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#MorningMonarchy: December 14, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: December 14, 2021Hacking green passports, Keanu laughing at a not a fucking thing and we just got wired into the system, sir + this day in history w/80 years my way and our song of the year w/Blooded The Brave on your Morning Monarchy for December 14, 2021.



‘Runway independent’ military drone unveiled

TV show deletes poll after 89% oppose mandatory vaccination

PA’s Acting Health Secretary Alison to resign, Gov. Wolf announced

Brazil health ministry website hit by hackers

Video: Hackers Destroy All of Brazil's Covid Digital Passports (Audio)

The Senate confirms Jessica Rosenworcel as the first female FCC chair

Company selling sound of Covid-19 as NFT

Video: Viromusic 1 (Audio)

Video: Keanu Reeves laughing at the concept of NFT’s makes me like him that much more. (Audio)

Video: Alex Jones on the next twelve months of 2022. (Audio)

A man goes around with a sharpie destroying QR codes

This is odd 😳 #holyhexes :: Amazon AWS (updated on 12/10/21) terms of service now include paragraph mentioning “reanimated corpses” 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ see #42.10

Biometric Surveillance Coming Soon to an Airport Near You

IMF, 10 countries simulate cyberattack on global financial system

Elon Musk is Time's Person of the Year for 2021

Elon Musk's Neuralink to begin implanting microchips in human brains in 2022

Image: Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville got taken out by a tornado. I wonder if the companies wage cages protected the employees.

How to Win the War on Cash

I had forgotten all about the (2006 ACLU) video mentioned in the above article 😯 This shit always seemed so far away, before

Video: Ordering Pizza in the Future (Audio)

December 14: Monkey Day!

Flashback: 1995 - Two days after his December 12th birthday, 'Frank Sinatra: 80 Years My Way' aired on ABC-TV. (Audio) //

Flashback: media/memes: megaupload, golden globes, mythbusters (Dec. 14, 2011)

Flashback: is tim tebow god’s quarterback? (Dec. 14, 2011)

Flashback: ex-health inspectors nabbed on bribery charges in san francisco (Dec. 14, 2011)

Flashback: cassini image of five saturn moons (Dec. 14, 2011)

Flashback: odd legal move by jerry sandusky (Dec. 14, 2011)

Flashback: rabbi destroys tv’s in religious ritual (Dec. 14, 2011)

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Blooded The Brave (#BloodedTheBrave) - "FEMA Region V" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: December 14, 2021