#MorningMonarchy: February 19, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: February 19, 2020Climate hypocrites, mandatory poisons and judging Mary Jane + this day in history w/the death of Bon Scott and our song of the day by Built To Spill on your Morning Monarchy for February 19, 2020.


Evil supervillain & ⁦@amazon⁩ CEO Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight #climatechange

A Small Change in Airplane Altitude Could Reduce Climate Impact of Contrails by 59%

The Girl with the Billion Dollar PR Campaign Show: BBC Studios’ Science Unit announces series with Greta Thunberg.

🏆 for everyone! @GretaThunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

All Hail Greta, the Great Carbon Hypocrite

61 million babies have been killed in abortions…And Hollywood is unhinged about drinking milk from cows. (Audio)

Proposed Alabama bill would require men to get vasectomy at age 50 or after third child

3 Belgian Doctors Acquitted Over Euthanasia of Mentally Ill Man

“My body my choice” high school athlete fighting back against gov’t mandated vaccines // Catherine Condinho, a #vaccine-free student athlete and voice for naturally healthy children, addresses the Toronto Board of Health Hearing on September 23, 2019. (Audio)

San Diego lab claims to have discovered a coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours — but testing it will take months // Inovio.. Yup. Funded by… (wait for it) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!

Chinese scientists ‘are using 2,000-year-old traditional remedies on patients suffering with coronavirus’ say experts

Li Wenliang: Wuhan hospital announces death of whistleblower doctor

Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa?

Man tweets food reviews from ship quarantined for #coronavirus

CBP Officers at VA. Airport Intercept Dead Birds in Passenger Baggage from China

Someone with a temperature of above 37.3 degrees Celsius could be ill. But taking temperatures, especially in crowded locations, can be a lengthy task. Check out this 5G robot that can now be found at many train stations and airports across China amid the coronavirus outbreak

CDC begins testing Americans for the Coronavirus—but how?

Coronavirus Shutdown Leads to Mass Chicken Slaughter in China – Food Shortage and Soaring Meat Prices Ahead

Hong Kong armed gang steals toilet rolls as coronavirus panic-buying spreads

Airline removes gas mask-wearing passenger after he panics travelers

Apple⁩ moving production from China to Taiwan

Cherokee Nation Will Become First US Tribe to Protect Their Seeds in ‘Doomsday’ Vault

Industry-funded study of the week: nuts and erectile dysfunction

What’s up? Plant-based meat and dairy substitutes

The Intellectual and Moral Decline in Academic Research

Newly Discovered Older Cousin of T. Rex Is So Badass It’s Been Named After Death Itself

Earth Fare to shutter all stores

Anti-Trump-themed ‘Immigrant Food’ restaurant owned by lobbyists for right-wing Latin American coup leaders who fueled migration crisis

Missouri farm awarded $265M in suit against BASF and Bayer

California may rule ⁦@tylenol⁩ can cause cancer

Tamiflu Fraud Bilked $1.5 Billion from Government (TAXPAYERS!), Alleges Whistleblower

‘Western doctors overprescribe drugs’ – Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila tells RT why he went to Russia for treatment

Roving band of herpes-ridden monkeys now roaming northeast Florida

Toxic ‘black goo’ base had enriched uranium, documents show

Critics say delays are almost certain if the Trump administration succeeds in cutting $700 million next year from the cleanup of a Washington state site where plutonium for the atomic bomb was produced during World War II.

Chernobyl shocker as fungi that eats radiation found inside nuclear reactor

Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

New green technology generates electricity ‘out of thin air’

As he waits for the State of the State to begin, Rep. Kent Calfee takes a swig of from his Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle, as he often does during #tnleg session.

Richard (Bud) Veech, the Unknown Scientist Behind the #Ketogenic Diet Dies at 84

New study found that eating the Mediterranean diet for just 1 year alters the #microbiome of elderly people in ways that improved brain function & would aid in longevity. The diet can inhibit production of inflammatory chemicals that can lead to disease.

