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#MorningMonarchy: September 17, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: September 17, 2019Structural integrity, alien documentaries and the latest in corporate fast food mascot dating apps + this day in history w/the release of 'Use Your Illusion' and our song of the day by Stereolab on your Morning Monarchy for September 17, 2019.


Corporate news reader Cokie Roberts dies at 75 after self-serving career

Alaska CBS affiliate breaks the mainstream media's deafening silence on the groundbreaking University of Alaska Fairbanks WTC 7 study, which was released Sept. 3, 2019 at

KTVA Alaska (CBS) Covers U of Alaska Hulsey 9/11 WTC 7 Study 9/6/2019 (Audio)

The state Senate voted 31-4 on Thursday to require social media companies to first get the consent of a parent or guardian before creating an account or a child the company knows is under 13

Impeccable timing: Twitter purges dozens of Cuban reporters just before president’s energy speech

Starting Friday at midnight, travelers can no longer call an Uber ride to or from Ontario airport

Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney

The three cameras on the iPhone 11 explained :: One for FBI, one for DHS and one for CIA

Victory! California Senate Votes Against Face Surveillance on Police Body Cams

Facial recognition program mistakes 26 California lawmakers for criminals

HARPA: Trump considers monitoring smart phones. Here is your beacon of freedom Trumpsters.

Normalization process: 5G technology could come with health risks, critics say


Ridley Scott's Alien the subject of documentary Memory: Origins of Alien

Memory: The Origins of Alien Official Trailer (2019) ALIEN DOCUMENTARY! (Audio)

Newly discovered comet is likely interstellar visitor

Mission over for Russian space robot Fedor; Developers admit it could not replace astronauts on space walks


McDonald's (a branch of Giant Oak) acquires A.I. company trying to automate drive-thru

If you turn the Chicago bulls logo upside down it’s a robot having sex with a crab

Facebook Knows When You're Boffing Thanks To App Used By Millions Of Women

Try to court Colonel Sanders in KFC's dating sim

KFC Dating Simulator Revealed (I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September17 w/‘Use Your Illusion I’ and ‘Use Your Illusion II’ were released simultaneously by Guns N' Roses in 1991. (Audio)

+ #Boston est., #HarrietTubman escapes, RCA demos LPs, USSR invades Poland, Sinatra ends Columbia run, #LordOfTheFlies, #Debayle assassinated, NYSE reopens after 9/11, #Occupy psyop starts

Flashback: Media/Memes: Rudeboys, Obits & On-Air Profanity // rude nation? america ponders loss of public civility // What's with all the public outbursts? // megadeth releases 'endgame' against the nwo // george soros & the parallel anti-war media/movement // Mark Foley, of page scandal, returns as radio host // jay-z breaks elvis album record // mary travers dies at 72 // Peter, Paul & Mary's Mary Travers dead // patrick swayze: the image of dignity, decency & defiance // Swayze dead at 57 after chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer // freemasons await dan brown novel 'lost symbol' // video: 'keep f**king that chicken': newsanchor curses on air (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Geopolitiks: Shoe Throwing, Missile Shields & Sanctions // iraqi who threw shoes at bush is released from prison // freed iraqi shoe-thrower: i was tortured // flashback: shoes thrown at bush in protest of final visit to iraq // obama scraps bush's european missile defense plan // obama to scrap european missile shield plan // US expected to cancel missile shield in europe // russia hails US missile overhaul // dear poland, happy soviet invasion day. love, uncle sam // shelving missile shield another step in US/russia 'reset' // russian president hints at u-turn over iran sanctions // nuke agency says iran can make bomb // ex-intel officer discloses US plans for pakistan // blackwater involved in bhutto & hariri hits: fmr pak army chief // panel: admit illegal immigrants to college // US invades somalia // 1.2bn population of india to be given biometric id cards (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Drugs didn’t cure depression, exercise did! (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Econocrash: Yes We Cannabis! + Blockbusted & Breadlines // americans grow cannabis to beat the recession // dollar pessimism highest in 18 months // Blockbuster to close up to 960 stores // on historic day, obama warns of financial 'collapse' // Why Obama isn't breaking up the insolvent banks // We can't break up the giant banks, can we? Yes we can! // Corus bank seized, deposits bought by MB financial // HR1207, audit the fed bill, now is now veto-proof // video: Peter Schiff says ‘Americans must prepare for deepening unemployment, inflation & possible breadlines' (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Some Thoughts on Losing the Internet // What online activists should do to prepare for worst-case scenario (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Key Witness in Federal Passport Fraud Case Fatally Shot (Sep. 17, 2009)

Flashback: 2 More Suspicious Deaths Surrounding Banksters // Rockefeller Chief James McDonald Dies in Apparent Suicide // Former Beneficial CEO Finn Caspersen Dies in Apparent Suicide // Update: Casperson may have hidden millions abroad (Sep. 17, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Stereolab - "Ping Pong" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: September 17, 2019