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#MorningMonarchy: March 11, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: March 11, 2022Juicy jailed, baseball back and open letter controversy + this day in history w/the Winnenden school shooting and our song of the day by Jordan Peterson on your #MorningMonarchy for March 11, 2022.


Britney Spears takes a tour of Drake's Hidden Hills 'YOLO' estate with fiancé Sam Asghari ... after rapper listed luxe residence for $14.8 MILLION

Dua Lipa hit with second copyright lawsuit over Levitating with songwriters claiming she ‘copied’ their songs

Bonnie Raitt, 72, stuns in all-black suit as she receives Icon Award at Billboard's 2022 Women In Music Awards show in LA

The Northwest Film Center is Now PAM CUT, Center for an Untold Tomorrow; PAM CUT Director Amy Dotson and Skylight Collective Partner Romani Lay talk about finding a name and vision for the 50-year-old organization.

Northwest Film Center Takes On a New Name, Vision, and Very Mysterious Future

Skylight - Homepage - Skylight

Actor Jussie Smollett has been sentenced to 150 days in jail and 30 months of probation, and has been fined $25,000 and ordered to pay $120,000 in restitution for lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack

Video: "I AM NOT SUICIDAL! I am NOT suicidal! I am innocent!" #JussieSmollett wants everyone to know if something happens to him in jail he did not do it to himself. (Audio)

Video: Happy Jussie Smollett Sentencing Day! Remember when he masturbated with one of his "attackers" before the "hate crime" he staged? #JussieSmollett (Audio)

Image: People talking about Travis Scott's newfound philanthropy. Me thinking about how his occult sacrifice victims have to pay to be sacrificed, as a business model.

Image: Jussie Smollett afraid of shoelaces and sporks. Me thinking about the ghost of Danny Casolaro

The Second Coming of Guru Jagat; When Katie Griggs died in August, kundalini adherents were bereft—they’d lost their last apostle. Others — former members, calling it a cult rife with abuse — felt relief that the movement’s Janus-faced leader was gone, and that their truths could be set free. //

Emilio Delgado Dies: Longtime ‘Sesame Street’ Fix-It Shop Owner Luis Was 81

Willie Nelson’s sister Bobbie passes away

Odalis Perez, Former MLB All-Star, Dies at Age 44 After Falling Off a Ladder

Mike Dekle — Writer of Kenny Rogers, Brantley Gilbert Hits — Dies

‘60s Country Star Warner Mack Passes

Country Music's Visionary TV Producer Jim Owens Dies

'Hardy Boys' and 'My Three Sons' Star Tim Considine Dead at 81

'Game of Thrones' actor John Stahl dies aged 68

'Convoy' Singer C.W. McCall Is in Hospice

Video: lol will ferrell showing face in basketball days after the basketball show he got cucked out of debuts. go home old man

WWE Network Shut Down In Russia, WWE Terminates Broadcast Partnership

“Hypocrites!” Freedom tweeted, adding that he believed the team (and the NBA) has shown a double-standard in making statements on behalf of human rights. “Why is it okay to speak up about human rights violations there but not in other countries?”

NFL bans Calvin Ridley for a season for betting on games

NFL Agrees to Suspend All COVID Protocols

BREAKING: MLB and MLBPA agreement has been accepted by both parties, sides are "ironing out" the final details, but a deal has been made. After a long exhausting battle, the two sides have finally agreed. Baseball. Is. Back. Per @Ken_Rosenthal

Video: 'Baseball is Back!' - Rob Manfred pleased with outcome of CBA negotiations (Audio)

Video: Baseball is back! Diamondbacks CEO weighs in (Audio)

Jason Isbell: I Don't Want “Assholes” at My Shows

Morgan Wallen Wins ACM Album of the Year; Addresses Fans

THE CANCEL CULTURE HAS BEEN CANCELED! Morgan #Wallen wins Album of the Year for Dangerous!

Carly Pearce Wins Female Artist of the Year at ACM Awards

:kanye: With ‘Donda 2’ Stem Player Release, Kanye West Skips Streamers — And the Charts; The album and the $200 devices that play it fail to meet Billboard's chart eligibility requirements.

Ye (Kanye) West Defends “Eazy” Video: “Art Is Protected as Freedom of Speech

John Mayer Leaves Columbia Records After 21 Years

Leonard Cohen's Songwriting Catalog Sold to HipGnosis, Blackstone

Netanyahu: I Will Never Forget How Leonard Cohen Came to Israel During Yom Kippur War to Sing to IDF Troops Out of Deep Feeling of Partnership (Nov. 11, 2016)

Travis Scott Launches $5 Million Philanthropic Project

WarnerMedia Sinks $350 Million Investment Into CNN+ Streaming Platform

Elon Musk and Grimes buy another baby - VIA SURROGATE

Elon Musk and Grimes secretly welcome second child, baby girl Exa Dark Sideræl

Shocker: John Frusciante was "deep into the occult" when he left RHCP after Zionist producer helped them create occult album in haunted house

Alanis Morissette Confirms North American Summer Tour 2022

My Chemical Romance Expands North American Tour 2022

Tears for Fears: 'The Tipping Point' Tops Billboard Album Chart

ZZ Top to Release New Live LP, “Raw”

Phil Collins remains seated during Berlin concert months after revealing he can't play drums anymore

⏰ Morris Day And The Time Reveal They’re Banned From Using Stage Name Per Prince’s Estate; Comerica owns Prince's estate and claims a 1982 agreement gives them ownership of the name.

Deftones Bassist Sergio Vega Splits With Band Over Contract Dispute

Amazon Unveils Amp, an App to DJ Radio Shows, in Beta

Oliver Stone-produced "Ukraine on Fire" moves to Rumble after YouTube Censorship

Image: Rob Schneider on SNL

Image: @SeanPenn - "I just got off a call with President Zelensky's Chief of Staff..."

Over 70 Hollywood heavy-hitters slam controversial Oscar changes in open letter

Video: ABC Threatened To Cancel Oscars If They Didn’t Remove Categories

Video: Directors Slam Oscars for Dropping Categories | The View (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 2009 – Sixteen killed, 11 injured before recent-graduate Tim Kretschmer shoots and kills himself in the Winnenden school shooting in Germany. (Audio) //

Flashback: Corbett Report: Episode221 – Reclaiming Skepticism (Mar. 11, 2012)

Flashback: Spring Equinox: Minor Sabbath Observed With Blood Sacrifice (Mar. 11, 2012)

Flashback: Space Junk #5: Air Force Approves Lockheed Martin Space Fence (Mar. 11, 2012)

Flashback: Osaka Rallies Against Nuclear Power on Fukushima’s 1st Anniversary (Mar. 11, 2012)

Flashback: Uphill Struggle for Food Exporters on Fukushima’s 1st Anniversary (Mar. 11, 2012)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Brutal Bombing Shocks The World + ESG RATINGS & BRANDON'S CRYPTO E.O.

Here's #NewMusicFriday for 03/11/22. Great week highlighted by the debut LP by @TheMysterines, plus new @thebandGHOST, @moonrunner83, @raywylie, #SpiralDrive, @DrugChurch, @JeremyBlainIvey, plus more! //

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Jordan Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) - "Wake Up" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 11, 2022