#MorningMonarchy: September 9, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: September 9, 2020Grand solar minimum, wet tenders and unexplained illness + this day in history w/Hurricane Betsy and our song of the day by Orville Peck on your #MorningMonarchy for September 9, 2020.


The Large Hadron Collider Is Breaking New Ground in the Search for #DarkMatter

NOAA confirms a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum

Preparing for the Grand Solar Minimum & Food Crisis (Audio)

Technocrats are incentivizing farmers to stop producing

Pizza, burgers to “shrink” 20% under new UK anti-obesity regulations

U.K. shoppers asked to WEIGH and report their food waste! Next: social credit score penalized for excess.

Marketing ploy of the week—and for schools, yet

Snoop Dogg joins crowded celebrity gin space with Indoggo release

Nearly 30,000 tonnes of sewage sludge containing human waste to enter UK

Group sues to stop Connecticut aquarium from getting beluga whales

Sydney blue whale: Rare sighting was ‘possibly third in 100 years’

Jelly Belly founder announces ‘Willy Wonka’-style contest with candy factory as prize

Bourbon Pricing Is Getting Out of Control, and Only the Consumers Can Stop It

Irish publicans say food receipts law is ‘madness’

Where You Live in The US Is Linked to Certain Personality Traits, Study Finds

Boneless Chicken Wings City Council Video (Audio)

It’s now looking like the #lockdowns may have been a huge mistake

Study shows that ‘Experts’ can’t do math, and #coronavirus mortality estimates that led to #lockdowns and economies destroyed was off by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE

The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US #Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order

“Dead” Virus Cells Frequently Trigger “False Positives” In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds

Viruses are Misogynistic: The #COVID19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture which damages everyone – women, men, girls & boys.

Professor With #COVID-19 Symptoms Dies During Virtual Class

A letter this week told a Memphis woman she has tested positive for #COVID-19. She’s been dead 7 months.

How, exactly, is 🇺🇸 economic and legal policy under the purview of the (unelected) Centers for ‘Disease Control’?! ⁦@CDCgov⁩ order bans residential evictions through the end of the year

The CDC Is America’s New Landlord

#FBI agents raid two #Pennsylvania nursing homes including facility with worst COVID-19 outbreak // Reminder: PA Gov. ⁦@TomWolfPA⁩ FORCED Nursing homes to accept #Covid positive patients endangering all the residents

Hundreds of N.Y.C. restaurants file $2 billion suit against #Cuomo, #deBlasio over indoor dining ban

Spineless, #flipflopping, dementia patient @JoeBiden walks back national #maskmandate

#UN Forced To Admit @BillGates-Funded #Vaccine Is Causing #Polio Outbreak In #Africa

#BREAKING: The Oxford University coronavirus vaccine trial has been paused in what drug maker Astra Zeneca described as a “routine” action taken when there is a potentially unexplained illness among participants.

@AstraZeneca⁩ puts #COVID-19 #vaccine trial on hold over ‘safety concern’

AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Study Over Safety Concerns (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September9 w/#HurricaneBetsy makes 2nd landfall near NoLa, leaving 76 dead and $1.42B ($10–12 billion in 2005 dollars) in damages, becoming the first hurricane to cause over $1B in unadjusted damage. (Audio)

+ Stono Rebellion, Japan bombs Oregon, Elvis on Ed, “#SoulMan,” #Attica Prison riot begins, #MaoZedong dies, #Batticaloa massacre, “#HerooftheDay”

Flashback: Defcon 9/9: Sex, Spies & Vulnerabilities // Craigslist unexpectedly pulls adult services listings // CIA money behind wi-fi positioning system, or WPS // Google pays $8.5M to settle buzz privacy invasion suit // Video: Google creepier & more omnipresent with ‘instant search’ // Court OK’s warrantless cell-site tracking // NSA: US must secure the internet // DHS cybersecurity watchdogs miss 100s of vulnerabilities on their own network // Cyber task force passes mission to cyber command // Cyber warfare: US military hackers & internet spies // Canada unveils new speed bump: Optical illusion of a child (Sep. 9, 2010)

Flashback: 9/9 Newspurge: Momma, I’m A Communist // Geopolitiks: Castro admits Cuba’s communism doesn’t work // Pessimistic about peace, Israelis greet new year // Massive Israel spy base exposed // Haaretz: Israel has one of world’s largest ‘eavesdropping’ intel bases // Mossad impersonating US intel ops & trying to recruit US arabs // US reveals refusal to military drill as turkey denies Israel role // Chinese officials head for anti-terror drills in Kazakhstan // Four arrested as Dublin throws eggs & shoes at Tony Bliar // Blair scraps London book signing

History/Mystery: Book says Nazi-hunter Wiesenthal was on Mossad payroll // Palaeolithic funeral feast unearthed in northern Israel

Media/Memes: Portuguese TV presenter guilty of being in paedophile ring // Why does Disney hate parents? Ever noticed your favourite films always kill off mum & dad // ‘JFK II: Secrets Never Keep’ – the new Oliver Stone sequel // Twilight language: Poltergeist girls

Murder/Mayhem: Missing, presumed Dead: Disappearance of Ukrainian journalist deepens media fears // Belarus web activist found hanged // US to execute mentally disabled woman // Authorities search for suspects in unrelated acid attacks on women in Washington & Arizona // Woman held after 2 shot dead at PA cookie plant

Oregon Oddities: 9th human foot since ’07 washes ashore in Pacific Northwest // Portland man arrested after drunken incident on flight from Amsterdam to Portland // Bomb disposal equipment stolen from Portland police car

WV Worry: Xbox blocks WV gamer over town’s name: Fort Gay // Microsoft apologizes to Fort Gay gamer (Sep. 9, 2010)

Flashback: 9/9 Binge & Purge: Magic Mushrooms & Crispy Snacks // The food safety shell game: The elephant (poop) in the room // USDA serving Monsanto’s interests again // Gender-bender chemical Atrazine widely contaminates US public water supply // ‘Frankensalmon’ safe to eat: Superfast salmon fish approved by scientists // ‘Magic Mushroom’ hallucinogen might help cancer patients // Audio satire: New crispy snack cracker to ease crushing pain of modern life (Sep. 9, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Orville Peck (@orvillepeck) – “Drive Me, Crazy” (Audio)