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#MorningMonarchy: July 14, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: July 14, 2020App failure, platform rebranding and touching your phone + this day in history w/the killing of Billy The Kid and our song of the day by Chk Chk Chk (!!!) on your Morning Monarchy for July 14, 2020.


Australia’s #COVIDSafe tracing app labelled a '$2 million failure' after not helping identify potentially exposed people

Coronavirus: COVIDSafe app labelled as failure (Audio)

Isle of Wight to be testing ground for Big Brother surveillance

Under Cover Of COVID, Israeli Gov-Tied Companies Justify AI-Powered Monitoring Of Americans

Meet Diagnostic Robotics, the #Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US #Lockdown Policy

Inside the Invasive, Secretive “Bossware” Tracking Workers

Chinese construction firms using AI to monitor workers’ safety … but also to spot ‘loiterers'

Google Abandons Another Shady China Venture

TikTok predicts over $6 billion loss from India's ban: Report

Amazon says an email barring TikTok from employee phones for 'security risks' was sent in error and that its TikTok policy is unchanged.

Most valuable US companies: 1. Apple: $1.72 trillion* 2. Amazon: $1.65 trillion* 3. Microsoft: $1.63 trillion 4. Alphabet: $1.07 trillion* 5. Facebook: $711 billion* (* All-time high this morning.)

A Defiant Mark Zuckerberg Says "We're Not Gonna Change Our Policies" As Advertisers Will Be "Back Soon"

Discord is rebranding to shift away from gaming

Your Place to Talk (Audio)

Secretive data startup #Palantir has confidentially filed for an IPO

Facial Recognition Market Growth Predicted at 18% Till 2026: Global Market Insights, Inc.

NY County Issues Subpoenas and $2,000 Fines for Ignoring #ContactTracers

More than 700 arrested in ‘biggest ever’ UK operation against organised crime after encrypted phone network cracked

Twitter is dropping the terms "master," "slave" and "blacklist" from its code after two engineers lobbied for the use of more inclusive programming language

Everything is a lot right now, and our ability to process it all may be reaching a critical limit.

Tesla Federal Safety Regulators Are Probing Tesla's Battery Cooling System

Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding #EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease

Apple Watch handwashing detection was years in development

“Moving Forward Act" Will Force Car Owners To Breathe Into A Breathalyzer To Start Their Vehicles

Touching Your Phone While Driving Is Now Illegal in Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana

Hands-free cell phone law takes effect in Idaho on July 1 (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #July14 w/Billy the Kid is shot and killed by Pat Garrett outside Fort Sumner in 1881. (Audio)

+ Chicago Fire of 1874, Great Railroad Strike of 1877, #Nazi #eugenics begins, the #FootballWar, @DrDre/#DexterWiggle sues #Detroit, #Pluto flyby, #carramming in #Nice, #France

Flashback: Drugwar: DEA Raids & General Guilt // Kyrgyzstan, US & the global drug trade: Deep forces, coups d'etat, narcotics & terror // DEA flouts medical marijuana ordinance by raiding first applicant // Conference slams drugwar, denounces prison-industrial-complex // Italian military police general guilty of drug smuggling & organising fake anti-drug ops // Video: States move to stamp out synthetic pot, known as K2 (Jul. 14, 2010)

+#Klimt, #WoodyGuthrie, #GeraldFord, #IngmarBerman, #HarryDeanStanton, #RoseyGrier, #BobCasale, #KyleGass, #AngeliqueKidjo, #JackieEarleHaley, #MattHaughton, #DanSmith, #DanReynolds, #ConorMcGregor bdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Chk Chk Chk (!!!) (@ChkChkChk) - "Do The Dial Tone" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: July 14, 2020