#MorningMonarchy: August 5, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: August 5, 2020Racist snacks, wipe shortages and face transplants + this day in history w/Underquenched countries and our song of the day by Eric Church on your #MorningMonarchy for August 5, 2020.


Nestle going blockchain for their supply chain management

7-Eleven to purchase Speedway from Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum

Trader Joe’s says no to changing ethnic-sounding label names

Trader Joe’s Refuses To Change Product Names Over Online Petition (Audio)

Trader Joe’s: Remove Racist Packaging From Your Products

Edison awarded $125 million for San Onofre’s faulty steam generators

Meet DARPA’s Man In Wuhan: Michael Callahan

The US Has Started To Identify The Mystery Seeds Being Sent From China

Rockefeller’s “Reset the Table” — part of the GREAT RESET: Medical Tyranny becomes Food Tyranny // The Transformation of our Food Supply

Workers Claim Mask-Wearing Causes Headaches, Shortness Of Breath And Anxiety

I got your flu shots right here…

“Breadpilled is when you learn about how shitty modern wheat is and you switch to heirloom varieties.” – MM’er #Emilyyy 🥖🤣

Clorox wipes shortage: CEO says scarcity will last into 2021

Clorox says shortage of disinfectant wipes to last until 2021 (Audio)

“Nice farm you have there. Be a real shame if we billionaires crashed the economy, waged war on farmer/ranchers, drove you into bankruptcy, and bought up trillions of dollars of farmland.” // Big-money investors gear up for a trillion-dollar bet on farm land

Who is getting billions in farm payments?

CDC is building on that “backyard chickens are dangerous” narrative — stronger language this time: “blames.”

The Great Corona Con: Exposing Journalistic Malpractice

The World Health Organisation has issued a sobering warning, saying there may never be a coronavirus vaccine that works properly.

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, rich nations are first in line

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims

AstraZeneca⁩ (#bigpharma co that covered up study results that revealed their Rx #Seroquel was either inconclusive or harmful) to be exempt from #coronavirus #vaccine liability claims in most countries

Two military investigators charged Redfield and Birx with engaging in “a systematic pattern of data manipulation, inappropriate statistical analyses and misleading data presentation.”

Esteemed French Dr. Didier Raoult Testifies Person Behind Death Threats He Received Is Top Doctor Linked to ⁦@GileadSciences⁩ Pharmaceuticals

Obese People Are Twice As Likely To Die From Covid

Woman, 57, who underwent the first face transplant in the U.S. died from an unrelated infection

Former Hopedale resident and first ever facial transplant recipient, Connie Culp, dies at 57 (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August5 w/Gatorade pledges $200M in thirst aid to under-quenched nations (Audio)

+ #WilliamWallace captured, first income tax, #Houdini’s greatest feat, #AmericanBandstand debuts, #Mandela jailed, #Marilyn dead, #RiskyBusiness, #Copiapó mine accident, #Wisconsin #Sikh shooter

Flashback: 8/5 Binge & Purge: What Plants Crave // BP exec would ‘absolutely’ eat Gulf seafood // Food inflation ‘could go beyond 10% before next year’ // “Poison tap water” makes #1 Google search // Case against Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water to proceed // Gatorade pledges $200M in thirst aid to under-quenched nations (Audio) (Aug. 5, 2010)

Flashback: Defcon 8/5: Gold Mines & Greatest Threats // The web’s new gold mine: Your secrets // Obama wants FBI to access browsing history without warrant // Google & Verizon near deal on pay tiers for web // Biometric & other locks fail to foil hackers at defcon // Now aiming to seize control, hackers target power plants as US, industry scramble to respond // ‘Greatest threat’: DHS battles hackers head on (Aug. 5, 2010)

Flashback: Police State Updates: Innocent People & Violent Crowds // The ultimate betrayal: Police & military working together to oppress US // HR5910: To designate no-fly zones in vicinity of certain nuke plants // Video: Mexican drug cartel allegedly puts $1M bounty on Arizona sheriff’s head // California storing DNA of innocent people // Feds admit storing body scanner images // Feds to protect drug-dispensing postal workers from ‘violent crowds’ // ‘See Something Say Something’ campaign expands to DC // Is your detergent stalking you?: Brazil’s OMO uses GPS to follow consumers home (Aug. 5, 2010)

Flashback: 8/5 Newspurge: Modern Man // 9/11 Updates: Video: Plans for mosque near ‘ground zero’ brings lawsuit // Fear Factory produce 9/11-themed track “Controlled Demolition” // More 9/11 truth music: Blakhatz perform “Building 7”

Biowars/Envirohealth: Weather modification pilots having a busy summer // Front group wants taxpayers to pay for BP’s gulf destruction // Chemical weapons to remain off of Hawaii’s coast // Video: taxpayers fund video game that teaches girls how not to score // Brain-eating vaccines: The reality behind the ‘conspiracy theory’ // The psychology of conspiracy denial // Dumbing-down society part 3: How to reverse its effects

Drugwar: Mexico looks to legalisation as drug war murders hit 28,000 // Up in smoke: ‘Cannabis gave me my life back’

Geopolitiks: US & Russia to hold ‘vigilant eagle’ drills aug6-14 // Mass panic as Zimbabwean officials fake air crash // Cambodia hosts first multi-national exercise // al-Qaeda linked group says it attacked Japanese supertanker // Ahmadinejad unhurt after motorcade explosion // Video: Chossudovsky on iran – US winks, Israel bites

Holy Hexes: Schwarzenegger, Murdoch speak at Bohemian Grove // Video: Indiana teens were high, pledged to burn ‘Satanic church’

Media/Memes: Wyclef Jean to run for president in Haiti // ‘The Other Guys’: How not to end a comedy // Video: Interview w/director of upcoming Grant Morrison documentary

Oregon oddities: Oregon inquiry into sex-assault claim against Al Gore dropped for lack of evidence // Bay Area band frontman dead in tour van crash // Early graves singer killed in Oregon crash // Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate (Aug. 5, 2010)

Flashback: Americans Renounce Citizenship to Avoid IRS // Americans who swap passports // More American expatriates give up citizenship // Econocrash updates: Video: 1st Superman comic saves family home // Video: Outgoing budget director Peter Orszag heckled as ‘fascist pig’ // Video: Temporary Philadelphia firehouse closures underway (Aug. 5, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Eric Church (@EricChurch) – “Stick That In Your Country Song” (Audio)