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#MorningMonarchy: March 31, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: March 31, 2020Phishing for fear, uncensored libraries and the rona drones + this day in history w/the assassination of Selena and our song of the day by Run The Jewels on your Morning Monarchy for March 31, 2020.


Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan and Bill Gates to fund $25M coronavirus research group

Large-Scale "Internet Rationing" Possible, Experts Warn

Most US Cities Faring Well Under Increased Internet Strain, but Pandemic's Effects are Showing

Phishing Attack Says You're Exposed to Coronavirus, Spreads Malware

Coronavirus phishing scams (Audio)

Misinformation about #coronavirus has replaced US #Election2020 as main challenge to social media companies, with deadly implications

How Governments Are Deploying Big Data To Enforce COVID-19 Quarantines

The ID2020 Alliance is setting the course of digital ID...

Real ID deadline delayed one year amid coronavirus pandemic

Workers in nine @Amazon warehouses test positive for @coronavirus

Want to remove Ministry of Truth's #ClarifyBox? Install *uBlock Origin* and follow these instructions.

Activists created a 12.5 million block digital library in 'Minecraft' to bypass censorship laws

Building The Uncensored Library (Audio)

FBI: Hackers Sending Malicious USB Drives & Teddy Bears via USPS

Toronto is gathering cellphone location data from telecoms to find out where people are still congregating amid coronavirus shutdown

How well are we #socialdistancing? #Smartphone location data can rank the states

Tracking GPS data of the phones that were in Florida during spring break “to show the importance of social distancing” (Audio)

Cell Phone Tracking Analysis Shows Where Florida Springbreakers and New Yorkers Fleeing Coronavirus Went to Next

NYPD Releases Orwellian Video of Drones Spying on Citizens to Enforce Social Distancing

Coronavirus Detection Drones (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March31 w/Selena is murdered by her fan club's president Yolanda Saldívar at a Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1995 after accusations of Saldívar embezzling money from Selena's fan club. (Audio)

+ #EiffelTower open, #NCAA est., #Skandalkonzert riot, #DST in effect, #HaysCode, 'Oklahoma!' debuts, "#JohnnyBGoode" released, 1st #WrestleMania, GNR's "#Patience", #Teletubbies, #TheMatrix

Flashback: Erykah Badu Gets Naked, Hits Raw Nerve At JFK Killing Scene (Mar. 31, 2010)

+ #Descartes, #Haydn, #CesarChavez, #LeftyFrizzell, #HerbAlpert, #BarneyFrank, #ChristopherWalken, #AlGore, #AngusYoung, #EwanMcGregor, #StefanOlsdal of @PlaceboWorld, @KateMicucci birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Run The Jewels (@RunJewels) - "Yankee And The Brave (Ep.4)" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 31, 2020