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#MorningMonarchy: June 12, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: June 12, 2020Streaming memory holes, dead wrestlers and building documentaries + this day in history w/Tear down this wall and our song of the day by Elvis Costello on your Morning Monarchy for June 12, 2020.


#NewWorldNextWeek: The Fluoride Fraud Hangs in the Balance As Landmark Case Goes to Trial

Plans are reportedly afoot to replace 'COPS'' with 'MAPs', which documents the daily lives of "minor-attracted persons'. The first season will be filmed in the offices of several different movie studios and television networks in the LA area.

"Cops" has officially been canceled by Paramount Network four days after it was pulled from the schedule

From looney to stupid: Looney Tunes Has Taken Elmer Fudd's Gun Away for HBO Max Revival

Netflix pulls ‘The League of Gentlemen’ from its platform over blackface character

HBO Max removes 'Gone With the Wind,' will add context

‘Gone With The Wind’ Temporarily Removed From HBO Max (Audio)

The Grammy-winning, best-selling country trio known as Lady Antebellum is no more. Now it’s just Lady A.

The Recording Academy has announced changes for the names and definitions of 4 categories traditionally associated with artists of color. What does that mean for systemic changes at the Grammys?

Satire: CNN Adds Greta Thunberg to Expert Panel On "What It's Like to Be Black In America"

Cultural lynch mob has come for 4yr olds who love canine helpers-Paw Patrol

Indian actors called out for protesting racism while endorsing whitening creams

Congressional Democrats take a knee as they observe a nearly nine minute moment of silence for George Floyd at Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol.

One of the two pastors who organized the “End Racism Now” mural in Fishtown says he didn’t know beforehand that police would be involved and understands why some might construe it as “performative” and “PR-related."

List of Celebrities Who Are Supporting the Riots By Posting Bail for Protesters and Looters

Apparently, here is the reason for the video going missing: That widely-reported story that Floyd and Chauvin had “bumped heads” at a club? The guy who made the claim just walked it back saying he confused Floyd for another black man.\

Merriam Webster will update ‘racism’ definition after request

A taxpayer funded, STATE sponsored message from @NPR: In essence, "decolonizing your bookshelf" is about actively resisting and casting aside the colonialist ideas of narrative, storytelling, and literature that have pervaded the American psyche for so long

Stolen Banksy work commemorating victims of November 2015 Paris terror attacks recovered in Italy

I love how underground artist "Banksy" now supports every msm agenda of the moment: Banksy reveals suggestion to replace Edward Colston statue toppled by protesters in Bristol

Stan Wischnowski resigns as The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top editor

Kurt Thomas, first US man to win world gymnastics title, dies at 64

Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters Dead at 69

Rock Producer Rupert Hine, Who Worked Alongside Tina Turner, The Fixx and Rush, Dies at 72

Mr. Wrestling II passes away at 85 years old

Johnny 'Mr. Wrestling II' Walker dies at 85 (Audio)

Lennie Niehaus, longtime Clint Eastwood composer, dies aged 90

Portland Trail Blazers founder Harry Glickman dead at 96

Manfred says '100%' chance of MLB season, new proposal soon

After 25 years, DC Comics is ending its relationship with the industry leader in comics distribution

America's divorce is getting really weird. The left got Nascar and the right got Harry Potter.

What a race-ist!: Ray Ciccarelli says he will quit NASCAR at the end of the season after the sport announced it would ban Confederate flags at its events.

‘I refuse to bow down’: J.K. Rowling defends her opposition to transgender ideology

Trash, leather, sleaze: how Gary Green shot New York's punk scene

Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

The 5-min version of the new film #SEVEN by @iamdylanavery begins airing TOMORROW on #PBS. Check out yesterday's nationally broadcast #FoxNews Radio report. (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #June12 w/At the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, mobbed up b-movie snitch actor and U.S. President Ronald Reagan publicly challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. (Audio)

+ #Baseball HoF opens, a bullet from the back of a bush took #MedgarEvers' blood, #NicoleSimpson and #RonaldGoldman are murdered, #PulseNightclub shooting in #Orlando, #OttoWarmbier returns home

Flashback: Wikileaks Founder Hunted By Pentagon Over Massive Leak // Updates: Wikileaks founder has Afghan massacre video // Wikileaks 'confirms' it has video of US massacre in Afghanistan // Wikileaks-inspired 'New Media Haven' proposal passes in Icelandic Parliament // 3 weeks after Manning arrest, still no charges in Wikileaks probe (Jun. 12, 2010)

+ #Weegee, #IrwinAllen, #SamuelZArkoff, #VicDamone, #JimNabors, #MarvAlbert, #ChickCorea, #BunECarlos, #JuniorBrown, #ScottThompson, #JasonMewes, #Robyn birthdays

#NewWorldNextWeek: The #Fluoride Fraud Hangs in the Balance As Landmark Case Goes to Trial

Here's #NewMusicFriday for 6/12/20. @SammyBrue via @newwestrecords, @liamgallagher gets a delayed release plus #PaulWeller #DougiePoole and @BPMDofficial.

#PumpUpThaVolume: Elvis Costello (@ElvisCostello) - "No Flag" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: June 12, 2020