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#MorningMonarchy: August 30, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: August 30, 2019Sticks & stones, the Irishman and the spy + this day in history w/the Moscow–Washington hotline and our song of the day by Lana Del Rey on your Morning Monarchy for August 30, 2019.


Special prosecutor named to look into Jussie Smollett case

Steven Fabrizio, Top Movie Industry Exec "Sugar Daddy", Arrested On Alleged Rape And Blackmail Charges | Zero Hedge

Leah Remini Sounds Off on ‘Hypocrisy’ of Scientologist Elisabeth Moss

Leah Remini ends ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ with a hard look at Danny Masterson

Sheryl Crow Explains That She Saw Michael Jackson Doing 'Really Strange Things'

You can definitely skip Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special 'Sticks & Stones.'

Dave Chappelle's Impressions Are Insanely Accurate (Audio)

Death Row Records has been bought by Hasbro Toy Company

Hasbro VP Promises New GI Joe Series Won’t Replace Larry Hama’s Real American Hero

American dream over for North Wales band after immigration visa row as #SpamJavelin refused entry to US

UMG Demands Soundgarden Drop Their Class Action Over 2008 Vault Fire

Fox News' Concert Series Has Become a Go-To Source of Promotion -- But Some Artists Are Staying Away

#TAOSVORTEX year two was a train wreck, period. Padded out over three days this year with two stages of way-too-many no-name techno bros yet the biggest problem: the stages were so close to each other you could only ever hear an overlapping sound collision. Truly, truly terrible.

Can all of my Placebo stans stand up?: Greg Laswell's new album cover photo book

Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & More People Who Probably Never Expected to Get a CMA Nomination

"We're Alive Goldrush" Premieres Tuesday September 10th - New podcast in the style of old-time radio drama.

Random House's Cathy Goldsmith on Newly Discovered Seuss Book

A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive

Letter of Recommendation: Collecting One Book

Netflix to give 'The Irishman' exclusive theatrical release

Researcher finds that U.S. wireless networks are throttling video streaming 24/7

Matthew @McConaughey has been officially appointed as a professor at #UTAustin. He joins the radio-television-film faculty after teaching as a visiting professor since 2015.

Funny that that place that hasn't played music videos in 20+ years still acts like it has something to do with "music" // #VMAs

Singer Eddie Money says he has stage 4 esophageal cancer

Rock/Americana guitarist and former member of Blackfoot, Ryan Adams' Cardinals, Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Neal Casal Dead At 50

"I was born famous, so right off the bat, fame meant nothing to me." Remembering Peter Fonda - the counterculture icon best known for Easy Rider and The Trip.

50 Years Later, the Spirit of ’69 Feels Like a Hangover

Serious stuff from the comedy legend: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen play an Israeli secret agent in first trailer for ‘The Spy’

The Spy | Official Trailer | Netflix (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August30 w/The Moscow–Washington hotline between the leaders of the U.S. and the Soviet Union goes into operation in 1963. // "Hello? Bankster-funded frenemies?" (Audio)

+ #Lenin shot, '#Highway61Revisited' released, #ThurgoodMarshall becomes 1 of The 9, '#SweetheartOfTheRodeo' out, Hendrix plays #IsleOfWight, #Mitsubishi bombing, #IzzyStradlin arrested

+ #MaryShelley, #HueyLong, #RaymondMassey, #JoanBlondell, #FredMacMurray, #TedWilliams, #KittyWells, #DarylGates, #WarrenBuffett, LC's child molestor #JohnPhillips, #RobertCrumb, #MollyIvins birthdays

+ #PeggyLipton, @TheLewisBlack, #DaveBrockie aka #ODORUSURUNGUS, Lars from @Rancid, #LisaLing birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: Biggies from #TOOL & #LANA + great new stuff from @BlackBeltEagles, @AaronLeeTasjan1, @EzraFurman, @Jesse_Malin, @4ElianeElias, @WhitneyTheBand, @YACHT, @Carter_Tutti & much more 🎼🎶 #August30+ !!!, BON IVER, COMMON, JOAN SHELLEY, TRISHA YEARWOOD, CARTER TUTTI VOID, CABARET VOLTAIRE

New music video out for Doin time 🌊

#PumpUpThaVolume: Lana Del Rey - "How to Disappear" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: August 30, 2019