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#MorningMonarchy: March 30, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: March 30, 2022Anti-aging fish tank cleaner, a fourth dose and cancer recalls + this day in history w/the Crimean War officially ends and our song of the day by MonaLisa Twins on your #MorningMonarchy for March 30, 2022.


Jeff Bezos reportedly funds anti-aging tech to increase life by 50 years (Sept. 10, 2021)

Doctors slam influencers for ingesting fish tank cleaner to fight aging // PULL QUOTE

Methylene blue

Video: Doctors slam influencers for drinking fish tank cleaner to fight aging (Audio)

Image: File: Gross pathology of normal brain and brain of patient treated with methylene blue before death

A pod of beluga whales adopted a stray narwhal. Could mating produce a baby 'narluga'?

Bird flu-infected chickens disposed of at Cold Spring Egg Farm

Death Toll Rises To Over 12 Million Chickens And Turkeys

“Tastes like beef” (cause it’s made with cow) // ‘Bloody Secret:’ Lab-Grown Meat Made With Unborn Cow Blood

FDA Approves First Gene-Edited Cows for Beef

Bill Gates: Rich nations should move to '100 percent synthetic beef'

Number of EU country’s farms at risk of closure revealed

Macron wants to introduce food vouchers

Professor: Americans Should Eat Lentils & Let Their Pets Die to Cope With Inflation

Misuse of live virus vaccines aggravated lumpy skin disease outbreak // Over 20,000 cattle affected by lumpy skin disease in Sindh //

Is China's Fear of Covid Justified?

Recent thread on the fake news surrounding saturated fat and heart health

The White House is now your doctor! The FDA is a rubber stamp; 4th dose coming.

A 4th dose? Moderna and Pfizer apply for EUA

FDA OKs another Pfizer, Moderna COVID booster for 50 and up

Video: FDA authorizes fourth Covid vaccine dose for people age 50 and older (Audio)

Image: Floor sandwich

Dangerous chemicals found in food wrappers at major fast-food restaurants and grocery chains, report says

Biden Casually Says Food Shortage "Going To Be Real"

Japanese turn down heat, lights as power cuts loom after quake //

Switching off Specific Brain Cells Protects Against Stress

Selling the brave new world: Parthenogenesis has been achieved in mammals for the first time

"2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine" dated July 23 2019? Making a vaccine 6 months before the pathogen officially appeared?

CDC Pulls a Fast One - Eliminates 25% of Pediatric COVID Deaths Overnight

CDC reports of historical covid deaths drop by 70k

UK will HIDE Vaccinated Cases and Deaths

UK Elderly: Double Vaccination Kills Immunity; No Prevention of Illness or Long Covid; Almost no Death Prevention from Booster

Remarks by President Biden Before a Discussion with Researchers

Military Doctor Punished for Granting Exemptions to COVID Vaccine Mandate, Court Documents Reveal

New Hampshire House Votes to Allow Over-the-Counter Sales of Ivermectin

Have You Taken Your HIV Booster Yet? Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Sponsors mRNA HIV Vaccine

Why Dr. Bronner’s is offering ketamine therapy to its employees

Airline CEOs ask Biden to end federal mask mandate: 'Makes no sense'

Flight attendants sue over mask mandate on airplanes, transportation

70% of COVID Cases Among CDC Employees in August 2021 Were in Vaccinated

664 Reports of Myocarditis in 5- to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots

Was Sars-Cov-2 DESIGNED to Spawn so Many Variants?

Another winning idea, like gain of function research: Scientists Are Working On 'Contagious Vaccines'

Microplastics found in human blood for first time

Hospitals 'ask men if they are PREGNANT before cancer treatment'

Updated Psychiatric Manual Makes Grief, Racism, and Childhood “Mental Disorders” to be Treated with Drugs

Jen Psaki gets her second bout of Covid-19 in 5 months, that means it's working.

Attorney Brent Wisner Tells RFK, Jr.: Drugmakers Knew Zantac Caused Cancer But Sold It Anyway for 40 Years; In an interview on ‘RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,’ award-winning attorney Brent Wisner talked with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about litigation to hold Zantac manufacturers accountable.

Pfizer recalls brand name, generic blood pressure medications for carcinogen content

Pfizer Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Lots of ACCURETIC TM

Pfizer recalls drugs that could cause cancer

Video: Pfizer Recalls Some Blood Pressure Medications (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1856 - The Crimean War officially ends with the Treaty of Paris. (Audio) //

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