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#MorningMonarchy: April 10, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: April 10, 2020Easter is cancelled, Mr. Tiger and technocracy without toilet paper + this day in history w/ping-pong diplomacy and our song of the day by Gorillaz w/Peter Hook on your Morning Monarchy for April 10, 2020.


Easter Sunday streaming guide: Kanye West with Joel Osteen, Andrea Bocelli, and more

Joel Osteen's star-studded Easter service (Audio)

'One World: Together at Home'. April 18th. I will make damn dure I am out ALL DAMN DAY.

That's when they're gonna hit everybody with the Halloween 3 ray

Why are all these celebrities uploading blank cover photos? Post all those you see in this thread.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Released From Prison

Woman Sues Fetty Wap for Assault

Dana White -- Secured U.S. location, private island for UFC fights

Bob Allen “Dylan” Zimmerman gets his first number 1 Billboard Hit with ‘Murder Most Foul’ as heard on #PumpUpThaVolume

Burger Records In Fullerton Is Closed For The First Time In Over 10 Years

Cops break up Pink Floyd cover band’s coronavirus concert on home’s front lawn

They made Woody Harrelson delete and apologize for 5G comments

SPACE FORCE: First Look at Netflix’s Office Replacement

Honor Blackman, Star of 'The Avengers' and 'Goldfinger,' Dies at 94

Mort Drucker, a longtime contributor to Mad magazine known for his caricatures of actors, politicians and other celebrities, has died

Hall of Fame outfielder and Detroit Tigers legend Al Kaline dies at 85

Detroit Tigers Legend Al Kaline dies at 85 (Audio)

John Prine, One of America's Greatest Songwriters, Dead at 73

'The Flash' actor Logan Williams dies at the age of 16

John Ford's "Rio Grande." Ford commanded the OSS Field Photo Branch. The film featured four OSS veterans: Col. Peter Ortiz, Alberto Morin, Harry Carey Jr., and and Jack Pennick. John Wayne received an OSS certificate of service signed by Donovan.

4/28/50. Detail from a Collier's Magazine ad in the New York Times. "Which censor is picking your movie tonight?"

My neighbour had the most beautiful idea to project classic movies for our terrace, listening to the movie on an FM signal sitting in our own separate front gardens made us all feel a little less alone 🙂

#DeepFocus: Technocracy Without Toilet Paper - Don't Mess Around with the Demolition Man (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: #CyberSpaceWar Heats Up With Live Fire Exercises

#ThisDayInHistory: #April10 w/In an attempt to thaw relations with the United States, the People's Republic of #China hosts the U.S. table tennis team for a week-long visit in 1971 for what they call #PingPongDiplomacy. (Audio)

+ #ASPCA est., #GiftOfTheMagi, #GreatGatsby, #HouseOfWax, #SplishSplash, #Beatles breakup, Shaft wins Oscar, #NumberOfTheBeast #1, #TheSmiths last show, #NoScrubs at #1, #TomPetty on #SNL

+ #ChuckConnors, #MaxVonSydow, #JohnMadden, #BunnyWailer, #StevenSeagal, #Babyface, #BrianSetzer, @QtipTheAbstract, #AidenMoffat, #ChrisCarrabba, #RachelCorrie, #MandyMoore, #DaisyRidley birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: I just wanted to be one of #TheStrokes (@TheStrokes' aptly-titled #TheNewAbnormal) + @LauraMarlingHQ, @PokeyLaFarge, @Squarepusher, @JohnAnderson, @HLeithauser, @ChickenfootJoe/#JoeSatriani, @NightwishBand, @SunwatchersBand, #SunRa & more 🕺💿📻

#PumpUpThaVolume: Gorillaz (@Gorillaz) - "Aries" (w/Peter Hook & Georgia) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: April 10, 2020