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#MorningMonarchy: July 16, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: July 16, 2019Armed flyboards, robot umpires and becoming hyper-smart + this day in history w/the death of Harry Chapin and our song of the day by TWRP on your Morning Monarchy for July 16, 2019.


Judge, jury & executioner: Facebook policy permits death threats against ‘dangerous individuals’

Facebook’s #FaceID Database Could Be the Biggest in the World. Yes, It Should Worry Us. 👁️

US regulator whacks Facebook with largest-ever $5bn fine over privacy violations

U.S. proposes barring Facebook and other big tech firms from offering financial services

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo does not allow transactions involving cryptocurrency. -Josh

Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange halts all services after losing cryptocurrency worth more than $32 million

Japanese Crypto Exchange Suffers $32 Million Hack

Japan firm says US$32 million missing in cryptocurrency hack (Audio)

Japan Just Landed a Spacecraft on an Asteroid, And The Photos Are Nuts

Scientists Just Unveiled The First-Ever Photo of Quantum Entanglement

France's 'Green Goblin' soars over Bastille Day parade in Paris

French inventor soars above Champs-Élysées on flyboard at Paris parade

The government knows you can’t plan an Area 51 raid if there’s a blackout

I finally had to look up the origin of this image macro - and it's only 3 years old!

Leaked images show US-backed MKO terrorist social media operations against Iran

300 Californian Cities Secretly Have Access to Palantir

The Nazi-Free Alternative to Twitter Is Now Home to the Biggest Far Right Social Network Gab

CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on 'Predictive Analytics' Computer Program To Judge Parents

How U.S. Tech Giants Are Helping to Build China's Surveillance State

Police Use License Plate Readers To "Grid" Entire Neighborhoods

25 Million Android Phones Infected With Malware That ‘Hides In WhatsApp’

Alexa, help me save energy - Utilities have opportunity with smart gadgets

Not Just Alexa: Google Employees Eavesdropping On People Via 'Smart Speakers'

Why so few Pittsburghers want Mayor Peduto’s proposed autonomous shuttle


Robot umpires debut in Atlantic League (Audio)



1) When I read anything technical from Epstein's science ventures it reads like fluffy bullshit you'd feed to a capital investment group. It's a challenge to take it seriously. Big words, no concrete. Ask anyone in venture capital and they will tell you it's mostly propaganda.


Axios: Merging AI & Man - Elon Musk's Vision for The Future (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #July16 w/Harry Chapin died at 38 in a car crash on his way to a benefit concert. (Audio)

+ #DistrictOfCriminals est., 1st parking meter, nukes in #NewHexico, #OperationDekel, #ChaplainMedicMassacre, Cream forms, #Apollo11 launch, #JFKjr dies, @DHS unleashed, #GeorgeRomero dies

Flashback: geopolitiks: bombs, moms, coups & a moral twilight zone // video: warmongers who sold you the iraq war are (still) pushing for a war with iran // stop bombing us: osama isn’t here, says pakistan // warships in suez prepare for iran attack // israeli soldiers in gaza describe a 'moral twilight zone’ // report: israeli soldier threatened to rape mother of detained boy: "shut up or i will f*** you" // china: 184 lives claimed by urumqi riots // more russian military forces in china for joint anti-terror exercise // 2 cuban cia operatives advised honduras coup // washington behind honduras coup: here is the evidence // update: blasts at jakarta ritz, marriott kill 9, wound 50 (Jul. 16, 2009)

Flashback: econocrash: homeless, deficit, world currency & the fed under fire // "here it is, you can see it & touch it": medvedev shows off sample coin of new 'world currency' at g8 // more families becoming homeless, study finds // as economy bites, US states cut prison sentences // calif tax officials: legal pot would rake in $1.4b // wells fargo bank sues itself & nytimes selling radio station wqxr to wnyc for $45m // canada's job picture surprisingly, um, un-weak as US budget deficit tops $1t for first time // goldman sachs earnings easily surpass expectations & jp morgan chase reports 36% jump in 2nd-quarter profit // video: the fed under fire // and here are the people who do not want the fed's veil lifted // audio: “we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt” (Jul. 16, 2009)

Flashback: envirohealth: arctic goo, bad advisors, strays & weather // huge blob of arctic goo floats past arctic alaska communities // india to sterilize 8m stray dogs // nais listening sessions: can a monsanto administration really hear? // update: national animal identification plan stumbles // obama's cap & trade carbon emissions bill: a stealth scheme to license pollution & fraud // just 96 months to save world, says prince charles // proposed pesticide 5000x more potent greenhouse gas than co2 // bill gates sets his sights on controlling the weather // parkinsons risk 'from raised pesticide level in blood' (Jul. 16, 2009)

Flashback: cyber/spacewar: attacks & anniversaries // world wide wiretap: cyber attacks traced to the uk & US // 3 reasons why US cybersecurity sucks // internet attack propaganda increases as cyber bill approaches // saic acquires cybersecurity product testing firm atlan, inc. // obama would endanger privacy with nsa cyber security plan // nasa release unseen moon landing footage & nasa refurbishes video of moon landing // space shuttle headed for international space station (Jul. 16, 2009)

Flashback: biowars/swine flu updates: pharma, accidents & military ops // swine flu vaccine rushed through safety checks - experimental vaccine to be delivered in 'military-style operation' // baxter's many lethal 'accidents' // did the swine flu escape from a lab? // swine flu appears similar to 1918 virus; who recommends vaccines use live influenza // florida preps for huge swine flu shot program // new mexico dept of health prepares for influenza mass vaccination clinics // dept continues to monitor h1n1 cases // getting kids ready for soft kill vaccinations: 'mission set: immuno' // mandatory swine flu vaccinations this fall? // military wants a swine flu greenhouse // google shuts office in india over swine flu fears & uk health minister lord darzi quits ahead of h1n1 debacle (Jul. 16, 2009)

+ #ShoelessJoeJackson, #BarbaraStanwyck, #GingerRogers, #DesmondDekker, #StewartCopeland, #FayeGrant, #MichaelFlatley, #PhoebeCates, #WillFerrell, #CoreyFeldman, @EdKowalczyk, @JeremyEnigk birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: TWRP - "Cosmic Tides"

#MorningMonarchy: July 16, 2019