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#MorningMonarchy: May 9, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: May 9, 2022Your body is theirs, rebuking extradition and excited delirium + this day in history w/running the crown jewels and our song of the day by the Calm Storms on your #MorningMonarchy for May 9, 2022.


'Largest' US museum considers returning looted artworks

Smithsonian Adopts Policy on Ethical Returns

White House Defends Planned Left-Wing Protest At Homes Of Supreme Court Justices

The Irrational, Misguided Discourse Surrounding Supreme Court Controversies Such as Roe v. Wade; The Court, like the U.S. Constitution, was designed to be a limit on the excesses of democracy. Roe denied, not upheld, the rights of citizens to decide democratically.

@FDNY come get your boy!

Hey @FDNY, please come get this disgusting man if he’s one of yours

United States Congressman Paul Gosar says the FDNY fireman who told a group of women, “your body is mine, you are having my baby,” is a hero.

Video: Today in NYC hundreds of pro-abortion folks showed up to counter clinic harassers. You can see the horrifying truth of what anti-abortion extremists really think when one says "your body is mine" (Audio)

Judge overseeing Chauvin civil rights case accepts plea deal

Putin cancer rumours grow amid signs of ill health: What we know //

House Republican Introduces Bill To Give Biden Sweeping Authorities To Wage War in Ukraine; The legislation by Rep. Adam Kinzinger will authorize war with Russia in response to WMDs

Declassified FBI memo 'confirms' direct connection between Saudi government and 9/11 //

Former Saudi spy chief gives strongest public rebuke of Biden to date, saying US let country down by failing to react to terror attacks

#Zelikow, who teaches neither architecture nor engineering, who was exec. director of the 9/11 Commission and now teaches history, "might be interested in peering through some of the holes that the Commission left in its much-criticized final narrative."

Norman Mineta, transportation secretary during 9/11, dies

"Do the Orders Still Stand?" Who was he?

The Vice President again said yes"

Yemen war: Joe Biden ends support for operations in foreign policy reset

Ireland is Discussing Abolishing Personal Property Rights

Clare Daly

Video: Assange extradition okd as Irish MP rebukes (Audio)

British Virgin Islands premier arrested on cocaine charges in US sting operation; Andrew Fahie is charged with conspiring to import drug into the US and money laundering by the Drug Enforcement Agency

Hunter's Laptop: Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico And Daily Beast Sued By Repairman Who Blew Whistle

Image: Adam Schiff with Ed Buck

Bioregulators as instruments of terror

Excited Delirium

#ThisDayInHistory: 1671 - Irish adventurer “Captain Blood” steals crown jewels. (Audio) //

Flashback: Pfizer, Merck Under Investigation for Colluding With Obama Admin On Health Care Overhaul (May 9, 2012)

Flashback: Feds Charge More Than 100 Individuals, Including Doctors, In $452 Million Medicare Fraud Sweep (May 9, 2012)

Flashback: Sunspot AR 1476 Visible to Naked Eye (May 9, 2012)

Flashback: Sacred White Buffalo Slaughtered; Reward For Catching Killer Grows (May 9, 2012)

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#MorningMonarchy: May 9, 2022