#MorningMonarchy: October 21, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: October 21, 2020Casual sex, cookie sales and weed delivery + this day in history w/For Whom The Bell Tolls and our song of the day by Sturgill Simpson on your #MorningMonarchy for October 21, 2020.


Casual #sex illegal for people who don’t live together in #lockdown Tiers 2 and 3

Casual Sex Banned in Britain During the Coronavirus? Britain’s Complex COVID Rules (Audio)

Lobster plant race riots: Massive fire destroys lobster pound in southern Nova Scotia

Just think about how they will get people to take the Covid-Vax. Understand what’s coming. Stock up and avoid the line up for your food rations: I wonder how many idiots will take the shot just for the turkey?

The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving: Taking the tyrants to task! The latest cartoon by Ben Garrison @GrrrGraphics

China “does not have enough fresh food to go around”

The Economic Implosion of 2020: U.S. Job Losses Ramp Up Again as Millions Continue to Slide into Poverty

A Major Study That Fueled National Vape Panic Has Been Retracted

Colorado Nursing Home Residents Protest #Coronavirus #Lockdowns

WHO clinical trial finds that remdesivir has ‘little or no effect’ on COVID-19 survival

Wisconsin governor’s overreaching COVID mandate blocked by court

Federal Court Rebukes D.C. Mayor’s Double-Standard On Church Services And BLM Protests

#Masks, #SocialDistancing Likely Into 2022, #Fauci Tells PA Doctors

Covid19 vaccine to be MANDATORY in Brazil’s most populous state Sao Paulo

A medic’s case against another lockdown

The annual flu season never existed, and motorcycles cause #coronavirus

Please, Gov. Cuomo, listen to the science and quit it with deadly lockdowns

#Covid-19 #vaccine company under federal investigation over allegedly misrepresenting its role in government program #OperationWarpSpeed

Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions expected across U.S.

Japan expected to dump over 1 MILLION TONS of radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, fishermen fear ‘catastrophic impact’

PA bakery claims cookie sales have predicted past presidential elections — and here’s how it looks for 2020

This bakery accurately predicted the last 3 elections (Audio)

Atlanta Converts Vacant ‘Food Desert’ into the Nation’s Largest Free Food Forest

More people were arrested for Cannabis possession than ALL violent crimes put together in the US last year

State CCC finalizes draft regulations on pot delivery

Marijuana home delivery pilot program approved in Massachusetts (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October21 w/The first edition of the Ernest Hemingway novel ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ is published in 1940. (Audio)

+ #Magellan discovers his strait, #WarrenG regulates on lynching, French women vote, #Guggenheim opens, #Somali coup d’état, #KillerQueen, #BatOutOfHell, Jaffna hospital massacre, #ShannonHoon dead

Flashback: #NewWorldNextWeek: French Fight Back, Google Slapped Down, Pilot Stands Up // Story #1: Will Americans Follow French Example of Mass Civil Unrest? // Story #2: Corps & Govts: Violating Privacy with Legal Ease // Story #3: Pilot Refuses Naked Body Scanner & ‘Pat Down’ (Oct. 21, 2010)

Flashback: Obamessiah/Warwhores: Selective Service // Obamessiah updates: In Oregon, Obama stumps for Kitzhaber for governor // Obama to skip Sikh temple in India partly out of head covering concern // Condi meets with Obama, then defends regime // Washington post on ‘Obama the snob’ // Americans fleeing both democratic & republican parties // Tea party express senate candidate has critic muzzled // Ventura: Tea party ‘orchestrated out of the republican party’ // Video: tea party ‘founder’: Palin, Gingrich a ‘joke’ // Establishment republicans poised to take control of house from establishment Democrats /Wall st. mogul picked for state dept post // Video: ‘Rent 2 high’ NY gov candidate becomes star

Warwhores updates: Video: Obama requests emergency stay of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ // Recruiters told to accept gay applicants // Doc who ‘inspired’ torture program gets $31m Army contract // Pentagon plans record $60b weapons sale to Saudi Arabia // Rumsfeld invades web, Twitter, Facebook // Soldier says ordered to delete fort hood videos // CIA sues ex-agent for book’s breach of ‘secrecy’ // Scout in Mumbai attacks was DEA informant while in terror camp, authorities say // FBI was ‘alerted’ to mumbai plot // Gen. Hugh Shelton: Clinton official suggested letting US plane be shot down to provoke war with Iraq (Oct. 21, 2010)

Flashback: Produce Kids Grow Is Forbidden Fruit In Chicago Lunchrooms (Oct. 21, 2010)

