charity // David Gilmour Auctions Off Guitars (Audio)

And also this :: #PinkFloydClimateSongs // "Comfortably Nimbus," "A momentary lapse of seasons," "Goodbye Cool World" and, most fitting as the sun is the main driver of climate, "Set The Controls For the Heat Of The Sun"


Flashback: That time Tom Waits made a commercial for Butcher’s Blend Dog Food (Audio)

Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, dies at 51

Steamy romance novelist Judith Krantz dies at 91

Trumpeter, composer and producer Dave Bartholomew died Sunday morning at the age of 100. Here he’s pictured with his protégée Fats Domino in 1999 and at a 2014 documentary premiere with Dr. John, another New Orleans legend who passed away only two weeks ago.

Dave Bartholomew, co-wrote 'Ain't That a Shame," dies at 100

Journalist Jim Taricani who exposed corruption, wouldn't name source dies

Vimeo bans media watchdog Project Veritas after it accused Google of anti-Trump bias

.@Madonna makes powerful #guncontrol statement in disturbing music #video: ‘We need to wake up’

Madonna Depicts Gun Violence In '#GodControl' Video // "Gun violence is really terrible, so ... here's a super slo-mo video of glamorized, stylized gun violence that looks pretty freakin' badass ... Also, I'm gonna blow up the White House." - #Madonna (Audio)

#Vampirella #1 makes @DynamiteComics history with more than 130,000 copies sold

Ringo Starr's Peace and Love, sponsored by Starbucks and just in time to promote a new tour

Jagger appears healthy as Rolling Stones rock Soldier Field

Morrissey reaffirms For Britain support, denies he is racist, and apologises to Robert Smith in an interview with his nephew

The Flaming Lips Released “The Soft Bulletin” 20 Years Ago Today

#Soundgarden, #Tupac Estate, #TomPetty’s Ex-Wife Lead Lawsuit Over #UniversalMusic Fire

Artists File Class-Action Suit Against Universal Over 2008 Vault Fire // Universal Music Group Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over 2008 Archive Vault Fire (Audio)

#ThisDayinHistory: #June28 w/Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone in 1846. 🎷🎷🎷 (Audio)

+ #LaborDay becomes official, #SpoonerAct, #FranzFerdinand assassinated, @MercedesBenz merges, #Stonewall50 , #Wham! farewell show, @MikeTyson bites @Holyfield's ear off, #Honduras coup

+ #RichardRodgers, #MelBrooks, #HansBlix, #PatMorita, #JohnByner, #LeonPanetta, #GildaRadner, #KathyBates, #ClintBoon, @CharlieClouser, @BobbyBareJr birthdays

+ @JohnCusack, #MaryStuartMasterson, #GilBellows, @ElonMusk birthdays

#MediaMemes/#NewMusicFriday: @TheBlackKeys rock, @AllmanBettsBand go down the river - while @JAHJAHMULDROW doesn't say anything + @SCannibalsBand, @NightMovesMPLS, @DireWolves, @MrTopHatMusic, some guy named #ThomYorke released on Thu. & more! 🎼🎶 + JADE JACKSON, KYLIE MINOGUE, GOVT MULE, PHASES, INGRID MICHAELSON

#PumpUpThaVolume: Liam Gallagher - "The River" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: June 28, 2019