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#MorningMonarchy: July 13, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: July 13, 2021Twitter transfers, cyber scamdemics and supermarket ransomwares + this day in history w/David Cameron resigns and our song of the day w/Dedfela on your Morning Monarchy for July 13, 2021.


Google Sold $2.5 Million In AI To The Pentagon For Its Covid-19

UK Treasury admits to wiping data from over 100 department phones after officials made mistakes entering PIN codes

The FBI's Fake Encrypted Honeypot Phones Are Showing Up Online

LinkedIn data breach puts 700 million user records at risk

Comcast Joins Ranks Of ‘Big Brother’, Suspends User’s Internet Service Over Downloaded Content

TWITTER LEGAL VICTORY: O’Keefe Defeats Twitter Attempt to Transfer Case to Friendly Court

Twitter loses its legal protections in India following government order

YouTube is censoring ‘normal discourse’ & punishing those who fight back, content creator targeted by platform tells RT

Audacity owner will revise its privacy policy following spyware concerns

A Banking App Has Been Suddenly Closing Accounts, Sometimes Not Returning Customers’ Money

As a teacher, I believe calls to put cameras in classrooms are wrong. But it’s right to worry about the dangers of indoctrination

From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”

Why this expert is sounding the alarm on a cyber pandemic (Audio)

QR code check-ins become mandatory in New South Wales


Pets on Aeroflot flights to receive air miles as Russia’s flag-carrying airline expands loyalty program to include dogs & cats

Brand new Tesla catches fire with driver at wheel, then burns for 3 hours in Philly suburb

Police robot told woman to go away after she tried to report crime – then sang a song

Grubhub is rolling out 6-wheeled autonomous robots developed in Russia to deliver takeout on 250 US college campuses

Swedish Coop supermarkets shut due to US ransomware cyber-attack

Swedish Co op supermarkets shut due to US ransomware cyber attack (Audio)

2016 – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron resigns, and is succeeded by Theresa May. (Audio) //

Flashback: Dear Netflix: People Really Hate the Price Hike & Threaten to Cancel (Jul. 13, 2011)

#PumpUpThaVolume: Dedfela - "Epiphany" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: July 13, 2021