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#MorningMonarchy: November 13, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: November 13, 2020So much cringe, real heroines and the shape of things to come + this day in history w/the Paris attacks and our instrumental song of the day by Los Straitjackets on your #MorningMonarchy for November 13, 2020.


BREAKING - Britain’s heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles urges a "worldwide shift" (i.e. global reset) is required as we are "literally at the last hour" before the climate apocalypse hits humanity. (Audio)

Democracy is such a messy, wonderful thing. Through the invisble hand of the market we have found ourselves with a comforting grandpa as our leader at time when we needed an old, comfortable sweater. Time to lean back on the couch for a couple of years while we catch our breath.

Sally Stockholm, available everywhere toilet paper is sold. Baby dolls now wearing masks.

The competition was stiff, ladies and gentlemen, but we have chosen a winner for this week’s #StockholmSyndrome 🏆 Maskhole wears Cuomo mask

#Chicago Mayor, Lori the #clorox 🤡 Lightfoot, PSA promotes the religion of #Technocratic #scientism (Audio)

Older television actress would like you to believe the virus cares for whom you voted.

News repeater finds out Trump won NC live on-air (Audio)

Germans create mask built into men's neckties (Audio)

This is Mayor De Blasio’s daughter in New York...saying Biden stole the election (Audio)

Sinead O’Connor postpones new LP & tour to enter year-long trauma & addiction treatment program

NYC’s DJ Spinbad dead at 46; A-Trak, El-P, Russell Peters & others pay tribute

Dallas rapper Mo3 dead at 28 after shooting

Stolen Gear Alert! Sweetwater and Gibson Report Large Theft of Gibson Adam Jones Custom Guitars

Ticketmaster exploring negative #COVID19 test or #vaccination to attend #concerts

Johnny Depp to receive full salary for 'Fantastic Beasts 3' despite exit

Pulling statues down... as as they go up. A new sculpture commemorating writer Mary Wollstonecraft draws mixed reactions

On Monday's hour of #OTR (#OldTimeRadio), the 1st 'This Is Your FBI' episode - "The Honest Embezzler" - ended with announcer hyping next week's episode: "How To Fix An Election"!

Disgraced 30Rock operative @AlFranken/#AlFranken tells fellow fondler: "Good luck, President-elect Biden. You’ll need it."

Eva Longoria under fire after her interview with @MSNBC about Biden’s victory: “The women of color showed up in big ways. Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done but Latina women are the real heroines here” (Audio)

‘The Internet Archive’s deep-pocketed backers now control the internet’s shared past, and there’s nothing stopping them from highlighting it all and hitting ‘delete.’’

Brother of Dem politician and former comic turned leftist political pundit, #StephenColbert, cries after #Trump's vow to fight in court: 'I didn't expect this to break my heart'

Fox News pundit refuses to admit Joe Biden won the election. The anchor reacts but doesn't realize she's live on air. (Audio)

SUPERCUT! U.S. media weep in ecstasy following AP calling race for Biden (Audio)

Nice to see msnbc not all fake suicidal. Too bad they only care about half of the war crimes

Alex Cora is back. Here's why the Boston Red Sox reunion will -- or won't -- work

“Party In The U.S.A.” by @MileyCyrus re-enters the Top 100 of US iTunes at #70.

Britney Spears' attorney says she is afraid of her father, and will not resume her musical career so long as he has power over her. At a hearing, James Spears' attorneys said he has done an exemplary job and the conservatorship should stay in place.

The Simpson’s #Election2020 #PredictiveProgramming #2021?

The lamest edit of #Robocop is "free" on YT right now, it's like the network TV edit from back in the day: "Don't you freak with me, you piece of stuff!"

#DeepFocus: Take down the Gerontocracy! Get 'Wild In The Streets'! (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: DC to Give Children Vaccine Consent Behind Their Parents' Backs

#ThisDayInHistory: #November13 w/A set of coordinated terror attacks in Paris in 2015, including multiple shootings, explosions, and a hostage crisis kill 137. (Audio)

+ #HollandTunnel opens, #Fantasia, #Chalbaud whacked, #KarenSilkwood dies, #Amityville Horror, #SonnyAndCher reunite on Letterman, #Aramoana shooter, #WT1190F, #LeonRussell died

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Flashback: Michael Rivero: Mystery Missile US Live Fire Test (Nov. 13, 2010)

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+ #RobertLouisStevenson, #FredPhelps, #RichardMulligan, #JimmyFontana, #RayWylieHubbard, #JoeMantegna, #WhoopiGoldberg, #VinnyTestaverde, #JimmyKimmel, #SteveZahn, #GerardButler birthdays

Here's #NewMusicFriday for 11/13/20. Today marks the return of @acdc with their tribute to Malcolm Young New 2xLP and Blu-ray from @officialKeef Huge country release from @ChrisStapleton along with great new music from #Envy #AesopRock @RandallBramblet @GBguitar and more!

#PumpUpThaVolume: Los Straitjackets (@LosStraitjacket) - "Space Junket" (Inst.) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: November 13, 2020