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#MorningMonarchy: February 17, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: February 17, 2020The Hoaxters, welfare wrestling and surveillance planes + this day in history w/Vanguard 2 and our song of the day by Coriky on your Morning Monarchy for February 17, 2020.


The Hoaxters (1952) // Made in 1952 and produced by the legendary #DoreShary, '#TheHoaxters' is an American documentary film written by Herman Hoffman, about the threat posed by #communism to the American way of life. It was nominated for an Academy Award (#Oscars) for Best Documentary Feature. (Audio)

Adam Silver says NBA, USA Basketball still may play in China in 2020 despite politics, health concerns

Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In #Wuhan China Weeks Before #Coronavirus Outbreak

China halves tariffs on more than 1,700 US goods

China Quarantines Cash to Sanitize Old Bank Notes From Virus

Shocking Video Shows People On The Street Being Rounded Up As #Wuhan Begins 'Wartime' Measures

What’s with all the #FearPorn videos coming out of China? (Spraying, dead bodies, violence, children wrapped in plastic.) Isn’t this the kind of material China would normally censor?

Duterte terminates Philippines troop pact, U.S. calls move 'unfortunate'

Fred Guttenberg, father of Parkland shooting victim, escorted out of gallery during State of the Union

City takes down illegal stop sign in northwest Albuquerque

Mississippi gave $2M in welfare money to wrestler's group

Mississippi gave $2M in welfare money to wrestler’s group (Audio)

NH Primary: Sanders Wins, Steyer & Yang Drop Out, Biden & Warren Get No Delegates

War Criminal Hillary, Bloomberg’s Choice for Running Mate

Bloomberg defied a flight ban to show support for Israel, defended the country shelling a school and killing sleeping children

Journalist Abby Martin Sues State of Georgia Over Israel Loyalty Oath

Israel’s Netanyahu boasts of destroying US 1st Amendment & free speech

Brazilian judge dismisses hacking charges against journalist Glenn Greenwald

Baltimore To Use Police Surveillance Planes In Controversial Pilot Program (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #February17 w/Vanguard 2, the first weather satellite, is launched to measure cloud-cover distribution as part of Project Vanguard in 1959. (Audio)

+ #MissouriCompromise, #Cochinchina Campaign, #RedCross est., #MadameButterfly debut, @Newsweek published, CIA's @VOANews starts propagandinzing to muh Russia, #Ranger8 launch, Libya #BloodyThursday

Flashback: Cult Rapture - Waiting for the End of the World // Virginia Legislature Bans Microchip Implants As 'Mark of the Beast' // Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world // Caring for pets left behind by the Rapture (Feb. 17, 2010)

Flashback: Think Tank Urges UK to Cut Working Week to 21 Hours // Econocrash updates:
White House projects long-term mass unemployment // Obama budget would redistribute $112B from top 1% of taxpayers // Desolate malls, empty offices may come soon // Greek financial ministry unveils tax reform, wage policy // Dubai world debt strategy sends stock tumbling (Feb. 17, 2010)

+ #RedBarber, #HalHolbrook, #JimBrown, #GenePitney, #HueyNewton, #FredFrith, #MichaelJordan, #MichaelBay, #BillieJoeArmstrong, #TaylorHawkins, #JosephGordonLevitt, #ParisHilton, #EdSheeran birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Coriky (#Coriky) - "Clean Kill" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: February 17, 2020