Flashback: 10/21 Newspurge: Don’t Waste Your Time Just Looking Back // Biowars/Envirohealth:
US slips to 49th in life expectancy: Study // Half of US teens ‘meet criteria for mental disorder’? // Confirmed: psychiatric manual DSM-IV-TR labels free-thinkers, non-conformers as mentally ill // How CNN/CFR’s Gupta became big pharma’s favorite face // Drug companies pay 17,000 US doctors, report finds // Scientific American: kill more babies to save earth // 20yr-old embryo becomes baby boy // Polish bishops call ivf ‘younger sister of eugenics’ // Alleged leader of cult works as psychologist // Israel building underground facility in case of bioterror // Americans show concern about taking flu vaccine // UN to vote on chemtrails // Video: Plum island – conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura

Drugwar: US will enforce marijuana laws despite California vote // Los Angeles sheriff: pot legalization ‘not going to pass, even if it passes’ // Legalize marijuana, says former US surgeon general // CVS fined $77m for selling meth ingredients to criminals

Econocrash: US leaders destroying the dollar // Official: US owes $1.2b in united nations dues // Chicago sheriff says no to enforcing foreclosures // here’s that devastating report on bank of America that everyone is talking about // video: 85% of college graduates must move back home // video: Dylan Ratigan’s epic rant on the Banksters

Geopolitiks: Merkel says german multi-cultural society has failed // Militants stage Deadly raid on Chechen parliament // 20yr-old female college student named police chief in violence-plagued Mexican town after no one else would apply

History/Mystery: Ex-secret service officer almost accidentally shot LBJ the night after JFK assassination // time capsule from 1887 found in Ireland // video: Anita hill responds to Clarence thomas’ wife: “i have no intention of apologizing”

Holy hexes: video: ‘Jesus does not care’ sign upsets many // Dead sea scrolls going digital on internet // Audio: Punk rock prof, Greg graffin of bad religion, explains ‘anarchy evolution’ // Carla Bruni banned from the Vatican // D’oh! Vatican declares Bart & Homer Simpson catholic

Media/memes: ‘i speak jive’: Barbara Billingsly dead at 94 // ‘Happy Days’ dad Tom Bosley dead at 83 // Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione dies at 79 // r.i.p. the Slits’s Ari Up dead at 48 // Vigilant citizen: Katy Perry as sex-kitten in new perfume advertisements // Rihanna makes dark demands // Soros millions buying ‘political reporters’ for npr // developing: NPR analyst Juan Williams fired by NPR over Muslim comment

Murder/mayhem: Autopsy points to drowning for banker David Widlak // Update1: Banker’s family commissions independent autopsy; suggest foul play // Update2: second autopsy shows banker had gunshot wound to head! // copycat effect: geometric shootings

Oregon oddities: Fritz Springmeier, author of ‘Bloodlines of the Illuminati’, released from prison; staying in halfway house in Portland? // 5 Portland-area counties join pet evacuation disaster drill

WV Worry: Verizon throwing West Virginia party to celebrate own cunning – ignoring decade of infrastructure neglect // WVU sealed deal to buy Martinsburg Mall (Oct. 21, 2010)

Flashback: 9/11 Updates: Osama, October, Opinions // Video: Bin Laden being protected by Pakistani intelligence! // October surprise: NATO official says bin laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan // Video: Ahmadinejad calls for 9/11 investigation // Maritime union of Australia sec kevin bracken calls 9/11 ‘conspiracy’ // Video: 9/11 truth raids university of Florida homecoming parade // Video: 747 stunt over golden gate bridge reminds onlookers of 9/11 // Wikileaks & 9/11: what if? // MSNBC poll: do you believe 9/11 conspiracy theories? // Opinion: time to review post-9/11 mentality & face reality? // Released state dept docs mention ‘failed pipeline negotiations’ with Taliban pre-9/11 // Anwar al-Awlaki: al-Qaeda leader dined at the pentagon just months after 9/11 // al-Qaeda mastermind invited to pentagon after 9/11// Paul Craig Roberts: The war on terror is a fraud // Update: Anonymous donor leaves $10,000 in cash for 9/11 memorial (Oct. 21, 2010)

+ #AlfredNobel, #DizzyGillespie, #WhiteyFord, #UrsulaKLeGuin, #LuxInterior, #BenjaminNetanyahu, #CarrieFisher, #JulianCope, #NickOliveri, #JoshRitter, #KimKardashian, #ZackGreinke birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Sturgill Simpson (#SturgillSimpson) – “Railroad Of Sin” (Audio)