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#MorningMonarchy: October 29, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: October 29, 2019The net, cosmology crisis and drone deliveries + this day in history w/the death of Duane Allman and our song of the day by Magic Sword on your Morning Monarchy for October 29, 2019.



The Net (1995) Trailer (Audio)

Roku is Buying an Ad Tech Company For $150 Million

Microsoft bags $10bn Pentagon contract for JEDI ‘war cloud’ project, edging out presumed frontrunner Amazon

The Forklift Ballet: How DARPA Trucked Its Massive Radio-Frequency Testbed Across the United States

Secret Air Force Space Plane Lands After More Than 2 Years In Orbit

Mystery object that hit Kentucky home remains unidentified

A crisis in cosmology: New data suggests the universe expanding more rapidly than believed

The Universe Is Expanding (Audio)

Quantum leap in computing as Google claims 'supremacy'

Corporations Use "Money USA 20/20" Event To Expand Facial Recognition Worldwide

Skin-On Interfaces Welcomes Human-Like Gestures to Control Your Smartphone

Doctors warn of eye stroke after man 'blinded' by phone games

Heavy social media use linked to poor sleep

UPS Drones Will Now Deliver CVS Prescriptions To Your Home

CVS, UPS Teaming Up For Drone Delivery // CVS to deliver prescriptions // CVS Launches Drone Delivery Service (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October29 w/Guitarist Duane Allman is killed in a motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia in 1971. (Audio)

+ #NYSE crash, #Safsaf massacre, #SuezCanal crisis, grenade in #Knesset, #StarOfIndia stolen, Duran shoots at WH, #Gothenburg disco fire, #HurricaneSandy, #MostFavoredNation ends #OneChildPolicy

Flashback: econocrash: crashes, crime, capitalism, whores & more // black tuesday & a return to big government // roubini: a big crash is coming, but i don't believe in gold // former chairman of citigroup: restore glass-steagall // ex-sullivan & cromwell associate, under investigation for insider trading, commits suicide // madoff associate jeffry picower found dead in pool, police say // bernanke's trillion-dollar decision // capitalism, socialism or fascism? // exposing lies about the fed, the cia & the murder of jfk // anchorage bank robber got what he wanted: food & shelter // video: fdic head sheila bair tells protesters: 'no more bailouts!' // capmark files for bankruptcy with $21b in debt // US newspaper woes continue: circulation plummets 10% // grayson causes another ruckus: calls fed adviser a 'k street whore' // video: mayor daley considering sale of chicago's water system // update: wal-mart starts selling coffins (Oct. 29, 2009)

Flashback: mind your tweets: cia & eu building social network surveillance system (Oct. 29, 2009)

Flashback: new world next week – oct29 (Oct. 29, 2009)

Flashback: 9/11 updates: heroes, drills, the database & rowley redux // new york '9/11 hero police chief' bernard kerik jailed // kevin ryan: top 10 connections between nist & nanothermite // did drills prevent andrews afb from responding to 9/11? // flashback: al-qaeda - the database: how the pentagon/cia made an 'enemy' // ‘the single database that contains terrorist-related intelligence & law enforcement information in a single repository' // toxic wtc tactic // review finds 9/11/09 potomac exercise was a bad idea // video: 9/11 redux part1 - former fbi agent colleen rowley discusses still unanswered questions about the lead up to 9/11 // update: passport with 9/11 suspect's name found in pakistan (Oct. 29, 2009)

+ #FannyBrice, #Goebbels, #ZootSims, #BobRoss, #RichardDreyfuss, #KateJackson, #KevinDuBrow of @QuietRiot, #DanCastellaneta, #WinonaRyder, @OIAB of @VampireWeekend, @ToveLo birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Magic Sword (@MagicSwordMusic) - "Reborn" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 29, 2019