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#MorningMonarchy: March 28, 2022

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Disgraceful decisions, mad Albright burns in hell and conscientious rejectors + this day in history w/the Paris Commune and our song of the day by False Freedom on your #MorningMonarchy for March 28, 2022.


Adams to lift vaccine mandate for performers and athletes like Kyrie Irving ahead of MLB's Opening Day

Video: Stephen A.: The Nets bringing back Kyrie Irving is a ‘DISGRACEFUL DECISION!’ | Stephen A.’s World (Audio)

Phil Mickelson Won't Play in 2022 Masters After Saudi Golf League Comments

Kim Jong Un channels ‘Top Gun’ in bizarre video of North Korean missile launch

Black Ops in Hollywood: From Censorship to Normalization

“Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents,” Says Ben Affleck

Image: "Hi! I'm the CIA. You may remember me from such films as 'WMDs in Iraq,' 'We Don't Know How This Cocaine Is Getting Here' and 'Look! It's the Russians!'"

‘No other option’: Israeli ex-commandos said to secretly train Ukrainian civilians; Yedioth Ahronoth says Israeli officials turning blind eye to program run by group of former IDF soldiers; ‘We’re not only fighting for Ukraine, but for ourselves,’ says instructor

ADL Defends Ukraine's Neo-Nazis: They "Don't Attack Jews or Jewish Institutions"

'By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer'

Ukraine claims that Russia is using white phosphorus

Israel Used Depleted Uranium Munitions During Gaza Offensive (Dec. 6, 2012)

"You’re a Disgrace! A Dictator!": EU Parliament Humiliates Trudeau, Blasts Him for Gross Human Rights Violations

Yesterday, Canada's Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau visited the #EU Parliament to give a speech. I took the opportunity to give him an appropriate "welcome" there. Short, concise and right hitting the bull's eye!

Experts warned for decades that NATO expansion would lead to war: Why did nobody listen to them?

Biden Calls for Putin To Be Removed From Power, White House Walks Back Threat

Madeleine Albright dead at 84

Video: Madeleine Albright dead at 84 // Mad Albright Burns In Hell (Audio) //

Image: Grim Reaper at the claw machine - "C'mon, Hillary Clinton! Oh Fuckin' Sweet! Madeleine Albright!"

Image: Every single government in the Westernized world in 2022 ('Misery' with a gun and syringe saying, "I love you.")

Biden's SCOTUS Nominee Tries to Run Away from Critical Race Theory

Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, Says She 'Maliciously Conspired' To Weave Collusion Conspiracy Theory

Portland Metro Population Declines Amid American Flight From Major Cities; It’s the first time in more than a decade that Portland’s population shrank.

People for Portland Proposes Ballot Measure to Direct Trove of Tax Money Toward More Shelter Beds

Video: The Mayor Of Portland Can't Stop Getting Trolled At City Council Video Meetings

Unsurprisingly PA gov. Wolf ranks among the worst of the worst

Laffer-ALEC report ranks Lujan Grisham last among governors in economic freedom

Lujan Grisham ranked worst governor in the nation according to the 2021 Laffer-ALEC report

PDF: 2021 Governor Report FINAL

Mountain Shore Properties, LLC Announcement - Event Brief // Monday, March 28 at 11 a.m.

has a park lost its national status before?

UNESCO strips Liverpool of its world heritage status (Jul. 21, 2021)

mountain shore llc

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Peak insanity

In the long run, wars make us safer and richer (Apr. 25, 2014) //

Preparing for WW3? Gov't Tells "Conscientious Objector" To Register Now to Avoid Fighting After They're Drafted


Video: Government Tweets "In The Event Of A Draft"*FEMA To Help With Conscientious Objectors*Foreshadowing? (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1871 – The Paris Commune is formally established in Paris. (Audio) //

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