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#MorningMonarchy: January 23, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: January 23, 2020Louie, Jack and Ozzy + this day in history w/the death of Terry Kath and our song of the day by Menahan Street Band on your Morning Monarchy for January 23, 2020.


Missing farmer ‘eaten by his pigs’ who left nothing but his bones behind

Eight terriers kill record 700 rodents in seven hours - after desperate farmer called in handlers

Teen impaled through the neck by a NEEDLEFISH that leapt out of the water over his boat

Giant Ocean Heatwave Called 'The Blob' Has Caused The Biggest Seabird Die-Off on Record

We are so sorry Morrissey, and we send all our love, and may your precious, handsome Dude sleep peacefully ❤ ""the perfect cat … to be loved forever." - Morrissey."

Man killed by blade-wielding rooster during illegal cockfight

People Are Dipping Their Testicles in Soy Sauce, So Here's Some Science

St. Louis churches buy up $12.9 million in medical debt, then give it away

Man who died in downtown St. Paul was held down by Church of Scientology employees after attempted robbery, police say

'Widow's ghost' again blamed for deaths

Last year, after I briefed a group of state AGs about #Google's power to rig elections, one of them said, "I think you're going to die in an accident in a few months." A few months later, my beautiful wife #Misti died a violent death. Makes you wonder.

Google Whistleblower Suggests His Wife’s Fatal Car Crash May Not Have Been Accidental

Florida man accused of 1983 rape may be linked to ‘Pillowcase Rapist,’ reports say

Police in Long Island serial killer case reveal new evidence

Cop Arrested for Faking War on Cops Story of Sniper Shooting Him Setting Off Massive Manhunt

UPDATE: Phoenix PD clarifies teen hospitalized after being misidentified as suspect was because of federal agent, not officer

More Than 4 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019

Florida Man Murders Pro-Trump Boss, Places American Flag Next To Body: Affidavit

As trial nears in the TriMet killings of 2017, Jeremy Christian's likely self-defense argument could lead to some surprises, lawyers say

UPDATE: 5 people are critically hurt and one person is dead after a shooting near a McDonalds at 3rd Avenue and Pine. Suspect at large.

Cult 'anointed by God' kills 7 in Panama jungle

Update: Right before slapping that lady, Pope Frank was blah blah blah-ing that "Violence Against Women Is ‘Blasphemy Against God’"

Died: Jack Van Impe, Televangelist Who Saw Signs of End Times

Televangelist Jack Van Impe has passed away at 88 (Audio)

The Amish Keep to Themselves. And They’re Hiding a Horrifying Secret A year of reporting by Cosmo and Type Investigation...

Why Is Western Media Not Questioning the Mysterious Death of Australian Youth Activist Wilson Gavin?

Jessica Yaniv arrested, charged with assault

Televangelist Acton Bowen Sentenced To 1,008 Years For Sexually Abusing Children

UK’s worst #pedo strangled with guitar string, condoms shoved down throat

Inside ‘paedo paradise’ The Gambia where sex beasts are buying African children and toddlers to rape

'I was sexually abused by a shaman at an ayahuasca retreat'

Judge postpones sentencing for Nxivm accountant Kathy Russell indefinitely

Raniere loses battle to keep NXIVM 'tech'

Lawyers Claim Some Weinstein Accusers "Bragged About Having Sex With Him"

#JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself & Burst capillaries in his eyeballs suggest murder

UK Police Refuse to Turn Over Information That Could Prove #PrinceAndrew is Guilty

Meghan Said Leaving ‘Toxic’ Royal Life A ‘Matter Of Life Or Death"

Ousted Grammy CEO files discrimination complaint against Recording Academy. Deborah Dugan says she was retaliated against after reporting sexual harassment

Ozzy Osbourne, 71, reveals he has Parkinson's in emotional interview with his wife Sharon where he says he can't hide his nerve pain anymore and shares plans to seek treatment in Switzerland

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Has Parkinson's Disease (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #January23 w/Terry Kath, lead guitarist and founding member of Chicago, died in 1978 at age 32 after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a pistol he didn't know was loaded.

+ #MariasMassacre, #Lindbergh testifies, Nixon's #VietnamWar peace accord, #PattiSmith falls offstage, #TheATeam debuts, #HulkHogan beats #IronSheik, #Nirvana's demo, @Madeline #WorthIt Albright SoS

Flashback: Peace Revolution: Episode002 – The Million Dollar Education (Jan. 23, 2010)

+ #DanDuryea, #DjangoReinhardt, #ErnieKovacs, #GilGerard, #RutgerHauer, #AnitaPointer, #RichardDeadAnderson/#MacGuyver, #RobinZander, #NickHarmer of @DCfC, #XXXTentacion birthdays

#NewWorldNextWeek: Banksters Warn of Green Swan Collapse Unless They Get Carbon Tax

#PumpUpThaVolume: Menahan Street Band (@MenahanStBand) - "Dancers' Mood" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: January 23, 2020