#MorningMonarchy: November 19, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: November 19, 2019Juice jacking, COPPA kids and Project Nightingale + this day in history w/the Sixth War Loan Drive and our song of the day by DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels on your Morning Monarchy for November 19, 2019.


Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Two Jail Workers Expected to Be Charged

Facial-recognition protesters put smartphones on their heads to scan the faces of 13,000 Washington, DC, inhabitants

How Chilean Protesters Took Down a Drone With Standard Laser Pointers

Chilean protestors take down police drone using lasers (Audio)

Stop Using Public USB Ports to Charge Your Phone: Chargers Can Be Hacked To Install Malware

Facebook App Is Secretly Accessing iPhone Users’ Camera

All West Virginians deserve access to reliable broadband, and I hope @facebook’s groundbreaking today on 275 miles of fiber optic cable through #WV will help improve broadband & lead to more #jobs and investments from companies into our great state.

Nike Inc. is breaking up with http://Amazon.com Inc. The athletic brand will stop selling its sneakers and apparel directly on Amazon’s website, ending a pilot program that began in 2017

How hackers could use Wi-Fi to track you inside your home

Mayor Wants Ban On Public Surveillance Lifted, Claims It Limits Ability To Fight Crime

Microsoft revealed to be funding Israeli surveillance on Palestinians

How the Hand of Israeli Spy Tech Reaches Deep into our Lives. // “It is no surprise that Israel is gradually normalizing in Western countries invasive and oppressive technologies long familiar to Palestinians.”

How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results

Pixel Dan: The Future of this Channel | COPPA & YouTube (Audio)

WT:Social, the new social networking site from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, allows users to share links to articles and discuss them in a Facebook-style news feed

Worker injuries, 911 calls, housing crisis: Recruiting Tesla exacts a price

This Trippy T-Shirt Makes You Invisible to AI

This snake-like robot is probably the scariest looking robot we’ve seen.

A Terminally Ill British Scientist Aims to Be The Most ‘Cybernetic’ Human Ever Created

Streaming Services Want Thumbprint Verification for Access 👍

Why are we doing this to ourselves: Sony wants your ear data

Apple Co-Founder Gives Up On Self Driving Cars

Why Your iOS Vaping App Suddenly Disappeared

Chopt joins @ChickfilA, @Starbucks and others in ditching dining rooms: Food delivery #apps are reshaping the restaurant world

Outback Steakhouse’s Orwellian surveillance program will analyze how your server treats you

Can ‘smart toilets’ be the next health data wellspring

Feds Launch Investigation Into Google’s Secretive “Project Nightingale”

Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ has been collecting medical data, report says (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November19 w/33 Degree FDR announces the Sixth War Loan Drive in 1944, aimed at selling US$14 billion in war bonds to help pay for the war effort. (Audio)

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Flashback: NSA is giving Microsoft some help on Windows7 security (Nov. 19, 2009)

Flashback: warwhores: failure, funding & finding // global warfare USA: the world is the pentagon’s oyster // army sends infant to protective services, mom to afghanistan // US army arrests mother who failed to turn up for afghanistan deployment // army suicides set another yearly record // nato chief: quick exit from afghanistan will unleash ‘global jihad’ // how the US funds the taliban // US unveils extended bagram prison

high costs weigh on troop debate for afghan war // darpa ‘liquid laser’ gunship program pushes ahead // israelis want a pain ray of their own // video: abc finds location of secret cia ‘torture’ prison // top US officer: we have until may to reconsider iraq drawdown plan // video: fred thompson says afghanistan war ‘already lost’ // in nod to global warming, navy preps for ‘ice-free’ arctic // video: afghanisurge may leave no brigades in reserve (Nov. 19, 2009)

Flashback: biowars/swine flu: outbreak of the super-flu plague // a tale of two stories: european biowar outbreak & the censoring of it by mainstream media // million hit by ‘plague worse than swine flu’ // h1n1 ‘super flu’ plague in ukraine & … // swine flu: 1 killer virus, 3 key questions // aerosol spraying, weaponized viruses & baxter // more low-fly spraying reports & pneumonic plague symptoms in poland // unconfirmed: obama has shares in baxter // video update: plague or plan?
ukraine’s mystery disease ‘burns out lungs’

photo/graph: swine flu mortality rate // photo/graph: swine flu mortality rate // french woman gets crippling illness after h1n1 vaccine // swine flu causes surge of garlic sales in serbia // leading croatian priest: don’t get the h1n1 vaccine // ontario’s deadly swine surge, 24 dead in 72hrs // swine flu kills 38 more in canada, national toll now 200 // low vitamin d levels linked to rise of h1n1 // swine flu deception & disinformation exposed

related biowars updates: plastic chemicals ‘feminise boys’ // crude: amazonians sue chevron over toxic waste // dna testing firm bankrupt; who gets the data? // fda allows criminally-convicted doctors to keep working on pharma/clinical trials // ‘hothouse effect’ author says biolabs multiplying like rabbits: a clear & present danger // where to (not) live // interpol bioterror drill: coincidence or business as usual?

“down at the arsenal they keep the nerve gasses, guarded day & night by caged white rabbits…”

envirohealth updates: in house, many spoke with one voice: lobbyists’ // microchiping included in healthcare bill? // global warming is not our fault, say most voters in times poll // rush limbaugh mentions prisonplanet.com article on al gore: with hurricanes at 30yr low, gore turns to photoshop // copenhagen climate change talks stall as co2 emissions rise // and one good note: hpv shot requirement dropped for immigrants (Nov. 19, 2009)

Flashback: media/memes: content is king & corporate schemes // 80% say they would not pay for online content // or: people won’t pay much for online content // indymedia & eff successfully fight bogus fbi subpoena // ashleigh banfield joining abc news // dobbs was forced out say sources, cnn insiders // 2012 achieves world domination // nbc’s obamavision: ‘law & order’ – ‘this is why we need health-care reform’ // fear, children, & video: ingredients for obama’s weapon of mass persuasion // oprah to declare 2011 end to landmark talk show (Nov. 19, 2009)

Flashback: West Virginia’s Byrd becomes longest-serving Congressman in US history (Nov. 19, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: DJ Shadow (@DJShadow) – “Kings & Queens” (w/Run The Jewels) (Audio)