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#MorningMonarchy: May 6, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: May 6, 2020Pointless shutdowns, one world kitchen and murder hornets + this day in history w/Four minute mile and our song of the day by Garrett T. Capps on your Morning Monarchy for May 6, 2020.


World risks famines of ‘biblical proportions’ from pandemic, says UN

A mutated coronavirus... Almost as if it was lab altered: Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus could be more contagious than original

Italy to offer permits to illegal migrants for farm work in Covid crisis

#Coronavirus: (purposely?) Leaked US documents predict 3,000 #COVID-19 deaths a day by June

The mighty Ben Garrison

Hundreds protest coronavirus lockdown at Massachusetts State House after reopening delayed for two weeks

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has National Guard protecting coronavirus tests from feds

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental health crisis and assured success for the #BrainInitiative


Rural California county hums back to life, defying order

52 Years Ago, a Pandemic Flu Killed 100,000 in the US and Nothing Shut Down—Not Even Woodstock

COVID-19 turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by media

The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р; Голодомо́р в Украї́ні; derived from морити голодом, "to kill by starvation") was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians.

Coronavirus: The lure of mafia money during the crisis

Larken Rose - Shutdowns: Pointless, Stupid and Evil (Audio)

American Farmer Told to Pour Out Milk. He Sells Direct to Consumers Instead. Huge Success!

Anheuser-Busch wins latest round of beer wars against Molson

Police swing batons to beat back thirsty Indians jostling to buy alcohol for the first time in 40 days as the government eases further the world's biggest #coronavirus lockdown

Washington DC sends bailout check to Alaska @girlscouts who have 144k unsold boxes of cookies

Former Blue Bell CEO charged with conspiracy for 2015 listeria outbreak

Wendy's takes burgers OFF their menu due to meat shortages

McDonald's Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain "Concerns" Are We Given Our Heroes? José Andrés and World Central Kitchen (Audio)

California food for seniors plan could run out of money soon

The greatest article FT has ever published: Enjoy the season’s broad beans and new potatoes with this easy to make vegetable stew – best served on a crunchy slice of sourdough

The early weeks of Japan’s coronavirus outbreak triggered twin bouts of panic buying: one of toilet paper, and another on toilets themselves

Swine flu vaccine: Like #coronavirus, the government sought ‘warp speed’ inoculation

A coronavirus antibody test that is more than 99% accurate is now cleared for emergency use in the US, easing concerns of false positives that hindered earlier tests // What a surprise this company got cleared for telling us we're safe. You might recognize some of their other products.

Scores of #coronavirus #vaccines are in competition — how will scientists choose the best? (Spoiler: The one with the best PR campaign)

RFK Jr says Dr. Fauci will profit from COVID-19 vaccine

You gotta laugh, they didn’t freak out enough people! They know we know they’re full of shit! So they roll out Plan B!—A new strain has come: Meet Spike D614G, the new & improved coronavirus!

CDC door-to-door #antibodytesting leaves many weary

President queries Tanzania #coronavirus kits after goat test

Swedish city to dump tonne of chicken manure in park to deter visitors

Rats invade street and attack residents leaving people terrified to go outside

VIDEO: With humans mostly under lockdowns, stray cats in Cyprus are taking advantage of near deserted streets to stretch out and soak up a little sun

Video: Can’t remember the last time I saw a monkey ride-up on a motorcycle and try to steal a toddler. It’s been ages...

I'm not afraid of the Giant Murder Hornets. They don't know what the FUCK they're getting into! This is USA 2020 BABIES! Our air is DISEASED! You gotta wear MASKS to the mailbox! Your HIVE'S NOT READY FOR THIS SHIT HEYARRHh!

'Murder Hornet' Hysteria Is NYTimes Fake News Drama

Asian 'murder' hornets make first U.S. appearance (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #May6 w/Roger Bannister becomes the first person to run the four minute mile in 1954.

+ #Arkansas secedes, Chinese Exclusion Act, #EiffelTower opens, #BabeRuth's 2st homer, FDR's WPA, #Hindenburg, 1st USO show, #MoorsMurders sentence, #Hitler Diaries hoax, #JamesBrown statue, Flash Crash

Flashback: Gulf Oil Updates: The Poison Is Still Spilling // Spill hits Freemason Island as BP preps to lower giant funnel // Another meme from the strangely predictive Simpsons movie // Video: SWAT team response to oil spill as govt takeover plot // 10 animals most threatened by spill // Interior Dept gave Deepwater Horizon operators Safety Award in '09 // Gulf Oil Spill: the Halliburton connection // Surprise! Obama was top recipient of BP's donations // Chemicals used to contain oil spill could harm marine life // Why did leaking oil rig lack safety switch used in other countries? // US exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study // US not accepting foreign help on oil spill // Will the Gulf of Mexico oil spill be an economic disaster that the Gulf Coast will never recover from? // Video: About the big spill // Leaking oil well lacked safeguard device // Rumors of blackout over North Korean torpedoing of Gulf oil rig // Why do so many bad things keep happening to US? // Oil spill: here's the inside scoop // Was the Gulf Oil Spill an act of war? You betcha // Halliburton may be culprit in oil rig explosion // Was Rush right about a BP/Horizon terror attack? (May 6, 2010)

Flashback: Hacked US Treasury Websites Serve Visitors Malware (May 6, 2010)

Flashback: Net Police - UK Signs Warn Against Accessing “Extremist” Material (May 6, 2010)

Flashback: “People’s Gardens” Springing Up Nationwide (May 6, 2010)

+ #Freud, #OrsonWelles, #WillieMays, #AndreasBaader, #BillCooper, #JimmieDaleGilmore, #BobSegar, #TonyBliar, #AgentClooney, #LaetitiaSadier, #ChrisShifflet, #MeekMill, #JoseAltuve birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Garrett T. Capps (@Garrett_T_Capps) - "Goodbye San Antonio, Hello Amsterdam" (Doug Sahm Cover) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: May 6, 2020