Santa Cruz votes to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms

Bill Walton Glorifies Pot Use During ESPN College Basketball Broadcasts

New Mexico bid for recreational marijuana is all but doomed

Man smokes marijuana in front of judge after advocating for legalization

Man With Marijuana Charge Lights Joint in Court (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #February19 w/Bon Scott, the lead singer of heavy metal band AC/DC, died in London at the age of 33 in 1980. (Audio)

+ #AaronBurr arrested, #Edison patents phonograph, fake left hero #FDR signs #EO9066 to lock up Japanese-Americans in camps, staged #IwoJima pic, @PublicEnemyFTP/@SineadOConnor boycott #Grammys

Flashback: Murder/Mayhem: Homegrown Errorism, Amy Bishop & More // Alleged Alabama Killer Was Suspect In Attempted Bombing of Harvard Professor In ’93 & Murdered Her Brother in ’86 // Man angry at IRS crashes plane into building // More Murder/Mayhem Memes: 3 tesla motors employees killed in plane crash // plane from denver diverted after threatening letter found // 2 nuclear physicists dead, 1 missing since december ’09 // guru indicted in 3 deaths at arizona sweat lodge // video: bbc host admits on-air to killing lover // alleged attempt by ft. jackson soldiers to poison food // student wounded in northern illinois university shooting; suspect in custody // saudi prince in court over london murder (Feb. 19, 2010)

Flashback: 2/18 Newspurge: Get Outta Yr Bed, You Gotta Wake Up // Biowars/Envirohealth Updates: The depressing truth about anti-depressants: No better than placebos // “implant will stop me from having more kids” // big pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for pfizer, merck // radioactive plume spreads over vermont; feds slammed for inaction // un climate chief yvo de boer to resign

Econocrash Updates: Onion article on financial system actually reveals the truth // fdic opens massive new office near chicago to handle coming tidal wave of midwest bank closings they are expecting // morgan stanley strategist: head for the hills! // video: get ready for tax hikes ‘that aren’t even imaginable’ // new underground economy: 17m americans shun banks // illinois senate holds private meeting at statehouse // bomb explodes at jpmorgan office in athens, greece // obama signs law raising public debt limit from $12.4t to $14.3t

Geopolitiks: video: Mossad hit squad stole UK ID’s to kill Hamas leader // dubai police chief: ‘99% sure mossad behind killing’ // more questions over biometric id cards & national security // israel accused of waging covert war across middle east // palestinians pose as ‘avatar’ characters at rally against israeli barrier // poll: europeans say jews exploit past to extort money // yanukovych claims victory in ukraine election // dalai lama: front man for feudal clique, darling of wealthy mystics & cold warriors // flip-flop diplomacy with the dalai lama

History/Mystery: French soldiers used as “Nuclear Guinea Pigs” // descartes was ‘poisoned by catholic priest’ // video: US has a history of attacking themselves to go to war: govts admit they carry out false flag terror // last member of an ancient tribe dies … and a language is Lost // new clip shows jfk arriving in dallas in 1963

Media/Memes: Newsweek says: Know your conspiracies // Newsweek: powerful people do bad things? ‘too silly to discuss’ // olympics, inc: inside the secretive, $6b world of the intl olympic committee // dead foreigners are good for ratings, but not dead americans // video: bill maher says americans ‘not bright enough to really understand the issues’

Police State Updates: TSA to swab airline passengers’ hands in search for explosives // tsa takes explosives screening to fliers // 10k tsa staff to get secret intel // video: student detained over arabic flashcards may sue tsa // are checkpoints police profit centers? // mutallab was read miranda rights 9hrs after arrest // parents: school used webcam to spy on our kid at home // girl’s arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance // report says officers lose 243 homeland security guns // NJ cop bribed sex abuse victims with drugs

Warwhores: World’s largest silencer looks like big, loud dick // Marine corps busted over benzene contamination at lejeune, NC // US launches massive attack on taliban despite olympic truce // US launches fallujah-style attack in afghanistan // despite tight controls, US rocket truck kills 10 civilians // deadly afghanistan rocket attack actually hit its target // under obama, more targeted killings than captures in counterterrorism efforts // war widows fight to collect deceased spouse’s benefits // as defense budget soars, security firms reap huge profits, go offshore to avoid taxes // 4 injured in military helicopter crash in west virginia // raygun 747 missile-zapping test video released // video: operation aphrodite – unmanned aircraft packed w/ explosives remote controlled into targets (Feb. 19, 2010)

Flashback: 2/18 Binge & Purge: Onion Cereal, Cancer Gum & Eating Animals // Audio Satire: New cereal for the poor stays crunchy in water // Gum ingredient may cause cancer // Video: Colbert discusses illness, factory farms (Feb. 19, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Built To Spill (@Built_2_Spill) – “Bloody Rainbow” (Daniel Johnston Cover) (Audio)