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#MorningMonarchy: August 27, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: August 27, 2019Goldman Apples, stormy solarville and cell site concerns + this day in history w/the killing of Lord Mountbatten and our song of the day by Four Tet on your Morning Monarchy for August 27, 2019.


Did Hasbro Toys Acquire Death Row Records?

Everything you should know about Apple's new credit card

Apple and Goldman Join Forces to Launch Credit Card for iPhones

Banning cash so you pay the bank to hold your money is what the IMF wants

Mercedes spies on drivers by secretly installing tracking devices in cars and passing information to bailiffs

Unable to buy cars, Venezuelans labor to make sure robotic ones don’t crash

Taking yer space jobs: Russia just launched a gun-toting humanoid robot into space

NASA investigating what may be the first crime in outer space, with astronaut Anne McClain accused of identity theft and improperly accessing her estranged wife's private financial records while on the ISS

Wal-Mart looks to have a sold case against Tesla, alleges the solar panel company is utterly incompetent, or callous, or both

Stormy Weather In Solarville: Amazon Joins Walmart In Saying Its Tesla Solar Panels Spontaneously Ignited

Walmart suing Tesla over faulty solar panels (Audio)


Is Amazon's Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments?

Browsers Take a Stand Against Kazakhstan’s Invasive Internet Surveillance


"Snap-On Smart Power Outlet That Listens"


Authorities: More than 20 local governments in Texas are facing a coordinated ransomware attack.

Lawmakers want limits on facial recognition funds

Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun

Google proposes new privacy and anti-fingerprinting controls for the web


Apple and Samsung sued over ‘cancer risk’ from cell phone radiation

“Cities and towns throughout Northern California are issuing ordinances that would exclude new 5G cell sites from residential areas, citing supposed health concerns.”

5G health risks to be considered by City Council (Mar. 13, 2019) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August27 w/An IRA bomb kills retired British admiral and pedo Lord Mountbatten and three others while they are boating on holiday in Ireland in 1979. (Audio)

+ #Krakatoa destroyed, #Afrikaans Bible intro'd, #SarnyMassacre, #BrianEpstein OD's, #JimiHendrix' last song, #Altıkat assassinated, #StevieRayVaughan killed, #MichaelVick guilty, #HurricanIrene hits

Flashback: mystery/memesmayhem: peltier, dunne, toxic talk & cult killings // history/mystery: imprisoned since '77 for the deaths of 2 fbi agents, leonard peltier denied parole // freedom denied again for leonard peltier // cops believe 1991 kidnap victim found alive in south lake tahoe, california - couple in custody // kidnapped girl resurfaces after 18 years as sex slave // the reinhard gehlen organization: from the office of strategic services to the central intelligence agency // ’91 book covers nancy reagan's sexual trysts w/ frank sinatra & reefer madness w/ jack benny // leaked video: the joke's on you - cnn gulfwar1 propaganda produced by pentagon

media/memes: author dominick dunne dies at 83 // ellie greenwich, 'chapel of love' 'be my baby' & 'leader of the pack' co-writer, dies at 68 // fbi drove 'black power' actress jean seberg to suicide, claims son // actress mischa barton breaks silence on involuntary psychiatric hold // the grandaddy of toxic talk radio, bob grant, is back in nyc // video: george carlin on 'conspiracy theorists'

murder/mayhem: michael jackson's death ruled a homicide by los angeles coroner // pipe bombs go off at hillsdale high in san mateo, california // alex youshock, 17yr old high school student, charged with trying to kill teacher & aide // abc reports that '01 colorado triple homicide was cult killing // did simon say kill? // leo obstbaum, design director for the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver, dies suddenly at 40 // tennessee gop state sen. resigns amid lurid sex scandal with 22yr-old intern (Aug. 27, 2009)

Flashback: geopolitiks: elections, lockerbie, lies & more // karzai widens lead in afghan vote count // challenger abdullah says polls rigged // massive truck bomb kills dozens in kandahar // megrahi will accuse an american, codenamed abu elias, of carrying out lockerbie bombing // evidence reveals libyan convicted of lockerbie bombing innocent // al-megrahi is home & he is innocent // very murky waters indeed: rothschild connection to lockerbie release // lisa pease on the lockerbie doubts // flashback article from 2007: lockerbie evidence fabricated by cia - the real culprits have escaped justice // iraq restores concrete walls in baghdad; foreign minister says attack may have been inside job (Aug. 27, 2009)

biowars/swine flu updates: dark winter & october surprises // ‘dark winter' for public health: meet homeland security’s new bioterror czarina // flashback: 'operation dark winter' videos // the continuing militarization of biological sciences // h1n1 october surprise prevention // authorities prepare to seize kids during swine flu pandemic // exclusive: most uk general practitioners may reject swine flu vaccine // video: msnbc hard sell propaganda for h1n1 soft kill vaccination

swine flu fearmongering a mass psy-op? // setting the people up to die: a conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies // charleston medical workers get flu shots or get fired // man-made organisms will be here in 4 months, say biologists // holdren proposed geo-engineering at '07 goldman sachs conference // cdc turns to social sites to get flu message out (Aug. 27, 2009)

warwhores: cia, saic, certified & embedded // journalists' recent work examined before embeds //pentagon reporter-screening crisis deepens // aftra joins outcry over allegations of pentagon embed vetting // pentagon probes war-reporter screening // video: report says cia faked executions of terror suspects // cia used gun, drill in interrogation of alleged cole mastermind // saic awarded $49m task order by naval surface warfare center // 2009 now deadliest year of afghan war // video: worst abuses redacted in cia report // cia releases its instructions for breaking a detainee's will // cia spies 'certified' with 2 weeks training (Aug. 27, 2009)

Flashback: ‘Falcon Virgo 09-11’ flight exercise planned for DC (Aug. 27, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Four Tet (@FourTet/#FourTet) - "Dreamer" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: August 27, 2019