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#MorningMonarchy: June 19, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: June 19, 2020Famous days, dirty blondes and the new dork y'alls + this day in history w/'Bad' in Berlin and our song of the day by Ricky Retro on your Morning Monarchy for June 19, 2020.


New World Next Week - June 18, 2020: 'Second Wave Panic Explodes Across the Globe'

Rockefeller Gives Shiny New Dimes to Poor, Indigent aka Barbra Streisand Helps George Floyd's Daughter Become Disney Shareholder

A social media post is causing a backlash in the film industry

It’s always about black versus white with you, isn’t it, ⁦@chesscom⁩?!

Supports removal of Columbus statue because it "disrespects indigenous people." **HAS A CHIEFS SHIRT ON**

Remember: Don't buy anything from #Bandcamp on #BandcampJuneteenth, as they're giving away their proceeds to shady NGO's, poverty pimps and "non-profit" think tanks that exploit racial division for fundraising purposes. // #ProfitsOfRage

"Internal Uprising" Within LA Times Newsroom Over Racial Inequality, Coverage Of BLM Protests

Howard Stern addresses resurfaced racist material

NASCAR driver runs ‘Blue Lives Matter’ scheme days after Bubba Wallace races ‘Black...

Trump claims credit for recognition of Juneteenth (Audio)

Nation’s Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue (#July7, 2004)

Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of John F. Kennedy, dies at 92

Ufologist Ann Druffel Dies

K-Pop star Yohan dies aged 28, he was a member of the boyband TST

Controversial artist David Dees dies at 62 of cancer

Bobby Lewis, 'Tossin' and Turnin” Singer, Dead at 95

Daughter of Hank Williams Jr. Killed In Tennessee Car Accident

Mae West: Dirty Blonde | Official Trailer | American Masters | PBS (Audio)

Breaking: In the latest sign of how the coronavirus pandemic has upended Hollywood, the motion picture academy announced it is pushing back the date of next year's Oscars

Update: Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said ahead of last week’s amateur draft that the chance of a season was “100%.” He reversed his position Monday.

Manfred, Clark reach framework: 60 games, full prorated pay

If there is a Major League Baseball season - a big if at the moment - how do you feel about it?

One thing that “the purists” are gonna hate: The owners have proposed being able to sell commercial advertisements on uniforms for 2020 and 2021. Again, it’s in the proposal, which as many have reported is not a done deal.

Proof 'buried treasures still exist' - The amazing baseball card collection of 'Uncle Jimmy'

Steve Vai on how He and David Lee Roth created 80s Hit Yankee Rose

Ed Sullivan Show YouTube Channel Launches with Archival Clips from Beach Boys, Supremes, Jackson 5, Neil Diamond, More

6,000 people turned out for what are being dubbed "quarantine raves"

Favorite predictive programming quotes from the #HungerGames prequel #SongbirdsAndSnakes.

#BookSmarts: New Dork, Y'alls - 'Glitter Up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary

#BookSmarts: Sasha Geffen overviews the book (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #June19 w/Over 3,000 East Germans gathered at the Berlin Wall in 1988 to hear Michael Jackson as he was performing a concert on the other side of the wall in West Berlin. (Audio)

+ 1st organized #baseball game, 1st #nickelodeon, 1st #FathersDay, #FCC est., #Rosenberg spies executed, #Shishou riots, #JamesGandolfini, #JamesGandolfini, #OttoWarmbier, #Koko

+ #GuyLombardo, #LouGehrig, #LesterFlatt, #PaulineKael, #LouisJourdan, #SalmanRushdie, #NickDrake, #AnnWilson, #PaulaAbdul, #ScottAvett, #ZoeSaldana, #Macklemore birthdays

Here's #NewMusicFriday for 6/19/20. The Texas hit-maker @Garrett_T_Capps is out with a new EP along with new music by @bobdylan #NeilYoung #CraigFinn #TheAquabats #BadCopBadCop a superstar filled album by #ShirleyKing as well as new metal from #LambOfGod.

#PumpUpThaVolume: Ricky Retro (@GoRickyRetro) - "Good Times" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: June 19, 2020