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Since 2005, Media Monarchy has covered the real news about politics, health, technology and the occult - all remixed with music and media that matters.

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 23, 2022 ♬

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#PumpUpThaVolume: September 23, 2022 ♬Media Monarchy plays The Mars Volta, Björk, Phoenix x Ezra Koenig and more on #PumpUpThaVolume for September 23, 2022. ♬

Morrissey - "Let The Right One Slip In" (Long Mix // Vinyl)

The Beatles - "Taxman" (2022 Mix)

St. Vincent - "Piggy" (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

The Mars Volta - "The Requisition"

Death Cab For Cutie - "I Miss Strangers"

Gorillaz - "New Gold" (w/Tame Impala and Bootie Brown)

Pixies - "Dregs Of The Wine"

Muse - "You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween"

Björk - "ovule"

Phoenix - "Tonight" (w/Ezra Koenig)

Joe Normal - "Ya Gotta Open Up Your Heart"

Calexico - "Rambler"

Suede - "Personality Disorder"

Belle & Sebastian - "The Boys Are Back In Town" (Live // Thin Lizzy Cover)

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 23, 2022 ♬