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#MorningMonarchy: September 10, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: September 10, 2019Our i9/11, public numbers and weird gel on the moon + this day in history w/"You lie!" and our song of the day by Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott on your Morning Monarchy for September 10, 2019.


It's the last 'palindrome week' of the century

Thoughts On Preventing a Cyber 9/11 // Our Generation's 9/11 - Rep. Katko, Public and Private Sectors Discuss Cybersecurity Threats (Audio)

Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites

Exclusive: Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App

Facebook tells #HomelandSecurity: Don't create fake accounts


DMVs are selling your data and making millions, documents reportedly reveal

DMV Profiting Off Your Personal Data (Audio)

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador said that a small camera used to spy on him was found in the National Palace.

Huawei accuses US of trying to hack its systems, recruit spies & intimidate employees

Australia Deploys World's First Law To Fight Online Extremism

Website rates security of internet-connected devices

Meet The Robotic Welder That Will Soon Be Putting Construction Workers Out Of Jobs

#Rape, #assault allegations mount against @lyft in what new suit calls '#sexualpredator crisis'

Norway’s electric car miracle is a smug national fraud built on subsidizing rich people with Teslas

MIT workers reportedly put store-bought plants inside the devices to impress funders


Growing backlash in China against A.I. and facial recognition

Chinese shoppers adopt facial payments in cashless drive

Apple patents Watch band that could ID you from your wrist skin

Black hole movies coming soon, says leading astronomer


China's lunar rover finds weird gel on far side of moon (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory on #MediaMonarchy: S. Carolina Rep. Wilson Shouts “You Lie” At @BarackObama During Congressional #Obamacare Speech in 2009 (Audio)

+ Sewing machine patent, UK sinks own #HMSOxley, #WolfgangvonTrips crash, #NewYorkDolls split, Fresh Prince debuts, #RopinTheWind drops, #GaryGlitter in court for CP, #CERN fires up, #HurricaneIrma

Flashback: The Day Before 9/11 - ‘Missing’ Trillions From the Pentagon (Sep. 10, 2009)

Flashback: Defcon 9/10 - Czars, Satellites, Da Vinci & Anonymous // obama close to appointing cybersecurity chief // cyberattack? the internet power grab by the obama white house // the US needs a cybersecurity czar now // theories emerge on secret satellite launch // da vinci code fans targeted by real international conspiracy // ‘anonymous' declares war on australia over internet filtering (Sep. 10, 2009)

Flashback: 9/11 Anniversary Updates - Past, Present & Future // 'safe america' announces national 'drill down' for 9/11; terror tests for pandemic preparedness // 9/11 drill for simulated plane crash 5min before pentagon attack // nyccan submits 28k more signatures for 9/11 investigation on nov ballot; ny allows petition to go forward // kurt sonnenfeld, fema videographer on 9/11, blows the whistle // arianna huffington: i 'despise' 9/11 truthers // working toward 2013 opening for 9/11 museum // flashback: the abc's of numerology - new york, 9/11; madrid, 3/11; mumbai, 7/11 // nyc buildings graft shocker: mob-tied building inspectors in bribe & drug scandal // doonesbury slams 9/11 truth // islamonoia: 'is another 9/11 set to unfold?’ // world architecture news publishes article: conspiracy theory or hidden truth? the 9/11 enigmas // the irrefutable case for 9/11 truth // too many 9/11 commission questions still left unanswered // charlie sheen's fantasy meeting with obama over 9/11 cover-up // video: sheen's message to obama // national geographic does 9/11: another icon debased in service of big lie // video: the world wildlife fund & the 9/11 tsunami

updates from 9/11/9: obama, in first 9/11 as president, honors victims' memory with moment of silence // this 9/11, obama has the bullhorn on terrorism // video: informant says fbi threw away chance to catch atta (Sep. 10, 2009)

Flashback: 9/10 newspurge: everything else & after // biowars/swine flu: who admits to releasing virus via 'mock-up' vaccines // beginning of engineered pandemic? 2,000 infected with h1n1 at washington university // defense department to start h1n1 flu vaccinations // ny, la & boston set up swine flu vaccination centers // west virginia records first death from swine flu // ibm 'predicted' 2009 pandemic flu - in 2006

drugwar: former US official arrested on cocaine smuggling charges

econocrash: a year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges // united nations conference calls for new global currency // wall street to securitize people's deaths? // 5 more banks fail in first week of september // 5 more US banks are seized, pushing total for year to 89 // funeral sciences benefit from a moribund economy

geopolitiks: germany overturns nazi treason convictions

history/mystery: 'massive' ancient wall uncovered in jerusalem // ancient skeleton found with gun under shed

media/memes: from a porch in montana, low-power radio’s voice rises // phillip garrido, pop idol? // earth liberation front topples 2 radio towers near seattle // video: tv is a pentagon-designed mind control device // gq magazine censors article about russian false flag attacks

murder/mayhem: 9/9/9 hijacking: mexico plane hijacking ends peacefully

obamessiah & the apostles of war: obama website calls opponents 'right-wing domestic terrorists' // s carolina rep wilson shouts 'you lie' at obama // obama loses the left // indoctrination of 'obama youth' in schools accelerates // where’s your homework, mr. president? // parents dub sep8 'keep your kids at home day' // 42% of parents don't want their children watching obama speech // video: gingrich on obama address to students: 'it’s a good speech' // obama school speech, a lesson in political controversy // obama youth: dhs wants to recruit girl scouts // nea in politics flap: arts endowment head ousted over obamagenda // video: laura bush says it's unfair to call obama a socialist // barack obama accused of making 'depression' mistakes // white house to open visitor logs // highlights of obama's health care plan // full text of obama's health care speech // obama invokes kennedy during address to congress // S. Carolina Rep. Wilson Shouts “You Lie” At Obama During Congressional Speech // Wilson is right – govt will provide obamacare to illegals // obama won't give federal insurance benefits to illegals, he'll make them legal first // anti-hillary movie tests legal limits // video: scotus on verge of overturning campaign finance laws // well-connected cast of characters pay 9/9/9 tribute to cronkite // but on a different note: ron paul makes rock star appearance at loyola

police state int'l: mock hijacks play out over canada & US // canada to set off bombs in washington // canada to stage mock afghan attack in washington // disaster exercise to take place sep30 in michigan // air force to fly 'red flag alaska 09' on oct1-16 // 14 countries participate in mass casualty drill 'medceur 2009' // 69th bomb squadron reactivates at minot afb // video: US homeland security begins hoarding personal data // ground broken on $3.4b homeland security complex

warwhores: US expands arms sales, ranking as top weapons supplier // gates open to troop increase in afghanisurge // darpa seeks to tap water's power potential - to fuel the war machine // lynndie england sues biographer over book deal (Sep. 10, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Post Malone - "Take What You Want" (w/Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: September 10, 2019