#MorningMonarchy: August 26, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: August 26, 2020Skeeters gone wild, mandatory moves and scamdemic panic at the disco + this day in history w/the Virginia TV news shooter and our song of the day by Orville Peck w/Shania Twain on your #MorningMonarchy for August 26, 2020.


Lost Species of African Mammal Rediscovered by Duke Researcher

Florida Approves Release of 750 Million GM Mosquitoes amidst Public Outcry

750 Million Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Approved for Release In Florida (Audio)

Who has been killing and mutilating horses in #France? At least 11 violent #horse deaths have been recorded across several departments since December 2018

Odd Cattle Mutilation Reported in Oregon

James Blunt Developed #Scurvy After Adopting an All-Meat Diet To Assert His #Masculinity

USPS⁩ changes blamed for deliveries of thousands of dead chicks: ‘We’ve never had a problem like this before’

New USDA Ruling Allows for Chicken to Be Produced From Diseased Birds

New Mexico flies are vicious as fuck. Never seen no shit like this in my life

Dear family: It’s ant season in New Mexico. Monsoons wash out the ants’ homes, so they start coming into our home. Please don’t eat in your rooms. That’s how you get ants.

California’s first #plague case in 5 years is confirmed in South Lake Tahoe

Food insecurity is rising, especially among kids

Food marketing ploy of the week: Kraft Mac & Cheese for breakfast!

Beyond Meat is Beyond disgusting! (Picture of limp sausages that look like penises.)

Coronavirus marketing exploitation of the week: Lays travel chips

Potatoes, citrus fruit recalled over listeria concerns

New study: Glyphosate levels in children and adults drop dramatically after one week of eating organic

Albertsons Embracing Indoor Vertical Farms

#FoodWars is not new. Plum Island’s “food animal warfare” tested “anti-food munitions” to starve out enemies. Even calorically quantified victory: reducing the pop. to starvation levels to kill 20% & render useless the rest.

EYE IN THE SKY: EU Satellites to Inspect Farms WEEKLY to ensure compliance with Climate Action Plan, to remain eligible for subsidies.

Turkish-Backed Forces Cut Water Supply To 1 Million People In Syria Amid Pandemic

$600M Flint water crisis settlement is more than the state has paid out for the last decades’ worth of lawsuits combined

NASA’s Rover Is Taking a Tree-Like Device That Converts CO2 Into Oxygen to Mars

New #geneticengineering-#CRISPR techniques pose numerous risks

You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science

“Also why a number of the Russian trolls like to push the #foodworldorder hashtag and of course there is the convergence with anti-vaxxers and people like Mike Adams.”

Americans ‘dramatically misunderstand’ risk of dying from COVID-19, researchers say

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents

Virginia health department backs off COVID vaccine mandate (Audio)

Percentage of Americans who say they’d get a #CovidVaccine declines 10 percent in 3 months

The U.S. forced major manufacturers to build ventilators. Now they’re piling up unused in a strategic reserve.

These pharmaceutical companies have received the lion’s share of Operation Warp Speed’s funding: 💉AstraZeneca💉GlaxoSmithKline💉Johnson & Johnson💉Moderna💉Novavax💉Pfizer💉Sanofi

If you haven’t yet, please check out this document from Johns Hopkins on the hypothetical “SPARS” pandemic — another spooky scenario like 201 and Lock Step

Ousted Public Health Commissioner fired after advocating restricted visitation at nursing homes, eventually 64% of all #COVID-19 deaths in CT. would occur in nursing homes and assisted care facilities.

Couple charged in attack of teen Sesame Place worker over mask requirement

Thai kindergartners sealed in perspex boxes at playtime in fight against #coronavirus

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has ordered all employees to wear masks on Zoom calls. Even if the employees are at home and alone.

Front-line workers stressed about being #COVID mask police

Domestic Violence Cases Nearly Double in US State Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC: A Quarter of Young Adults Say They Contemplated Suicide This Summer During Pandemic

Lithium-laced drinking water could curb suicide rates, scientists say

13 die in Peru disco stampede after police lockdown raid

Peru: 13 killed as police raid club breaking coronavirus curbs (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August26 w/Adam Ward and Alison Parker, two white U.S. journalists, are shot and killed by a disgruntled Black former coworker while conducting a live report in Moneta, Virginia in 2015. (Audio)

+ Women get #voting superpower w/passage of #19A , 1st televised #MLB game, @FBI blows up casino trying to disarm bomb, #KissFromARose hits #1, #JayceeDugard found, #TobeHooper/#NeilSimon die

