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#MorningMonarchy: March 14, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: March 14, 2022Fake news is true, lack of media coverage and stranded in space + this day in history w/an American astronaut in Russia and our song of the day by OL' MZRA on your #MorningMonarchy for March 14, 2022.


Could Putin’s War Bring Back Russian Piracy?; As Western companies leave, the Russian music market will revert to piracy. Could it transcend borders? //

Video: O.J. Simpson (@TheRealOJ32): Fake News is alive and well. (Audio)

Oceania Has Always Been At War With Russia

Kamala Harris laughs after question on Ukrainian refugees; The US vice president appeared to be in high spirits when discussing the issue //

Biden is waging a war on truckers and everyone will pay the price

I Did That - 9 Small Trudeau Stickers - Blackface Limi - Trudeau Did That

Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement

Philippines ready to back US if it gets embroiled in war

Missiles fired on US consulate in north Iraq were launched from Iran

India apologizes after accidentally firing missile into Pakistan //

Irish MEP Clare Daly Accuses Governments and Media of Biased Coverage of Wars

Video: Irish MEP addresses lack of media coverage on Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis (Audio)

Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, Navy says

"Huge Loss": Tributes pour in for Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching who died suddenly aged 52

Liberal US cities change course, now clearing homeless camps

Russia Threatens To Leave US Astronaut And Abandon Space Station

Video: Russia Threatens to Leave US Astronaut And Abandon Space Station (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1995 – Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American astronaut to ride to space on board a Russian launch vehicle. COLLUSION! (Audio)

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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Bacteria Eats Plastic In Breakthrough New Discovery + Unilever Settles & Labeling Salmon (Mar. 14, 2016) //

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: OL' MZRA - "The God Of Fear" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 14, 2022