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#MorningMonarchy: May 15, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: May 15, 2020Cypher codes, forced farce and mumbo jumbo + this day in history w/the Standard Oil breakup and our song of the day by Fountains of Wayne on your Morning Monarchy for May 15, 2020.


"Today I joined the hundreds of thousands of families who have lost loved ones to opioid addiction. My son Beckett, who was just 21, struggled to overcome his addiction and finally succumbed to it today," Melissa Etheridge shared in a statement Wednesday.

Sad, but given David Crosby's history, you can't be shocked by this.

#Cypher: "one that has no weight, worth, or influence" // "a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning" // "a message in code" // "a combination of symbolic letters"

Beckett Cypher, Melissa Etheridge’s Son, Dies at 21 (Audio)

Andre Harrell, Founder of Uptown Records, Dead at 59

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy dies from coronavirus at 75

Little Richard, Rock Pioneer Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87

Jerry Stiller Dead: 'Seinfeld,' 'King of Queens' Actor Was 92

John Macurdy, bass who sang 1,001 times at Met, dies at 91

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Santa Fe Opera today canceled its entire 2020 season: "I am at a loss to describe the disappointment that I myself and all my colleagues feel today," General Director Robert K. Meya wrote in an open letter Monday.

UFC's return could provide blueprint for other pro leagues

Florida governor willing to host teams for restart of sports

It’s a game of adjustments. The Game Changer All-In-One Mask & Garment Collection launches tomorrow.

Bryan Adams has attacked what he called “bat eating bastards” for his concert tour’s cancellation

Black Keys Cancel 'Let's Rock' Summer Tour Due to COVID-19

Bob Dylan Announces New Album 'Rough And Rowdy Ways' And Premieres "False Prophet"

Legendary punk label Dischord Records has entire 40 year catalog online for free

So this is where all that traffic has been coming from today

Pizza party for the 30th anniversary of the #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles movie

Space Force | Official Teaser (Audio)

Fear Channels: The latest Tina Toon via Ben Garrison

Don’t miss the biggest PR stunt of our generation!

CNN promoting teenage activist Greta Thunberg as an expert panelist for its next “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” town hall.

NYTimes⁩ Has 'Journalistic Integrity' Problem: Ex-Editor Tom Kuntz

#BookSmarts: 'Mumbo Jumbo' and How a Sprawling Conspiracy 'Jes Grew' (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #May15 w/In Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States, SCOTUS declares @RockefellerFdn
/#StandardOil to be an "unreasonable" monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act and orders the company to be broken up. (Audio)

+ #AnneBoleyn trial, #Faith7 launch, #ArthurBremer shoots #GeorgeWallace, "#RaspberryBeret," Scott Weiland arrested, #Laos #SecretWar admitted, #JessicaWatson sails unassisted around globe

Flashback: Newman’s Own Exploiting Organic Labeling Loophole (May 15, 2010)

Flashback: Obama Administration: Goldman Sachs From Top To Bottom // Obama's Change: Owned & Operated By Great Vampire Squid // Obamessiah Updates: Woody Allen says Obama should become a dictator // Indiana Rep. Mark Souder resigns after affair with staffer // O’Reilly calls Kagan brother as 'left wing radical' // SCOTUS bans life in prison for juvenile non-murderers // Obama tells Mexican president 'we are not defined by our borders' // Rich & powerful: Obama & the global super-elite // Obama may personally greet each graduate: Kalamazoo central seniors to fill out paperwork for secret service // Obama turns his back on the press // Video: Obama snubs questions at 'Press Freedom Act' signing // National 'Intelligence' Director Dennis Blair resigns // Obama's National Intelligence Director, Dennis Blair, to resign // Obama hails vote on tightening regulation of Wall Street banks // Obama starts deploying interrogation teams // Harlem's Pastor Manning puts Obama on trial (May 15, 2010)

+ #FrankBaum, #PrescottBush, #JosephCotten, #JamesMason, #JasperJohns, #UtahPhillips, #TriniLopez, #BrianEno, #KathleenSebelius, #MikeOldfield, #AndrewEldritch, #AhmetZappa, #RayLewis birthday

#NewMusicFriday: @JasonIsbell has 'Reunions, @KaitlynAurelia makes a 'Mosaic' and @ChathamCoLine have a 'Strange Fascination' + @CMMalcolmBand, @JesssWilliamson, @AAofficial/#AskingAlexandria + More sndtrck gold from #NicolasCarras 💿🕺

#PumpUpThaVolume: Fountains Of Wayne (@FountainsOfWayn) - "Denise" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: May 15, 2020