Flashback: Police State Updates: Wake & Find We’re Living In Oceania // The govt’s new right to track your every move with GPS // Video: Full-body scan technology deployed in street-roving vans // Spying on free speech at Cold War levels // GOP candidate: use prisons as ‘welfare dorms’ // New Canaan, CT considers GPS for students // Carvers Bay, SC enlists 9th grade; freshmen all put in JROTC // Pennsylvania students prepare for homeland security careers // Pentagon teaches Alaskan kindergarten kids as US schools are militarized for martial law conditioning // Aussie teacher assigns students to plan terror attack // Facial recognition software to go public // Face.com could allow ability to identify people from photographs on the internet // Fingerprint check-in tried at 24hr fitness // Microchipping the hiphop community // US scans Afghan inmates for biometric database // Secretly forced brain implants: explosive court case // New software predicts criminal behavior // Pre-crime technology to be used in WashDC // US homeland security to expand ‘secure communities’ nationwide // Scientists simulate terror attack on Boston subway // New Logan Airport searches blasted; TSA tests frisky frisking policy // Pain ray, rejected by military, ready to blast Los Angeles prisoners // Bring on the heat // Germany to roll out id cards with embedded RFID // China’s 13 day traffic jam stretches 62 miles // Mexican police to patrol in staten island (Aug. 26, 2010)

Flashback: Updates: BeforeItsNews.com & Interview on FROlympia.org //

Flashback: 8/26 Newspurge: Do You Know The Score? // 9/11 updates: Ground zero Mosque Imam is globalist CFR stooge // Fox News co-owner funded GZ Mosque Imam // Rauf’s wife injects more religious fervor into ground zero debate // Religious leaders speak out against ‘International Burn a Quran Day’ // Florida mosque bombed; FBI calls for help; national media mute // Video: Black construction worker chased away from ground zero by crazed mob // Taxi driver stabbed after passenger asks if he’s Muslim // Video: Grayson slams mosque ‘distraction’: Talk about admin that let 9/11 happen instead // Missing the truth: NYTimes ‘covers’ a 9/11 truth gathering // Video: ‘Building what?’ Campaign hits NYC tv

Flashback: Biowars/envirohealth: Chemist says mercs applying Corexit at night // Portions of gulf so toxic that animals are ‘trying to crawl out of the water’ // 1000s of dead fish surface at mouth of Mississippi river // Plastic pollution in the Atlantic ocean // Uninsured slow to sign up for coverage; 2 sign up in NJ // US postal service tests bioterror response // Artificial plant harvests kinetic energy // Brazil witnesses ‘fire tornado’

Drugwar: Cannabis electric car to be made in Canada // 2011 pot legalization push begins at Hempfest // My Kushy new job: GQ writer works at a marijuana coffee shop // 13 bears surround police in pot field // Ebonics speakers needed to work for drug enforcement administration

History/mystery: DNA tests show Hitler likely had Jewish, African roots // Oswald & his 12 handlers; part one: mother, Meyer & the spotters // Tabloid: Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy

Holy hexes: Kubrick’s widow loses daughter to Scientology // Troops punished after refusing to attend evangelical concert

Murder/mayhem: Court: death threats addressed to corporations aren’t illegal

Video: Police identify suspect in suspicious Texas shooting // Video: Patrick Gray Sharp oddities from Culhavoc // 43 killed in Chinese plane crash // 3 Colombian teens on facebook hit list killed in past 10 days // Video: ‘Craigslist Killer’ wrote ex-fiancee’s name in blood before killing himself in prison

Obamessiah: Oregon jets scramble to Seattle after Air Force 1 space violation // Other govts investigating Bush torture; Obama admin quiet // Video: Former Obamanoid rejects ‘illusion of change’

Oregon oddities: Human remains found on Mt. Hood // Health advisory issued for popular lake near Portland (Aug. 26, 2010)

Flashback: Defcon 8/26: Dirty Tricks & Moon Rocks // Realtime track of X-37b: US military’s top secret X-37b shuttle ‘disappeared’ for 2wks, changed orbit // Flashback: Military launches X-37b // Secretive mini-shuttles, dirty tricks spy sats & more // Sweden pulls Wikileaks warrant // Video: Scientists hack into cars’ computers & control brakes, engine // Flashback: Austin hacker disables more than 100 cars remotely // Missing moon rock unveiled in Colorado // Video: Physicist Kaku talks aliens on MSNBC (Aug. 26, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Orville Peck (@OrvillePeck) – “Legends Never Die” (w/Shania Twain) (Audio)